Chapter 58: The theif returns

The next morning Luna in her earth form ran to the ice cream shop where her friends sat at a round table, talking.
"Lunarstar!" Melody exclaimed.
"Hi guys," Luna replied happily, then she noticed their worried and surprised looks, "What's wrong?"
"Someone broke into Clover's house last night," Patch answered.
"We didn't see who it was," Clover quickly said, "My dad chased the pony and then he lost him. Non of our stuff is missing though. We called the police and they said the burglar seemed to be looking for something."
"Looking for what?" Luna asked curiously.
"We don't know. What ever it is the burglar didn't find it," Clover replied.
"That must have been scarey," Bon Bon commented.
"It was, me and my mom were scared."
"I hope non of us are next," Sweetheart muttered worriedly.
Clover sat quietly thinking about something as the girls continued to talk.
"I doubt it," Bright Eyes replied, "It's not likely any of us will be next. The burglar probably picked a house to brake into and it just happened to be Clover's."
"But why brake in and not steal anything?" Starlight asked.
"Yeah, that makes no sense," Melody added.
Sweetheart noticed how quiet and worried Clover was, "What is it, Clover?"
"I umm...forgot to mention this to the police but I think someone was following me yesterday on my way home. I kept hearing noises but when I looked there was no one there," Clover replied.
"I remember hearing a noise," Sweetheart exclaimed, "It was when I was with you. We saw a slate gray pony with turquoise and spring green hair. He knocked a trash can down."
"I remember that, that was the same pony me and Lunarstar bumped into before school," Clover explained.
"We missed the bell thanks to him," Luna added.
"Maybe it was him that broke into your house?" Bon Bon suggested.
"I doubt it," Luna replied, "he seemed to nice, especially after we had scattered his stuff all over the grass and he was still very nice to us."
"I think tonight we better make sure we have our doors locked," Bright Eyes told them.
"Yeah," The girls agreed.
"Have any of you guys heard from Princess Rosy?" Sweetheart asked quickly changing the subject.
"I have, she wrote a letter to me this morning," Patch replied, "She's here for a few weeks and wishes that she could see us but she can't."
"Yeah, the media would be all over us," Melody guessed.
"I most certainly don't need that," Luna exclaimed.
The girls continued to talk while Blizzard listened from a nearby booth. When the sun began to set Luna said her goodbyes and left.

Later that night after everyone had went to sleep. Luna in her winged unicorn form, laid in bed still thinking about the bugler. She hugged her blanket and listened quietly for a sound but there wasn't any. She stared into the darkness expecting the burglar to come in her room but no one did. She shook her head from the thoughts.
"It won't happen. This is ridiculous worrying over something that is not possible to happen," She thought. Then she closed her eyes and tried to sleep. She could feel herself slowly fall into a comfortable darkness, her mind had forgotten what she was so worried about. Hours had past and she was almost into a deep sleep when she heard a noise. She didn't think much of it till she continued to hear the noise.
Luna woke up from her sleep and laid in bed listening but there was no sound. After awhile she close her eyes to go back to sleep when she heard the noise again, she opened her eyes and quietly climbed out of bed. She walked to her door and carefully opened it. She peeked in the hall and saw her parents walking towards her. Luna left her room and followed them. They walked half way down the stairs and stopped lowering their heads to see into the livingroom. They saw a pony figure walking through the livingroom and into the dinning room. Rosebud looked worried and scared. Booster was about to go downstairs when Luna tapped him, then she motioned him to follow her. She turned and left the stairs with her parents following her. She walked into her room and turned facing the door. Her parents looked at her curiously wondering what she wanted. Luna smiled, she had a thought, something that she was sure to scare the burglar to death and make him think twice before ever coming back. Her horn began to glow then her body. Her fur turned black with dark gray spots. Her tail became thin and covered in black fur. Her body began to shrink rapidly. Her ears became short and round. Her purple eyes changed to yellow, her feet grew claws.
Her parents stood staring at a black panther. They knew just what Luna was going to do and neither of them wanted to miss the action. Luna left her room taking soft and quiet steps. Her eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness making it easy to see like it was daylight. Her parents followed her to the steps and stopped half way. Luna continued down the stairs and took a sniff in the air. She could smell the burglar in the house. She turned gracefully around the staircase and walked into the kitchen. The dark figured pony was going through the cupboards and didn't hear the black panther creeping up on him. He turned and opened a drawer but still he didn't see the black panther in the dark. He finished going through the drawer and turned to leave the kitchen when her noticed two angry yellow eyes staring at him. The pony gasped shockingly and stood on his hind legs leaning against the counter. The last thing he ever expected was a wild black cat. Luna growled deep in her throat. She hissed showing her long white teeth. The pony in front of her was very scared, then he dashed through the kitchen and through the living room with the black panther clawing at his heals. She took a leap and managed to scratch his rear, leaving long claw marks on him. She stopped at the door and watched him run. Booster and Rosebud walked to the door and watched.
"Well I know he won’t be back," Booster commented.
Rosebud threw her front hooves around the black Panther and hugged her, "Not as long as we have our little girl."
Luna would have smiled if cats were able to. She quickly turned back into a winged unicorn just as Booster turned on the lights. To their shock, the place was a mess.
"This is going to take al night to clean," Rosebud exclaimed sadly, "I hope nothing is taken."
Luna laughed, "I don't think he had time to take anything."
Her parents couldn't help but laugh, they had seen him take a mad dash to the door.
"Well we should call the police. Luna it's best if you change to an earth pony," Booster told her.
Luna quickly changed to an earth pony while her father called the police. After he had called them he turned to Luna and Rosebud, "Let me do all the talking. Luna I want you to stay out of this, we don't need you to draw any attention to yourself."
"Ok, dad."

Morning had came and the police left long before the sun rose. Luna was on the couch asleep while her mother finished cleaning with Booster's help.
Buster and Charades came in the house and saw them cleaning which was unusual for Booster and seeing Luna asleep on the couch so early in the morning was highly unusual.
"Is anything wrong?" Charades asked.
"Someone broke into the house," Rosebud replied.
"Nothing was taken though," Booster answered.
Rosebud woke up Luna, "Come on get up. It's morning."
Luna woke up and yawned.
"Lunarstar turned to a black panther and cased the burglar away," Rosebud added.
"I gave him a nice scratch on the rear to remember me by," Luna yawned.
"You did?" Booster asked.
"Yes," Luna replied.
"So there's a pony out there with a scratch," Buster commented.
As they stood and talked about the burglar and made plans for Buster and Charades to stay for the night, Luna thought about last night. She had seen him close up looking very scared, she remembered the scratch she gave him as she chased him. Then she remembered Clover talking about someone following her home shortly after she and Sweetheart was startled by a pony knocking over the trash can. Suddenly it hit her. She remembered the pony from last night, he was the same one that knocked over the trash can, he was also the same one that she and Clover bumped into. What Luna couldn't figure out was why was he going through their house?
"Luna?" Rosebud called to her noticing the confused and surprised look on her face.
"I've seen that pony before," Luna replied.
"You have?" her parents asked.
"Where?" Charades asked, "Who is he?"
"I don't know who he is but I saw him when I was running late for school. Clover was also late for school. We meet in the park and that's when we ran into that burglar. He was a slate gray pony with turquoise and spring green hair. Later that day, Clover and Sweetheart was going home when that same pony startled them by knocking over a trash can," Luna explained.
"He could go to Sweetheart's house next," Rosebud suggested.
"I doubt it," Charades replied, "He only broke into Clover and Luna's house first. I'm sure it has something to do with when those two bumped into him."
"He was so nice though," Luna exclaimed.
"You can't always tell what ponies are like just because they're nice, Lunarstar," Booster told her.
"Are you sure that's all you two did was bump into him?" Buster asked.
"He tore this house apart and took nothing and from what you told us at dinner he did the same to Clover's house and took nothing. To me it sounds like he's looking for something," Charades guessed.
"Lunarstar, tell us every detail when you two bumped into him," Booster told her.
"Well, we ran into him. All three of our stuff was all over the grass. Me and Clover quickly gathered our books and papers while he gathered his but at a slow and careful pase. The bell rang and we had missed the beginning of class. We apologized to him and ran. He was nice and said that was ok...or something like that," Luna explained.
"Maybe one of you two took something of him and didn't know it?" Buster suggested.
"That could be why he broke into this house. He was looking for what ever you took," Charades guessed.
"But we didn't take nothing of his."
"How do you know for sure?" Booster asked, "You two were in a big hurry. Did you look carefully at what you were taking?"
"Well...I did have a few of Clover's papers and she had some of mine."
"Lunarstar, get your school bag," Booster told her.
Luna winked to her room, grabbed her school bag from the floor by her bed and winked back to the living room. Then she handed her school bag to her father.
Booster took the bag and opened it, then he walked to the couch and dumped it. Books and papers fell out along with a small leathered pouch.
"That's not mine," Luna quickly said.
Booster took the pouch and opened it. Something big and round was inside. He dumped in on his hoof and to everyone's surprise it was a deep blue sapphire.
"That's...that's not what I think it it?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"It's the sapphire that's missing," Buster answered, "It's all over the papers and news."
Rosebud picked up the stone and stared at it, "He must be the pony the royal family is after."
"We must return that to them," Charades exclaimed.
"I will," Luna quickly said, "I'll take it to them tonight."
"No, not tonight. You know what your father and uncles said," Charades sternly told her.
"Please?" Luna begged, "I'm just going to their room. You guys can go with me or something."
"No, it's just to dangerous," Charades replied, "That ice blue pony is still out to get to you."
Luna signed sadly, "He won't know it's me if I changed to another pony. Besides, Princess Rosy is a friend to my friends. I know where she's staying and what room. Please Buster, Charades, you two are my body guards after all."
Buster and Charades signed, they knew she was right, "alright but you listen to us very closely."
Luna smiled, "Yes of course."
"Now all we got to do is find the thief and catch him," Charades replied.
"I have an idea. I'm sure he's been fallowing Lunarstar around," Booster began to say, "Have her wear the pouch. If he recognizes it, he’ll follow her anywhere. All you two got to do is be there and catch him."
"Sounds like a great idea. I'll need a few things such as clothe and ropes," Charades told him.
Rosebud handed the sapphire to Booster who put it on the pouch.
"I'll get them," Rosebud told him.

Later that day just as they had planned, Luna left the house wearing the pouch around her neck. Buster and Charades trailed behind her some distance away. Luna walked to the park and followed the sidewalk through the park when she ran into her friends. They had left the ice cream shop and was going to Luna's house.
"Lunarstar, we were about to go see you," Bright Eyes exclaimed.
"Well it seems like you found me," Luna replied smiling.
"What are you doing in the park alone?" Starlight asked curiously.
"Taking a walk," Luna replied.
"Alone without Blueberry?" Melody asked.
"For now," Luna answered, she wanted to tell them the reason why but she couldn't fearing the burglar would over hear.
Suddenly they heard a rustling noise in the bushes. The girls turned around and saw Buster and Charades behind some thick bushes and trees. Luna and her friends went to the bushes and gasped at the slate gray pony unconscious. On his rear were long fresh scratches.
"What's going on?" Patch asked.
"That pony broke into my house. He's also the one that broke into Clover's house. I turned into a panther and gave him those scratches," Luna explained, "Buster and Charades knew he would be following me so they had me go for a walk and catch the pony."
"Why was he following you?" Melody asked curiously.
"Because I have something he wants back. I have the sapphire, the one that's all over the news," Luna explained.
"What?!" The girls cried.
"It's right here and I plan to give it to Princess Rosy tonight," Luna explained.
"We are delivering this pony to them as well," Charades added as she blind folded the pony and gagged him, then he tied a rope around the pony's feet, "Lunarstar, go home and tell your parents we got him and we'll stay here tonight with him. I want you to come back here tonight."
"Ok," Luna replied.

Later that night when everyone had fallen asleep, Luna winked to the Park in her winged unicorn form and saw Buster and Charades were sitting close to the unconscious pony.
"He's still out after all this time?" Luna asked in a whispering voice.
"No, he had woken up but we knocked him out," Charades answered.
"He's going to have a headache when he wakes up," Buster remarked.
"Now, go and return that to Princess Rose. We will dump this pony in the dumpster behind the hotel," Charades told her, "Then I want you to meet us here."
"Ok," Luna replied then she winked out leaving twinkling stars in her place.

Luna appeared in a light blue room. It was so dark she could hardly see what's in the room only small and large dark shapes. The windows had a dark blue curtain over them to keep the light out. Luna walked around the room hoping she was in the right room with her horn lit. She did her best to avoid bumping into tables and furniture but she was so busy looking around the room that she didn’t notice the footstool. Suddenly she fell making the light from her horn dim, at the same time she had knocked a small round table over. The table clothe over fell off and covered her like a blanket.
Just then she heard doors open.
"What's going on?" a male voice asked as the lights came on.
She listened as the hoof steps came closer and stopped beside her. Then the sheet on her was thrown off, Luna looked up and saw their shocked looks.
The female pony set the table upright on the floor while Luna slowly got on her feet.
"Your...your real," the small yellow pony exclaimed.
"Are you Princess Rosy?" Luna asked.
"Yes," Princess Rose replied surprisingly.
Luna smiled, "Good then I came to the right room," She looked at the Parents who could do nothing but stare, "I'm sorry to wake you up so late but I had to come."
"Why?" The King asked, "Why are you here?"
"I've come to return this," Luna stood on her hind legs and carefully took the pouch from her neck and handed it to Princess Rosy, "I heard this was yours."
Princess Rosy held the pouch and took out what ever was inside. To everyone surprise it was the sapphire.
"It's...the sapphire!" the Queen exclaimed surprisingly.
"How did you get it?" Princess Rosy asked.
"A pony had it. I accidently got it from him. I didn't know I had it till this morning."
"Who is this..pony you speak of?" The King asked.
"I don't know who he is but you'll find him in a dumpster behind this hotel. He's got a scratch on his rear," Luna replied, "Please I must ask you three not to tell anyone I was ever here or that you had seen me."
The king took the sapphire from his daughter, "You returned this to us unharmed and for that I will grant your wish. No one will know you were here or that we had seen you."
Luna smiled, "Thank I must go. I've stayed too long. It's was nice to have meet you Princess Rosy." Luna's horn lit up then she winked out catching the three ponies by surprise.

Luna appeared in the park where she had left Buster and Charades. She sat in the grass and waited but they still didn't come. After awhile she began to get worried. She hoped they didn't get caught by anyone while carrying the pony or running into that ice blue pony. Just then Buster ran to Luna, breathing heavily. In the darkness she could see he was bleeding from a few scratches he had.
"What's going on?" Luna asked, "What happened to you and where's..."
"There's no time. Get home immediately. We'll meet you there and explain everything," Buster exclaimed.
Luna winked out and appeared at the door in the house.

Rosebud and Booster sat on the couch when Luna winked in the house.
"Where's Buster and Charades?" Rosebud asked worriedly.
"I-I don't know," Luna replied worriedly.
Her parents stood up and walked up to her.
"What happened, Lunarstar?" Booster asked her.
"I gave the sapphire to Princess Rosy then I waited in the park. I don't know how long I waited till Buster ran up to me. He had scratches and was bleeding. He told me to go home and that he'll explain later," Luna replied worriedly.
"I wonder what happed?" Booster asked out loud.
Luna walked up to her mother and hugged her. Rosebud stroked her mane, "Lets sit on the couch and wait."
They turned from the door and sat on the couch watching TV as they waited. Luna glanced at the door every now and then hoping to see Buster and Charades.
After a while Buster opened the door and walked in with Charades behind him. Luna jumped off the couch and ran to Buster but he was bleeding from his cuts to be touched, then she noticed Charades who looked rather cold, she touched him on his shoulder, "Your so cold."
"What happened?" Booster asked.
We were on our way to meet up with Lunarstar when we ran into that ice blue pony," Buster began to explain, "We ran and he threw icy darts at us, as you can see he barley missed. We decided to split up, I ran to find Lunarstar and when I found her I sent her home. Then I went to find Charades who had almost froze stiff by the lake. I knocked the ice blue pony into the water and we ran here."
"Oh, Charades. Let me get a nice hot bath ready for you," Rosebud told him.
"Th-thanks," Charades replied.
"Well know how I felt when I was frozen," Luna remarked.
Charades smiled, "I-I sure d-do." Then he turned and followed Rosebud upstairs.
"Lunarstar, did you give the sapphire to her?" Buster asked.
"Yes I did and I told her where the pony would be."
"You talked to her?" Booster asked.
"I didn't have a choice. I fell over something and woke them up but they promised me they wouldn't tell anyone about me," Luna replied.
"I sure hope they keep their promise," Booster commented.
"They're royalty and from what I've heard about them, they can be trusted," Buster replied.
"Princess Rosy is a friend of my friends, I trust her not to tell anyone," Luna told them.
"Well, you've had a very exciting day. We'll eat once Charades is done with his bath, then I suggested you had better get to bed," Booster told her.
"Ok," Luna replied smiling, "It sure felt good to get out at night."
Buster smiled, Well just don't make a habit of it."
As they stood there, the news suddenly came on the TV.
“This is just in...Just seconds ago we were told the Sapphire has been found and returned to the Royal Family. The thief that had stolen the Sapphire was found in a dumpster behind the Hotel they’re staying in. The King wouldn’t tell us who gave the Sapphire back only that it was a friends.”
Luna smiled, “See dad? They didn’t tell.”
“Your right, They can be trusted,” Booster replied with a smile.