Chapter 75: Trailing Lunarstar

The sun was setting fast and Luna stood at the fairground entrance with her parents, Starfire,
Buster and Charades. Starfire wore his black cloak that hid his wings. Luna stood as an earth pony with long purple hair.
"To bad we couldn't come earlier," Rosebud remarked.
"The fair was closed all afternoon," Luna replied looking at Starfire.
"I'm sorry but I didn't not expect the ice blue pony to be there throwing ice darts at me," Starfire replied, "I didn't even get any answers from him."
"It's ok, Starfire," Booster told him, "Sunset is a perfect time to come. They're be turning on the lights very soon."
"Oh, that'll be so pretty," Rosebud exclaimed.
"Look, here comes my friends," Luna pointed ahead of her on the sidewalk.
They stood and watched as the girls approached him.
"Lunarstar!" the girls exclaimed happily.
"Hi, Starfire," Starlight replied, "I didn't know you were coming."
"I wouldn't miss this fair. As long as I'm wearing this cloak I should be fine," Starfire replied.
"So Lunarstar, I guess we'll see you later then," Charades told her.
"Not yet, the boys isn't here yet," Luna replied.
"Boys?" Starfire asked her.
"Ace, Lancer, Teddy and Blueberry," Patch answered.
"We're going as a group," Bright Eyes explained.
"Blueberry?" Starfire asked looking at Luna.
"Starfire, I'm just going with my friends. It's not like I'm on a date with Blueberry. This is suppose to be fun," Luna quickly replied.
"I suppose I could let it go for tonight," Starfire replied.
Luna smiled, she was glad he wasn't going to pester her about Blueberry.
"Umm, what's wrong about being with Blueberry?" Melody asked.
"Luna is a Princess and she must merry a Prince from our world. Stardust had told her to let Blueberry go," Starfire explained.
"Oh," The girls replied.
"Please I just want to have fun for one night without thinking about me being a Princess or who I have to marry," Luna exclaimed.
"Well, I just hope Blueberry doesn't bring Raspberry along with us," Bon Bon remarked.
"We don't need her to ruin our fun," Patch added.
"Raspberry?" Starfire asked.
"Yes, she's Blueberry's sister," Luna explained, "She's also the nosy trouble making pony that keeps running into you and Skyview."
"Oh, that pony. I have better be going. I can't be seen with you Luna," Starfire told her.
"Mind if I go with you, Prince Starfire?" Buster asked.
"I'd love it if you did but please do not call me Prince...just for this one night. I don't need ponies giving me strange looks when you call me that."
"Ok, Pri-I mean Starfire," Buster replied, "Charades are you coming with us?"
"No, I think I'll just explore around the fair grounds," Charades replied.
"Ok, see you later then," Buster turned and followed Starfire towards the fair.
"Oh look," Sweetheart pointed, "I think that's them now."
The girls turned and saw the boys. Behind them was Blueberry with his sister and parents.
"I guess we'll be going," Booster told Luna, "I'll see you later." He turned and left with Rosebud next to him.
The boys approached the girls, Blueberry left his parents and ran to join his friends.
"We're all here so lets go and have some fun," Patch exclaimed.
They turned and walked toward the fairgrounds.

Blizzard was by the rides staring at the strange rides he saw. The noise from the happily screaming ponies was loud, it took him awhile to get used to it. He continued to roam around between rides curiously watching the ponies. After awhile he remembered why he came to the fair in the first place. He looked at the female ponies wondering which one could be Princess Luna. There was so many ponies he didn't know who was watch. As he walked around he suddenly spotted Lunarstar and her group of friends.
"Lunarstar," Blizzard muttered as he watch her laugh and smile. Then he noticed Blueberry with her, "He would have to be with her." He decided to watch Lunarstar hoping she would be alone, he trailed them but far enough away so they wouldn't see him. He had forgotten about looking for Princess Luna and what his father had told him.
He followed them to different rides to the tents. They walked into a medium size tent and sat down on the bench. Blizzard sat on the bench above them.

When the show was over the sun had gone down and the lights on the rides lit up.
"Oh it's so pretty," Sweetheart muttered.
"Lets check out the rides," Luna suggested, "I want to see their lights."
Everyone agreed and began walking back to the rides with Blizzard still trailing them. When they came upon a Farris Wheel, they decided to ride it with 2 ponies to each box car. Blizzard stood behind a tree and watched Lunarstar as she rose higher and higher on the Farris Wheel. When they were done, they gathered together and began walking.
"Lets go on those rides!" Teddy pointed at the wild looking rides.
"Not me, I'm hungry," Bon Bon exclaimed.
"That sounds good," Starlight agreed.
"I wouldn't mind a slice of Pizza," Clover commented.
"We could eat first?" Blueberry suggested.
"That's ok, you boys go on a ride together. We'll be by those benches," Luna pointed near the concession stands.
"Ok," Ace replied and left the girls with Lancer, Teddy and Blueberry.

Blizzard followed the girls to the concession stand and stood behind one of them peaking around the corner. Starfire and Buster were laughing as they walked behind the concession stand when Buster noticed Blizzard.
"Look at that pony," Buster pointed.
"I wonder what's he looking at?" Starfire asked, "come, lets go find out."
Buster followed Starfire to a concession stand and looked around the corner. To their surprise he was watching Luna and her friends.
"Why, he's spying on them," Buster observed.
"He's ice blue too," Starfire pointed out.
"So are many other little ponies that we've seen," Buster replied.
"Yes but how many go around spying on other ponies?" Starfire asked.
"One who is to shy to talk to a girl," Buster answered, "Look at him, he's a boy spying on a group of girls. It's obvious he must like one of them."
"I think you right. Well, shall we go talk to him?" Starfire asked with a smile. He and Buster went around the concession stand and quietly walked up to Blizzard. Starfire tapped him on the rear.
Blizzard turned and gasped when he saw Starfire and Buster, the two ponies he didn't want to run into.
"Why are you spying on her?" Starfire asked.
"I'm not spying on her..I mean them," Blizzard answered calmly.
"So it is a girl your watching. Why don't you go out and talk to her?" Starfire asked him.
"I..I can't," Blizzard glared at him angrily, "Why don't you mind your own business?"
"Because your to noticeable. Someone is bound to catch you spying and could get the wrong expression," Buster pointed out.
Blizzard looked around and saw every pony walking around enjoying themselves, "So what?"
"Go talk to her," Buster told him.
"I can't they're with a group of boys," Blizzard answered.
"I didn't see any boys with them. Just go out and talk to her," Starfire told him.
"No, I rather watch," Blizzard replied and turned to continue watching. The girls had left the concession stand was heading to the one he was hiding behind.
"Oh I see. I guess she's already taken by another boy," Starfire replied.
Blizzard turned and looked at him angrily as he thought about Blueberry. Then he left and approached the girls.
Starfire and Buster peaked around the corner to watch.
"Blizzard!" Luna exclaimed happily, "I forgot you were coming."
"Yes well, I...couldn't resist," Blizzard answered.
"Are you hungry?" Sweetheart asked.
"Yes," Blizzard answered as he began to feel the emptiness in his stomach.
"We're about to order. Why don't you pick something to eat?" Luna suggested.
Blizzard stood on his hind legs and looked around. In the corner he noticed the pink cotton, "What's that?"
"That's Cotton Candy," Bon Bon answered, "They're so good."
"It's looks like pink cotton to me," Blizzard replied.
"It's candy made to look like cotton. that is why it's called Cotton Candy," Luna exclaimed, "Gets some. I am."
"Ok, I'll have..Cotton Candy," Blizzard replied.
The girls ordered and Luna handed him his Cotton Candy.
"How do I eat it?" Blizzard asked.
Luna held her cotton candy and took a small piece from it, "Take a piece and eat it." She put it in her mouth. Blizzard watch and then he did the same, "Strange it just melted."
Luna giggled, "It's suppose to do that. Why don't you join us on the benches?"
"Ok,' Blizzard answered, he found it hard to refuse an invitation from Lunarstar.

Starfire and Buster watched at the girls left with Blizzard.
"I think that boy...Blizzard has taken a liking to Lunarstar," Buster pointed out.
"Yes, it sure does look like it," Starfire replied, "Maybe Stardust doesn't have to know about this. He wouldn't be happy that I helped a boy get closer to Luna."
"She's not married yet and can't get married without her parents permission," Buster relied.
"Yes, you right I guess there's nothing serious to worry about," Starfire replied, "Blizzard is his name?"
"That's what Lunarstar called him," Buster replied.
"It's an unusual name for a pony," Starfire remarked.
"I'm sure his parents have a reason to name him that," Buster pointed out.
"I guess your right. It's just that his coat is ice blue...I know, so are many other ponies," Starfire replied, "His cotton candy doesn't look to bad either."
"Lets get some then," Buster suggested.

Luna and her friends sat at a bench eating when the boys returned from their ride.
"You girls don't know how fun that ride was!" Ace exclaimed.
"It was fun!" Lancer exclaimed.
Blueberry glared at Blizzard, he knew why Blizzard was at the fair.
"Hay Blizzard!" Teddy exclaimed, "I didn't think you'd be here."
"Of course I would be. Every pony in town is here," Blizzard replied.
"Wow, he spoke more than a few words!" Ace teased.
Blizzard glared at his teasing.
"I'm hungry, lets get something to eat and then talk," Lancer suggested.
"Alright but your buying," Ace replied.
Lance sighed, "alright."
The boys left the girls and bought their food then they returned and sat at the bench with the girls. Luna could feel the tension between Blueberry and Blizzard. She wondered why they didn't like each other and what was their arguments about?

During the rest of the night, they continued to walk and talk enjoying themselves. Charades had wondered around the fair ground checking everything out. Rosebud and Booster rode on a few rides then went to the tents to relax. Buster and Starfire went to the games and tried to beat each other.
Everyone had enjoyed their time till midnight when the fair was getting ready to close.