Chapter 7: Begging Blizzard 

Blizzard woke up in the shack when he heard the birds chirping. He laid in the shadow away from the sunlight so the morning sunrise wouldn't wake him up. He sat up yawning and stretching, then he stood up and left the shack. The wind was blowing and the shadows danced on the ground. Blizzard walked from the shack and into the forest towards the park, the one place he knew little ponies liked to hang out.

He entered the park and looked around for anyone who could resemble the Princess. There were girls sitting and talking, some played, some just walked around. Blizzard left the side walk and roamed around on the grass when suddenly a ball flew from bushes and trees, hitting him on the rear. Blizzard wasn't expecting it and fell when the ball hit him. Teddy ran out from the bushes, "Blizzard, that's our ball. sorry, it got away from us!"
Blizzard got mad and stood on his hind legs to kick the ball.
"Go get it!" Blizzard cried.
The ball flew back towards the bushes and trees and right over the boys. Teddy turned and ran after the ball.
"He could have at lest let me take it back!" Teddy exclaimed.
Blizzard walked from the clearing to another clearing across the sidewalk. He walked past giggling girls and parents with their babies. He stopped every now and then to watch but then he would continue on.
"There's got to be more little ponies somewhere. I wonder where the rest of them hang out?" Blizzard thought.
He walked around the lake, watching ponies in boat. When he came to a water fountain, Ace walked up to him.
"Hay, Blizzard," Ace exclaimed, "You kicked that ball pretty far. The coach could use you on the team."
"What team?" Blizzard asked.
"The soccer team of course."
"No, now don't bother me," Blizzard turned and walked away without getting a drink.
He was thirsty but he didn't want to go back to the water fountain fearing he'll run into Ace again.

He walked from the park to the ice cream shop and sat down at the counter. An orange pony took his order while Blizzard waited. A few minutes later Blizzard received his glass of water and started to drink it.
"Hay Blizzard," Blueberry exclaimed as he walked up to him from outside. Blueberry sat on the stool next to Blizzard smiling.
"Your pretty good at kicking a ball," Blueberry commented.
Just then Raspberry walked in and smiled at them, "Well if it isn't Blueberry and Blizzard." Then she paused and started to laugh.
"What's so funny?" Blueberry asked.
"It just hit me...Blueberry blizzard," Raspberry laughed, "I wonder if they have such a thing...Blueberry blizzard." She turned and sat at a booth.
Blueberry glared at her then he looked at Blizzard who had finished his water, "You should join us in the Soccer game."
"No, that game is a waste of time," Blizzard left his stool and walked outside. He stayed on the sidewalk heading towards town.

Blueberry left the shop and joined Ace, Teddy and Lancer across the street.
"He said no," Blueberry told them.
"It's obvious, he doesn't want to join. Why do we keep bothering him?" Lancer asked.
"Because he is good and our team would be the greatest if he joined us," Ace exclaimed, "Now lets follow him."

Blizzard walked to town looking at the windows for little ponies. He saw a few but he didn't think any of them was the princess. As he walked he noticed a group of little ponies walking into the skating ring. He followed them through the door and saw that they had to pay to get in. Blizzard stood by the door and watched. Just then Teddy walked in almost hitting him with the door.
"Oh, Blizzard. Umm, sorry about the ball but would you like to..."
"No!" Blizzard quickly said not giving him a chance to finish. Blizzard turned and left the building. He continued walked to town to a different part he had not explored yet. He saw a few little ponies walking with their bags full. Blizzard wondered what could be in their bags since so many ponies carried the same thing. He walked till he saw a group of ponies heading towards the ocean. He followed them and came to a sandy beach. The feel of the sand below his hoofs fascinated him. He scooped up the sand in his hoof and slowly let it fall to the ground. He looked up, staring at the ocean and lots of little ponies swimming. Blizzard walked up to the water and put a hoof in it. It was cool but he didn't dare to continue into the water with his leg wrappings. He feared his leg wrapping could fall off.
"Hi," said a voice behind him.
Blizzard turned and saw Lancer standing there.
"I was just wondering. Would you..."
"No and don't ask me again or the four of you will be sorry," Blizzard warned him. He turned from Lancer and walked along the shore lines. He walked till he realized the sand stopped and he was walking on solid rock. He looked ahead and wondered what could be around the bend. He continued walking not knowing the four boys were following him. He walked till he came upon a cave. He peeked around the corner and saw how dark it was. Curious as to what was inside, he walked in till he came to a light. He wondered what was causing the light in the cave, he looked up and saw holes. Sunlight shined through the holes. He noticed how warm the cave was, then he saw the hot spring that was warming the cave.
"It feels like home," Blizzard muttered.
"And where would that be?" a voice asked.
Blizzard turned around and glared at Ace as he walked into the light with the other three boys.
"That is non of your business," Blizzard cried. He turned from them and walked to the water putting his hoof in it. Just as he thought, it was in deed warm.
"I could use this to take a bath," Blizzard thought.
"Join our team, Blizzard. You'd make a great soccer player," Ace said.
Blizzard looked up at them angrily, "I have told your four no and still you do not listen," Blizzard walked past them. "My answer is no and that is finale!"
The four boys stood and watched him till he disappeared into the darkness.
"I told you he wouldn't join!" Lancer exclaimed.
"I haven't given up," Ace replied.
"I have," Blueberry exclaimed.
"So have I. I'm not going to chase him all over town so he can join your team," Teddy exclaimed.
"He's good, the couch would love to have him on the team!" Ace yelled.
"So what!" Teddy yelled back.
"Hay guys, this is warm," Blueberry cried.
The boys joined him at the spring. Ace put his hoof into the water, "It sure is."
Suddenly, a strong cold wind blew into the cave.
"It's so cold!" Teddy complained.
"It's summer, it shouldn't even be cold!" Blueberry replied.
Suddenly the wind became stronger and the snow flew into the cave. The boys stood shaking from the cold, they looked at each other but found it hard to see. Their coats was covered in snow and ice hung from their hair. The snow and wind was so blinding they could hardly recognized the cave they were in.
"It' a...blizzard in here," Lancer, shuddered from the freezing cold.
Teddy looked ahead and gasped, "Loo-loo-look."
The boys looked and saw a cluster of snowflakes in a shape of an angry pony.
The sight of it was enough the scare the boys, they dashed through the snow and ran into the darkness. The wind and snow blew them out of the cave knocking them onto the ground. The cluster of snowflakes quickly flew onto the cave roof behind a tree.
Blizzard returned to his pony form and watched as the boys stood up with ice hanging from their coats. They ran as fast as they could, like they had just seen a ghost.
"There's a reason why I'm called blizzard," Blizzard muttered, then he turned and left heading back to the shack.