Chapter 42:  Lost in the outside world

Rosebud held the trash bin as she walked around the house cleaning tables and floors. Little Flitter followed her everywhere.
"Little Flitter, would you please stay on a table or something while I clean?" Rosebud asked her.
"Sure," Little Flitter replied.
She flew from Rosebud and landed on a rectangle table that had books and papers on it. Curious to know what the papers were she walked over to it and tried to turn it over but it just fell flat on the table. She looked up and saw Rosebud dusting and grabbing thing from tables and throwing it in her trash bin. Little Flitter crawled under the paper and read the large writings. It was Luna's homework or one of her messed up papers. Suddenly, something grabbed her and the paper, throwing her into the trash bin.
Rosebud took out the bag and tied it in a knot then she walked outside, shutting the door behind her and left the bag on the curb. When the trash truck came and picked up the bag, Little Flitter had torn a hole in the bag and flew out. The pony that held the bag stared at her shockingly. Little Flitter was scared and flew high leaving the pony on the ground. She hovered high in the sky as she looked around surprisingly.
"This really is a different world!" Little Flitter exclaimed," but where's the house I was just in?"
She looked down and saw more houses than she could count.
"Where am I?" Little flitter thought as a tear fell down her cheek. She was so scared and lost in a world she did not know. How would she ever find the house if she didn't know what it looked like?
"Maybe I can find Princess Luna?" Little Flitter thought. She flew and headed towards town hoping to find Luna.

Rosebud walked to the kitchen expecting Little Flitter on the counter but she wasn't. Rosebud walked to the dinning room and then to the living room as she searched high and low but there was no sign of Little Flitter. She walked to the other room and saw Skyview on the couch reading.
"I'm sorry Skyview but have you seen Little Flitter?"
"No, now that I think of it. I don't usally get to read in peace when she's around."
"I can't find her," Rosebud exclaimed worriedly.
Skyview sat his book on the quare table and stood up, "Are you sure you can't find her?"
"I looked in the kitchen, Dinning room and living room."
"How about upstairs?" Skyview asked.
"I can't see how she would be up there, all the doors are shut," Rosebud replied.
"Lets go look anyways. She's so small you could easily over look her."
"Yes, your right. Maybe she went exploring again?" Rosebud thought.
"Lets hope so."
Skyview followed her up stairs, each taking a room and searching through it.
They had gone through four rooms and non of them found her.
"She's not in theses rooms," Rosebud exclaimed as she left the room.
"Well, she's not in Luna's room," Skyview replied as he left the room, "Lets check down stairs again" They walked down stairs each taking a room and meeting at the Kitchen.
Just then Booster, Buster and Charades walked in to find Skyview and Rosebud going through all the cupboards.
"What's going on?" Booster asked.
Rosebud turned and looked at him worriedly, "We can't find Little Flitter anywhere. She's just not in the house."
"When's the last time you saw her?" Charades asked.
"Well," Rosebud paused and began to think, "I was cleaning and she was getting in my way. I was afraid I would hit her so I told her to wait on a table or something."
"What table?" Booster asked.
"Ummm...The living room..." Rosebud suddenly paused and gasped, "She was on the table and I was cleaning it!" Rosebud hurried to the living room and picked up the books but she wasn't under them or anywhere on the table.
"Rosebud, are you sure she was here?" Booster asked.
"What did you do with everything when you were cleaning?" Skyview asked.
"I...threw them out," Rosebud exclaimed. She began to feel worried that maybe she had thrown out Little Flitter and not now it.
Rosebud hurried to the door and opened it just as Luna was about to open the door.
"Mom?!" Luna cried surprisingly.
Rosebud noticed the trash was gone and she began to feel more worried than before.
"What's wrong?" Luna asked worriedly noticing how strange her mother was acting.
"Your mother accidently threw Little Flitter out with the trash," Booster replied.
"What?!" Luna asked loudly.
"I'm so sorry Luna. I was cleaning and well...she's so small," Rosebud quickly told her. She turned and looked at Booster, "the trash truck must have been here. The bag is gone."
"We got to go to the dumpster and find her," Booster replied.
"Where?" Skyview asked.
"That's where all the trash goes to be...destroyed in a fire pit," Booster hesitated to answer.
"I'm going with you. If she's there I can easily find her," Skyview told him.
"Like...that?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"No, in cloud form. I'll be following them," Skyview replied.
"Lunarstar, go look around town in case she got out of the bag. Have your friends help too," Booster told her.
"Ok, dad." Luna hurried inside to the living room and left her bag on the couch then she ran outside and hurried to the ice cream shop the one place where all her friends meets.

Little Flitter noticed the trees below and flew straight down. At first she thought it was a forest in the middle of town but then she got there she noticed there was to many clearings and open spaces to be a forest. She flew around the tree tops looking for Luna. She saw several ponies but non of them looked like Luna. She flew into a tree and landed on a branch to rest.
As she rested, she began to smell something bad and it was very close to her. She raised her hoof and sniffed it.
"Oh, that smell is me. Must have gotten it from the bag," Little Flitter thought, "I got to take a bath."
She flapped her wings and flew from the tree looking for water. She flew among the trees in a clearing where Blizzard was watching a group of ponies playing. Just then something caught his eyes. He blinked a few times to make sure he wasn't seeing things.
"It' of those tinny ponies," Blizzard thought, "They have them in this world?" He paused and pondered on it, "Or maybe Princess Luna brought one here." He stood up, "It looks a bit lost." He began walking, following the tinny pony.
Little Flitter flew not knowing Blizzard was following her. She flew all over the trees till she came upon a lamp post and a bench. She landed on the bench seat to rest as she looked around. She was sitting relaxing her wings when she saw a large shadow over her. He turned and gasped shockingly.
"You!" Little Flitter cried, "your...Your the..Ice blue pony."
"So you are from the other world and Princess Luna must be nearby then," He took a deep breath and blew but missed her. Little Flitter had seen what he could do and she immediately left the bench. She flew as fast as she could over the trees, zig zaging around the park.
Blizzard stopped suddenly after he realized he had lost her.
"Great, I lost her," Blizzard thought, "I could have found the Princess with her."
Little Flitter flew fast as her wings began to get tired. She was so scared and her wings flapped so hard. Suddenly she saw a lake through the trees. She hurried to the lake and gasped, "There were ponies in boats. She couldn't go near the lake, fearing she could be seen. She flew to the docks and landed on it, resting her tired and worn out wings. She walked to the edge and looked at her reflection in the water. Not only did she smell bad but she looked dirty too.
"I really need a bath," She thought. Just then she noticed two ponies walking towards a drinking fountain. Little Flitter smiled greatly when she was the water coming out. When the ponies were done drinking and had left, Little Flitter flew to the drinking fountain and landed on it but to her surprise there was no water. The bowel was indeed wet so where did the water come from? She looked in the spout after noticing a drip of water but it was to dark to see inside. She walked around the bowel stomping her foot and hoping it'll come out. Just then a shadow fell over her.
"Let me help you," said a voice.
Little Flitter gasped, it didn't sound like Blizzard's voice so who was it? Just as she turned to look, water suddenly came poring on her. Little Flitter flew out of the bowel and onto the grass. She tried to flap her wings and get away from the pony but she found that her wings were soaked with water and to heavy to lift.
Suddenly the pony grabbed her and held her tightly.
Raspberry smiled greatly, "Well, well. What do I have here?"
"Please let me go!" Little Flitter cried.
Raspberry was surprised that the tinny pony could talk, "What are you? You look more like a strange butterfly."
"I'm not a butterfly, I'm a Summer Wing pony." Little Flitter gasped and held her hooves to her mouth.
"Are there more of you?" Raspberry asked.
Little Flitter knew she had told her more than she should have. She kept quiet deciding not to talk other wise she could accidently say something else or worse, tell who Lunarstar really is.
Raspberry looked at her closely and smiled, "I never had a pet, especially one that talks."
"What?" Little Flitter exclaimed, "I'm not a pet. Please you must let me go."
"And why would I do that?" Raspberry asked.
"Please you just got to," Little Flitter replied sadly.
"Not a chance," Raspberry replied. With her other hoof she looked in her bad and took out a jar. Inside it was a yellow butterfly with red spots on it.
"Why do you keep it in there?" Little Flitter asked, "It needs to be free."
"It's for my class project," Raspberry replied. She took the lid off and let the butterfly go then she dropped Little Flitter in the jar and screwed the lib back on, "I can always get another butterfly."
Little Flitter began to cry with tear flowing down her cheek, "Please."
Raspberry held her up and stared at her as she cried, for a minute she began to feel sorry for her.
"No, I'm keeping you," Raspberry replied and then she put the jar in her bag, "now I got to get a cage just for you and then give you a bath."