Chapter 8: Strange winter wind

The sky was dark, the moon was almost full. Luna sat on her bed in her winged unicorn form trying to do her school work but all she could think about was seeing her real parents again. It had been a month and she was anxious to hear everything that happened in Ponyland. She was also excited to tell them what she had been doing.
She put her school work in her bag after realizing she'll never be able to concentrate enough to finish it. She got off her bed and left her room, then she hurried downstairs. Her parents were watching TV when she walked in.
"Mom, Dad, can I go out?"
Her parents turned from the TV and looked at her.
"Ok but do not let anyone see you," Booster answered.
"Be careful. We don't want anything to happened to you," Rosebud told her.
"Mom, I'll be fine. No one is after me now. I can explore the forest freely now," Luna told her.
"You never know Lunarstar but if something strange happens or you see anything out of the ordinary, you come home as quickly as possible," Rosebud told her.
"I will mom. Bye, see you later," Lunarstar exclaimed and suddenly she winked out.

Luna appeared in the forest with her horn glowing so she could see where she's going. She smiled greatly feeling free. She ran past trees and through bushes. She ran till she was out of breath and then she slowed down to a walk. Soon she found herself in a meadow with grass so tall it reached her knees. Luna laid down and looked up at the stars. The sky was covered with bright twinkling stars, some looked bigger than others. She stared, gazing at the star in the dark sky, it felt like an hour had gone by since she had laid down. She love to see the beauty of the sky at night.
She sat up and looked around, the forest was peaceful and quiet except for the sounds of crickets. She knew she was alone free to run and not worry about someone seeing her. It was beginning to feel like old times again.
After she had rested, Luna ran through the tall grass and jumping at time as she laughed. Suddenly she felt a cold wind. She stopped and wondered if she should head home. Just then the wind got stronger, snowflakes appeared and surrounded her. The wind howled in her ear as It swirled around her turning her white coat to tinny icicles. Her horn began to turn to ice. Luna felt scared, she had never felt the cold winter wind in the summer time. She knew something was wrong.
Luna remembered what her mother said.
"I got to go home," Luna thought. She suddenly winked out and appeared in the living room scaring her mother.

Rosebud was about to yell at Luna when she noticed Luna's coat and hair was covered in icicles.
"Oh Lunarstar. What happened?" Rosebud asked.
Booster walked up to Luna and touched her coat, "You feel so cold."
"I-I'm..c-c-cold," Luna studdered as she shook.
Rosebud ran up to stairs and grabbed a blanket, then she hurried downstair and wrapped Luna in it. She and Booster began to rubbed Luna.
"I'll make you some hot chocolate," Rosebud said and she hurried to the kitchen.
Luna was too cold to sit but her father talked her into it. After awhile, Luna sat on the couch shaking and feeling sore from all the shaking she was doing.
Rosebud gave her a mug with steaming hot chocolate. Luna took it and sipped on it, when she had finished she was still shaking. Her insides felt warm but her coat was still very cold.
"That should have warmed her up," Rosebud exclaimed.
Booster touched her forehead, "She still feels cold. Lunarstar what happened?"
"I-I was out playing when a strong...winter wind blew around me. It...was turning me to ice. It...was so c-cold. so I winked home," Luna explained.
"How is that possible. This is summer, even the breeze is warm," Rosebud exclaimed.
"Lunarstar why don't you take a hot bath?" Booster suggested
"O-ok," Luna replied.
She stood up leaving the blanket on the couch and went upstairs. She walked into the bathroom and quickly ran the warm water into the tub. Once it was full Luna climbed into the tub. Her legs were warming up. She smiled knowing a hot bath was just was she needed. She turned and sat down leaning back to relaxing in the tub. She could feel her coat and skin begin to warm up. She closed her eyes as she relaxed.
"Lunarstar," Rosebud called from the door, "Feeling better?"
Luna opened her eyes and smiled greatly, "Yes, I am. I'm not cold anymore."
"That's good. You should stay home tomorrow just incase you develop a cold."
"Mom!" Luna began to complain in a disappointment ton of voice.
"Just till tomorrow night," Rosebud told her.
"Ok," Luna replied still feeling disappointed.
"You can always have you friends over," Rosebud added.
Luna smiled, "Yeah and we could party or something."
"Maybe," Rosebud laughed, "hurry up so you can get to bed."
"Ok!" Luna replied.
She leaned back in the tub relaxing till the water began to turn cold. She stood up and squeezed the water out of her hair, then she stepped out of the tub. She grabbed a towel from the rack and began to dry herself off.
When she was done she left the bathroom and went to the living room, "Goodnight!"
"Goodnight!" her parents replied.
Luna turned around and went to her room. She laid in bed under the covers thinking about the strange winter wind. She couldn't help feel that was no ordinary winter wind, she felt like it was after her.
Luna giggle to herself, "That sound ridiculous."
After awhile she closed her eyes and quickly feel into a deep sleep.