Chapter 38: The Queen's new baby

When morning came, Luna woke up yawning and stretching. She dug through her bag and took out her brush. She walked to the dresser and began brushing her hair then she turned and put the brush back in her bag. When she looked up from her bag she noticed the door to the balcony was opened.
"I thought that was closed," Luna muttered.
She walked to the door and closed it then she left the room.
Little Flitter was sound asleep under the bed, she was to tired to hear Luna wake up.

Luna walked down the hall past the stairs and to her right. She stopped at her father's room and knocked on the door but there was no answered.
"Luna," Skyview exclaimed.
Luna jumped, her fur stood up. She turned around and looked at him angrily as she flatted her fur with her hoof.
"I'm sorry Luna. I didn't mean to scare you. In fact I haven't done it in a long time," Skyview replied.
"Well, one of these days I'll scare you an see how you like it," Luna replied.
Skyview laughed, "You can try but it will never work. I can sense you coming and I can also hear you."
Starfire walked around the corner and stood next to Skyview, "If you do manage to scare him I want to be there to see it. I have never been able to make him jump. I'd give anything just to see it only once."
Skyview smiled greatly at Starfire's comment.
"Well I will one of these days," Luna replied smiling, "Just wait and see."
"Oh, Luna. Royal Heart is in Queen Snowfall's room. They want you to join them for breakfast," Skyview told her.
"Where's dad?"
"He's outside in the back yard talking to King Sea Mist," Starfire answered.
"Come, I'll take you to their room," Skyview told her.
Skyview turned and walked around the corner with Luna and Starfire behind them. They walked to the third floor and down a few hallways till they came to a set of pink and gold double doors. Skyview knocked on the door. Just then the doors opened with Queen Snowfall standing there. She looked like a normal pony without her crown on.
"Princess Luna, Please come in. Your breakfast is on the table by your mother," Queen Snowfall told her.
" you," Luna replied and she slowly walked in. The room was big, the carpeted floor was dark pink, the walls were light pink with gold trims around it. Dark wooden tables sat next to each wall. She also noticed the large bed which had a dark pink blanket on it. Around the room were large paintings. At one end of the room was her mother sitting on a small couch with a table in front of her.
"It's so pretty," Luna exclaimed.
Queen snowfall thanked the boys, then she shut the door, "Thank you Luna. this is the nicest room in the castle." Luna followed Queen Snowfall to the couch. Luna sat down next to her mother while Queen Snowfall sat on a soft chair. Luna stared blankly at her. She looked even bigger leaning back in the chair.
"Luna, eat your breakfast," Royal Heart whispered to her.
Luna quickly began eating while her face turned red from embarrassment. Queen Snowfall laughed.
"Thank you for inviting us here for breakfast," Royal Heart remarked.
"Your quite welcome. I get lonely up here so It was nice of you that you could come."
Luna saw and looked around the room as she eat. The painting especially interested her. Some of the ponies looked like King Sea mist.
"Princess Luna want me to show you around the room to the paintings?" Queen Snowfall asked.
"Yes, please," Luna replied.
When Luna was done eating she stood up and waited for her mother and Queen Snowfall to stand up. It took Queen Snowfall a bit of an effort to get up from the chair.
"I think I better sit in something else for awhile," queen snowfall commented.
Royal Heart smiled at her, "You'll have that problem no mater where you sit."
Queen Snowfall walked to the first large painting behind the chair by the window, "This is my parents."
Luna noticed the female was white and the male was blue. Queen Snowfall walked to the next picture which also had ponies on it. Luna stared at the pretty painting and the castle in the background while Snowfall talked.
"That is very pretty," Royal Heart told her.
"Yes it is. It's also very old." Queen Snowfall walked to the next painting with have above painting of the whole mountain and town.
"That is very unusual painting," Royal Heart commented.
"It certainly is. The painter was a pegasus and they say the Flutter ponies helped her while she painted from the air."
Luna stared at the painting. She could clearly see Moonlight castle but she couldn't find the Gate.
"Where's the gate?" Luna asked.
"Oh it's there somewhere. When the gate was first found, there were trees all over it and vines. So you wouldn't see if from the air. It wasn't till Sea Mist had it all cleared but not enough that you could see it from the road," Queen Snowfall explained.
"Oh," Luna replied.
Queen Snowfall turned and began walking to the next painting when she suddenly stopped for a second.
"Are you alright?" Royal Heart asked worriedly.
Queen Snowfall took a deep breath, "Yes I'm fine, I think the baby kicked a bit to hard."
"Are you sure?" Royal Heart asked.
"Yes, I'm sure." Queen snowfall smiled and continued walking to the next painting, "This is Sea Mist parents."
"Blue must run in the family," Royal Heart guest, noticing how many blue ponies she had seen in the pictures.
"Yes it does and so does many earth ponies. We have had a few Pegasus and unicorns in the family. Sea Mist's grandmother was a Pegasus and she was more green than blue." As they stood and looked at the painting, Queen Snowfall suddenly moaned in pain. She lowered her head from the pain she kept feeling. Luna stared at her stomach, "Mom, her stomach is...moving."
"I know Luna. It happened when your having a baby. Snowfall, you must get to bed. Luna get Sea Mist, immediately!"
Luna winked out and appeared downstairs. She hurried to the throne room but was stopped by two soldiers.
"Sorry, Princess Luna. You can't go in."
"But I must speak with King Sea Mist!" Luna exclaimed worriedly.
"He's not in there. He's outside," the other soldier replied.
"Thanks," Luna winked to the front but didn't see him, then she remembered what Starfire said, "Of course, he's in the back." Luna winked out and appeared in the back yard in front of King Sea Mist and scaring him.
"Luna!" Stardust exclaimed after seeing Sea Mist jump.
"I'm so sorry dad but this is really important. King Sea Mist, you have to go to Queen Snowfall, now. She's in pain or something."
King Sea Mist looked at her shockingly, "She's going to have the baby now?"
"I think so," Luna replied.
King Sea Mist turned and ran into the castle. Stardust, Luna, Skyview and Starfire followed him to the room and waited in the hall. Royal Heart left the room to join Stardust in the hall.
"Prince Skyview can I ask you an big favor?" King Sea Mist asked standing in the door way.
"What is it?" Skyview asked.
"Get the doctor....Redshoes."
Skyview winked out while King Sea Mist hurried into the room closing the door behind him. Luna caught a glimpse of Queen Snowfall on her side moaning in pain.
"Mom, is she going to be alright?" Luna asked worriedly.
Royal Heart smiled at her, "She will be just fine. She's ready to have the baby now."
Luna smiled greatly, "Now?...really? I'll get to see it?"
Stardust and Royal Heart laughed at her excitement.
"Yes Luna but it could take awhile," Stardust told her.
Starfire sat down, "it always takes awhile."
Just then Skyview walked out of the room.
"I thought you left?" Luna exclaimed.
Skyview smiled, "I just winked the doctor into the room."
"Oh," Luna replied.

Time seemed to stop as they sat in the hall and waited. They could hear Queen Snowfall's moaning and crying. It worried them even more to hear her. Skyview and Starfire laid in the hall feeling tired. Luna laid next to Starfire almost asleep.
"Luna, don't you fall asleep," Stardust told her. Luna opened her eyes and looked up at him. He sat next to her with Royal Heart leaning on him.
"I'm tired of waiting," Luna complained.
"We all are," Stardust replied.
Luna stood up and walked down the hall to find a window. She stopped and looked outside. the sun was slowly going down but it still had not yet touched the hills. She could feel her stomach turning in knots. She knew it must be dinner time. Luna walked back to her parents and sat next to Royal Heart.
"It's dinner time," Luna commented.
"I know, we're all hungry," Royal Heart told her.
Luna leaned on her mother as she listened to how quiet the hallway got. Suddenly a baby began to cry from the room. Everyone in the hall stood up and stared at the door. It was several minutes before the doctor came out.
"How is she?" Royal Heart quickly asked.
"She is fine. Very tired but fine," He looked at Skyview, "Could you please take me back?"
"Of course," Skyview replied. His horn began to glow as she touch the doctor's shoulder. Then they winked out in a misty cloud.
Starfire waved his hoof trying to clear the smoke, "Why does he do that? Can't he just wink out without the cloud?"
"I don't think he can. Every Unicorn has different ways of winking out. Luna Leaves stars behind, Skyview leaves a cloud behind. I know other leaves in a bright flashing light," Stardust explained.
Skyview winked in only to get hit on the shoulder with Starfire's hoof.
"Oh, umm..sorry," Starfire quickly said smiling.
After a while, King Sea Mist walk out of his room holding a baby in his arms. Luna immediately noticed he wasn't wearing his crown.
The light blue baby was tightly wrapped in a light dark blue blanket.
"Oh the baby is so cute," Royal Heart whispered.
"It's a boy," King Sea Mist told them.
Luna saw that his mane yellow and pink mane, a mix between his parents.
King Sea mist unwrapped him to show the rest of the boy's body.
"His tinny tail is so cute too," Royal Heart muttered.
"His is very cute," Starfire agreed.
"He certainly is," Stardust agreed.
Luna saw his tail was blue, green and white which was another color mix between his parents. It wasn't to often that Luna saw a pony with different mane and tail color.
The boy yawned and opened his eyes which caught everyone by surprise.
"Oh was a surprise," Royal Heart exclaimed. Luna stood on her hind legs and got a closer looked between her parents. The boy's eyes were pink and green.
"He looks like a mix between you and Queen Snowfall," Skyview observed.
"And because of that be named him Snowmist," King Sea Mist replied.
"That's perfect for him," Royal Heart told him.
"Prince Snowmist?" Luna asked.
"Yes, it even sound good," Stardust replied.
"Luna what do you think of him?" Starfire asked.
"He's...cute and so tinny," Luna answered.
King Sea Mist laughed, "Most new borns are."
"You must be so proud," Royal Heart told him.
"Yes, I certainly am," he lifted Snowmist and nuzzled him then he rewrapped him.
"I'm going to have dinner in my room tonight. I'm sorry I won't be joining you, I hope you understand," King Sea Mist told them.
Stardust smiled, "Of course we understand. I'll see you tomorrow then. Goodnight."
"Goodnight," King Sea Mist replied, He turned and went back in his room.
Stardust, Royal Heart, Luna, Skyview and Starfire went downstairs to the dinning room as they spent the day talking about the new baby. Even some of the servants and soldiers asked. Before the sun had set everyone in the castle had heard of the new born baby.