Chapter 84:  Raspberry's change of heart

It was in the afternoon and Raspberry walked in the ice cream shop. She immediately noticed Lunarstar and her friends at the counter. She walked to a booth from a distance and sat down. Just then a light green pony with white hair walked up to her, "May I take your order?"
"I'll take a banana split," Raspberry replied.
"Coming right up," The green pony replied, then she turned and left. A little while later she returned with a banana split and then left again.
Raspberry took the spoon and began eating the strawberry ice cream scoop as she watched Lunarstar. She saw the other girls laughing and talking, it was obvious they were all very good friends. She had wished for so long to have friends like that but she was never able to make friends. As she eat and stared at Lunarstar, she began to remember Skyview when he found her lost in the forest. She had talked to him about her problems with friends. She remembered what he had told her 'You've been trying to make friends with the wrong ponies.' she remembered what Little Flitter had said to her 'Be yourself and talk to ponies.' Raspberry wondered if it was really that simple? Could she just be herself and talk to Lunarstar? The thought of her when she was little being ignored be everyone made her afraid to try. She was so close to Lunarstar and her friends, all she had to do is just talk to them but she couldn't bring herself to leave the booth.
She sat and began to imagine what it would be like to be their friend. She would laugh and talk about everything. For awhile it made Raspberry happy just thinking about it.

When she finished her banana split, she stood up and left the booth, walking to the exit as she past Lunarstar and her friends. Just then Blizzard walked in and sat at a table. The girls immediately noticed him and said Hi. Raspberry sighed sadly that no one even looked at her. She continued walking and left the shop.
"Was that Raspberry?" Bon Bon asked surprisingly.
"It sure was," Melody replied, "she's been watching us since she got in."
"She seems a bit sad too," Starlight added as she watched Raspberry pass the window.
"Why was she watching us?" Luna asked.
"Who knows. Maybe she wished she had her friends back?" Bon Bon guessed.
"Well I don't think anyone will want to be her friend after hearing what her former friends said," Melody exclaimed.
"Maybe she's changed?" Sweetheart wondered.
"Her?!" Melody exclaimed, "No way. She's annoying and you can't trust her."
"Blizzard," Luna called to him, "Do you think she's changed?"
Blizzard looked up at her from his table, "Well she hasn't been the annoying little pony that she usually is and has been pretty good about leaving me alone."
Lunarstar looked at her friends and smiled, "If you ask me that sounds like she's changing. Why don't we give her a chance?"
The girls looked at each other silently and then looked at Lunarstar.
"Alright, I guess we can give her a chance," Starlight answered.

Raspberry walked home as the leaves fell from the trees, landing on her head and back. She turned into her yard and entered the house.
"Raspberry, is that you?" her mother asked.
"Yes mom. I'll be in my room," Raspberry replied.
"Ok, I'll send Blueberry to get you when dinner is ready," her mother replied.
Raspberry walked up the steps and into her room. She closed the door behind her and laid on her bed staring at the empty cage. She remember when Little Flitter was in the cage. She had often given her candy bars and told her about her problems. Raspberry felt a few tears drip from her cheek as she thought about her first true friend.
"I wish you were here," Raspberry mumbled. Then she turned over feeling to sad to look at the cage. As she laid there, she began to feel relax and comfortable. Her eyes were heavy and starting to hurt. She closed her eyes and soon fell into a deep sleep.