Chapter 76:  Feeling confused

The sun was setting fast and Blizzard stood behind a tree in the park watching Lunarstar's friend skate till it was time for her to head home. She said her goodbye and left. Blizzard watch as her long purple hair flying wild behind her shining in the sunlight. When Lunarstar was gone, Blizzard turned and left the tree.

He walked out of the park thinking about Lunarstar and how he can get close to her without Blueberry showing up and ruining his plans. He walked from the community of houses till he was close to the docks at the edge of town. He walked into the forest thinking about the time he showed Lunarstar the sunset on the ocean. He walked into his shack, unwrapped his leg wrapping and rubbing his hair feet.
"I can't wait to get home where I don't have to wear those stupid things," Blizzard thought.
He took the pouch off from his charm on his neck and picked up his dark blue cloak. He put it on and left the shack.
He looked at the sun and saw it was half in the horizon. He walked to the cliff and sat down still thinking about the times he was with Lunarstar. He thought of her smiling and laughter. He remembered spending the day with her and how she showed him her secret place.
Blizzard shook him head and rubbed his hoof on his forehead, "What is wrong with me? Father gave me an order and all I've been doing is chasing some pony around."
He began to think about Princess Luna. He wondered what she was doing at that moment. Where was she hiding? How come he hadn't seen her since that night? He had seen so many ponies in town that he wondered if he had actually seen her and not know it.
He remembered seeing the Princess for the first time in the forest and many other times after that but he only saw her once in the park. He had checked the park many times after that but there was no sign of her. Could she be in the forest?
He stood up from the cliff and turned facing the shack. He was living alone in a small shack, he knew other little ponies lived in a house. He remembered being in Blueberry's house and seeing all the pictures. He still felt as if he was missing something, something he didn't have.
He remembered when Lunarstar gave him his golden necklace back, she was smiled greatly at him. He remember when she sat in the park with him talking about his mother and how he didn't have one. Could that be what he's missing?...a mother? He shook his head, "No, that can't be it...or is it?" he felt it was part of it but there was something more.

When the sky began to darken, Blizzard put his hood over his face and began walking through the forest looking around for anything white.
He continued to think about Lunarstar at the fair and how he like to see her smiling. He thought about Blueberry always trying to chase him away. The thought of him began to make Blizzard angry. He could feel the anger for Blueberry deep down. As he walked his feet left the ground icy with every step he took. Blizzard was to angry to notice or care about the frozen ground.
"Just who does he think he is telling me to mind my own business?" Blizzard exclaimed, "Before I leave for home for good, Blueberry is going to learn he should never have messed with me!"
He walked deep in the forest and up a steep hill through the forest till he reached the Gate.
Blizzard paused, "What is the mater with me? She's just a pony like any other girl. I got more important maters to think about."
He continued walking and stopped at the platform of the Gate, "Father would be angry if I came home with another excuse." He turned around and walked from the ruins to the tall grassy meadow. He stopped in the center and looked up at the stars, for some reason he felt very calm. He laid in the grass and rested as he thought about Princess Luna. He felt so relaxed that he slowly fell asleep.

He began to dream that he was standing in the darkness with Princess Luna next to him running away. He turned and was about to chase her when he heard Lunarstar behind him.
"Blizzard!" Lunarstar called.
Blizzard turned and saw Lunarstar, then he looked at Princess Luna.
"Blizzard, please," Lunarstar begged.
Blizzard looked at Lunarstar and then at Princess Luna when suddenly Starfire appeared.
"I love her to much to see anything happen to her," Starfire told him.
"Blizzard!" Lunarstar called again.
Blizzard stood in the middle not know where to turn to. He was about to run from them when Teriney appeared in front of him, "I gave you an order!"
Blizzard jumped awake and sat up rubbing his head with his hooves, "I even dream about her."
He stood up and began walking back to the shack, "Something is seriously wrong with me. Maybe I'm sick or something. I'll rest for a few days and see if that helps."