Chapter 82: The Thoughts of two boys

It was a bright sunny morning and Luna in her earth pony form, left the house. The sun was rising giving everything an orange tint. The birds chirped loudly in the tree tops as Luna walked past them carrying her school bag. The wind blew the cool breeze through her white coat. Her purple hair blew wildly in front of her. Luna wasn't paying attention to her surroundings, her thoughts were on Blueberry and Blizzard. She remembered the fight they had. She knew Blizzard often watched other ponies but she didn't know he followed them to, especially her. She knew how dangerous it was for him to follow her. She remembered last night when She had told her parents and Starfire what had happened. Starfire was obviously happy about the brake up but sad to see her so upset over it.

Luna walked to the park followed by a few other ponies. Ahead of her were more little ponies, all heading to school.
"Lunarstar!" yelled a familiar voice.
Luna turned and saw Blueberry coming towards her. Luna didn't want to talk to him so she ran to school with Blueberry behind her.
"Wait!" Blueberry yelled but Luna refused to listen. She ran past Blizzard and into the school building.
Blueberry slowed down and stood next to Blizzard who just looked at him.
"I'm trying to talk to her explain about the fight we had," Blueberry explained as if he read Blizzard's mind.
"There's nothing to explain to her. It was your fault for starting it," Blizzard told him then he hurried into school.
"It was not!" Blueberry cried ignoring all the ponies staring at him.

During Lunch, Luna carried her tray and sat down with her friends at a long table. The room was noisy and loud from so many ponies talking. She quickly eat her lunch and talked with her friends about yesterday.
"Lunarstar look who's coming this way," Melody said.
Luna turned her head and saw Blueberry, "I'm sorry you guys. I'm going outside for recess, talk to you later," Luna stood up and walked through the tall double doors.
"Looks like you missed her," Patch told Blueberry.
"I just want to explain about the fight," Blueberry replied.
"There's nothing to explain. We all heard you loud and clear. Now go away," Melody exclaimed.
Blueberry turned and left walking back to his seat. After the little ponies had their lunch, they all went outside to play. Some went on the swings, some played ball others stood and talked. Luna's friends sat under a tree talking when Blueberry walked up to her, "Lunarstar let me explain."
Luna stood up, "Explain?!" She walked past him and headed inside the school ignoring Blizzard as she past him.
Blizzard walked up to the girls and stood next to Blueberry, "What's wrong with her?"
"You two hurt her. Fighting over her and trying to own her while chasing everyone away!" Starlight replied.
"It's not like that, I just...wanted to protect her," Blueberry replied.
"From who?" Patch asked. She stood up and left.
Bon Bon stood up and looked at Blizzard, "She's every upset that you've been spying on her." Then she left the tree. The girls stood up and left.
"I didn't start the fight in the first place!" Blizzard exclaimed, then he turned and left.
Blueberry sat at the tree wondering what he was going to do. Raspberry walked up to him and stood at the tree, "I told you that you would loose her."
"Shut up. How would you know anyways?" Blueberry asked angrily.
"I'm a girl so of course I would know what I'm talking about!" Raspberry replied, then she turned and left.

After school Luna hurried out of school with her friends.
"Are you going to join us today Lunarstar?" Patch asked.
"no, I don't think I will. I don't want to risk running into...him. I'll see you tomorrow, bye," Luna replied then she ran through the park heading home.
When she got home, she ran up stairs to her room, dropped off her school bag by her bed and hurried to the kitchen. Rosebud had just finished pouring lemonade into three glasses when Luna walked into the kitchen.
"Mom, where's Starfire?" Luna asked.
"He's outside watching the boys working," Rosebud replied.
Luna hurried outside and saw Starfire at the doorway of the shed. The noise was too loud for starfire to hear her approach. She tapped him on the rear which startled him. He turned and smiled at her.
"Want to play?!" Luna asked yelling over the noise.
Starfire turned and left the shed to get away from the noise, "Want to what?"
"Play" Luna repeated.
"Don't you want to play with your friends?" Starfire asked.
"No, They're...busy," Luna replied, not wanting to tell him the real reason, "I want to play with my favorite uncle."
"Uncle?" Starfire asked giving Luna a curious look.
Luna smiled, "Yes, my uncle. You are...older than me."
"Don't push it Luna," Starfire smirked.
"Uncle!" Luna exclaimed then she turned and ran around the yard with Starfire at her heals. As they played Rosebud left the house and walked to the shed while trying not to get ran over. She walked into the shed catching the boys attention, "The drinks are here."
The boys stopped, took a glass and left the shed. They sat in the grass watching Starfire chase Luna while she winks out.
"Did Lunarstar mention anything about Blueberry when she got home?" Booster asked Rosebud.
"No she didn't. She wanted to know where Starfire was," Rosebud replied.
"Hopefully she's gotten over the fight," Buster remarked.
After awhile Starfire stopped and laid down in the grass. Luna walked up to him and saw that he was breathing heavily.
"Don't tell me I worn out my uncle," Luna exclaimed smiling.
Starfire jumped up and grabbed her, knocking her to the ground and pinning her down.
"Now what did you call me?" Starfire asked smiling.
Luna wiggled but his body was hold her down, "Your...heavy...hard to breath."
"I'm not that heavy," Starfire replied.
"Ok...Starfire," Luna muttered.
Starfire stood up and sat down next to Luna still catching his breath. Luna stood up taking a deep breath. "But your still uncle to me." Luna turned and ran with Starfire chasing her.
Buster, Charades, Booster and Rosebud laughed.
"I guess he doesn't like to be called uncle," Rosebud remarked.
"Neither does Skyview," Charades replied.
When they were done with their drinks, they stood up and walked back into the shed.

Night had fallen and Luna in her winged unicorn form finished dinner. She said Goodnight to everyone and went upstairs to her room. She walked to the window and peaked through the cracks of her curtains watching Buster and Charades leave.
Just then Starfire walked into her room. Luna turned and smiled, it wasn't very often that he went to see her off to bed.
"I just wanted to see you off to bed," Starfire told her.
Luna walked up to him and hugged him, "I love having you here. I just wished you could stay longer."
Starfire let go of her and smiled, "I like being here too but you know I can't stay. I'm only here for the ice blue pony."
"Are you going out tonight to find him?" Luna asked.
"Yes I am."
"Did you see him last night?" Luna asked.
"No but I did a few nights ago. He almost got me again with those ice darts," Starfire replied.
"If he's so dangerous then why do you have to look for him?" Luna asked.
Starfire walked to her bed and sat down, Luna followed him and climbed in bed.
"Queen Snowfall thinks he's not as dangerous as Stardust thought so Stardust wants me to try and talk to the boy but so far he only tried to hurt me," Starfire replied.
"He's not dangerous? What do you mean?" Luna asked.
"Some time back the ice blue pony was caught and taken to Moonlight castle but he escaped from the dungeon and got lost in the castle. He wondered to The royal private room and was extremely fascinated with the baby. Queen Snowfall says he's never seen one," Starfire explained.
"How can he not have seen one? they're in books, magazines...there's pictures of babies all over the place," Luna exclaimed.
"He's never gone outside unless he's given orders. He strikes me as a very curious pony. Like when I found him at the fair before it opened, he was fascinated with a balloon and didn't know what made it float."
Luna looked at him sumptiously finding it hard to believe a pony like that hardly knew anything.
"I'm serious Luna, he doesn't seem to know much and is only fallowing orders," Starfire replied.
"From who?" Luna asked.
"His father apparently," Starfire answered.
"His father is after me?...but why?" Luna asked curiously.
"I don't know, Luna," Starfire replied, "Now go to sleep, I'll see you in the morning."
"Ok, goodnight," Luna yawned.
"Goodnight," Starfire replied, then he stood and quietly left the room.

Luna laid in bed thinking about what Starfire had told her. Who was the ice blue pony? How can a pony not know anything especially a baby? As she thought about she suddenly felt as if she knew the pony. Luna sat up in bed knowing she had to many questions and thought racing through her mind to sleep. She thought about the fair and wondered if the ice blue pony was there? Did she meet him and not know it? Luna rubbed her face and laid down. She rolled on her side thinking about Blueberry. She remembered when he was nice to her and going to the school dance. She thought about Blizzard when she had spent time with him at the dance and spending the day with him. She remembered when he was at The Petals Gardens and had walked her home carrying a box of flowers.
"What's wrong with me?" Luna muttered. She rolled over to her other side, "He's just a friend." As she laid in bed she continued to think about him and the time she saw him smile which was very rare. She thought about his ice blue eyes and how nice he was to her.
Suddenly it accord to her. Did she like him more than just a friend? Luna shook her head, "No...I...can't be in love with him. He's just a friend." She remembered when he took her to his special place, she had felt something for him and loved the moment when she kissed him.
"What do I do?" Luna thought, "I love both of them?"
She closed her eyes and thought about Blizzard as she slowly fell into a deep sleep.