Chapter 83: What it means to hurt a pony

It was morning and Luna hurried out of the house in her earth for as the rise rose higher in the sky. As she walked she suddenly noticed for the first time that the leave on the trees were changing their colors. She knew that fall would soon come and the leave would be blowing all over the yard.
She walked to the park and was soon joined by her friends.
"Lunarstar, have you talked to Blueberry and Blizzard yet?" Starlight asked.
"No, I haven't," Luna replied.
"Blizzard probably follows you because he likes you," Bright Eyes suggested.
Luna remembered when she and her friends had previously talked about it at the club house.
"Well that's no reason to follow me," Luna replied then she lowered her voice to a whisper, "What if he saw me do unicorn magic or saw me change?"
"Oh, I see you point," Bright Eyes replied.
"I haven't thought of that," Melody replied.
The girls hurried into school just as the bell rang.

Blueberry and Blizzard tried to get Luna's attention all through school but it was no use. Miss Hackney had heard the rumors about the two boys and had seen them eyeing each other. She looked at the clock and then stood up from her desk.
"May I have your attention?" Miss Hackney asked, "I want to remind you to do your homework tonight, it's due tomorrow. The bell will ring in a minute but I want Blueberry and Blizzard to see me at my desk after school."
The little pony stuffed their school bags with their papers and books, then they sat quietly waiting for the bell. Blueberry and Blizzard looked at each other knowing what their teacher was going to talk about.
When the bell rang all the little ponies hurried out of the room except for Blueberry and Blizzard, they approached the teacher's desk. Miss Hackney looked at them, "I heard about the fight and how you two don't like each other. It's disturbing the class and I can tell Lunarstar is hurt by what you two did."
"Hurt?" Blizzard asked not understanding what she meant. As far as he knew Luna looked fine, "She doesn't appear to be hurt. We never touched her."
"Not that kind of hurt. I wasn't talking about the physical hurt that you can see. I'm talking about her feelings, she's upset...hurt about the whole thing. It's non of my business what you two did but I want you two to talk to her and settle it," Miss Hackney told them, then she pulled out a drawer from her desk showing piles of crumbled paper, "These are notes I've collected during class. It's all about you two and Lunarstar. I want it to stop."
"Yes Miss Hackney," Blueberry replied.
"You can go now. Enjoy the afternoon," Miss Hackney told them.

The boys turned and left school. Blueberry ran towards the park hoping to catch up with Lunarstar.
Blizzard walked back to the shack thinking about what his teacher told him. Her words continued to repeat in his mind 'I wasn't talking about the physical hurt that you can see. I'm talking about her feelings' Blizzard thought about the little pony in the other world that he had turned her parent to ice. The little pony cried but was unharmed. It was then that he hesitated and because of that, he didn't get a chance to turn her to ice. Blizzard remembered when he was sad about not being able to leave the house after his father had caught him watching little ponies. He remembered seeing Lunarstar crying when she caught him fighting, she cried just like the little pony he almost turned to ice.
Blizzard sighed sadly as he slowly understood what it meant to hurt another pony. It had been along time since he had his feeling hurt and almost forgot what it felt like.
When he reached the shack, he walked in, set his school bag down and left the shack. He walked through the forest hoping he could talk to Lunarstar. He left the forest and walked along the sidewalk to the park entrance and waiting for her to pass by but she never came.
"Maybe I missed her?" Blizzard thought.
He left and walked to the ice cream shop, just as he was about to walk in, Lunarstar hurried out of the shop.
Blizzard turned, "Lunarstar!" but she was to busy running from Blueberry to hear him. Blizzard turned and followed Blueberry back into the park.
He ran all over the park till Blueberry was able to catch up with Lunarstar. Blizzard hid behind the bushes and watched.

"Wait, I just want to talk...please," Blueberry begged, "I'm sorry!"
Luna stopped next to a tree in the shadowy forest.
"I'm sorry," Blueberry repeated trying to catch his breath.
"Sorry?" Luna yelled, "You don't own me. I can't believe you tried to keep Blizzard from me. it's no wonder you two were never around together. Who else did you chase away? What else did you not tell me?"
"Your right, you can see anyone you like. I..."Blueberry paused, "My sister was right, I was afraid I'd loose you and then Blizzard kept spying one you which got me worried."
"You could have told me about that. I want to know if someone is spying on me," Luna turned from him lowering her head sadly, "You kept all that a secret."
"I'm sorry but I'm telling you now. I...I haven't been the same since I fell in love with you," Blueberry hesitated to say. Luna turned and looked at him curiously. Blueberry lowered his head sadly, "My sister and friends tells me I've changed. I've been to attached to you. Maybe it's a good thing you saw us fighting," Blueberry looked up at her seriously, "Lunarstar...can we start over?"
Luna stood and thought about what he said, "Start over?"
"Be friends and then who knows maybe we'll go farther but this time I won't let it go to my head," Blueberry replied smiling.
Luna smiled, "Sure...friends."
"I got to get home. I'll see you later!" Blueberry turned and left. Blizzard walked out from the bushes but Luna turned and ran, not wanting to talk to him. She ran through the thick trees. When she was sure she had lost him, she winked out and appeared by the park entrance. She left the park and was soon joined by her friends coming out of the shop.
"Well?" Patch asked, "Did he catch you?"
"Sort of. He apologized and wants to start over as friends," Luna replied.
"Great, now you can talk to Blizzard," Starlight replied.
"Forget it, I caught him spying on me a minute ago," Luna replied.
"Well you can tell us what Blueberry said at the club house," Starlight told her. The girls turned and left heading to the club house.

Luna spent most of the afternoon in her winged unicorn form in the safety of the club house. She ate talked and laughed with her friends till she noticed the sun setting. She changed back to an earth pony and left saying goodbye to her friends. She walked through the community of houses, then through the park and out again. She walked across the street to the corner and walked several blocks.
Suddenly Blizzard walked to the corner from behind the fence and caught her by surprise.
"um..Lunarstar...," Blizzard was about to say.
"You were following me again!" Luna exclaimed and then left him. She walked another block down and then turned the corner but to he shock Blizzard was standing there waiting for her.
"I wasn't following you. I was looking for you. I...wanted to tell you I'm sorry," Blizzard quickly said.
Luna looked at him, surprised that he was apologizing and the fact she had just left him.
"How...did you get here?" Luna asked, "I mean I just left you."
"I took a short cut," Blizzard replied, "I...didn't mean to alarm you by following you," he paused, "I...don't know why I follow you....I guess I find you...interesting."
Luna saw his face blush and realized that her friends were right. He liked her a lot he didn't know how to tell her. Luna suddenly started giggling which caught Blizzard by surprise.
"I think I know why," Luna replied once she stopped laughing. She slowly walked towards him but he just walked backwards from her. Luna smiled, "Want to walk me home?"
"Walk you home?" Blizzard asked surprisingly at the sudden question, "sure."
Luna walked towards him but he just walked backwards.
"My house is up that hill," Luna pointed.
"Oh," Blizzard replied, then he turned and walked next to her.
"Are you afraid of me?" Luna asked.
"No, I'm defiantly not afraid of you," Blizzard answered.
"Then why were you walking away from me?" Luna asked curiously.
Blizzard pondered on her question. He didn't know why. He knew he wasn't afraid but he felt nervous when she walked towards him. He couldn't figure out why he would feel nervous?
They walked up the hill to the last house.
"Well, here's my house," Luna exclaimed happily. She walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek, "Thank you for walking me home," then she turned and left.
Blizzard stood surprised that she kissed him for the second time. He was starting to enjoy being kissed. He had never enjoyed anything before. As he stood watching her walk into the house he suddenly felt that deep feeling again which seem to get worse every time he got kissed. He turned and left the house wondering what he was feeling and why? he walked back to the shack and sat at the cliff thinking about Lunarstar.