Chapter 91: Patches great news

Morning came and Luna was in bed sound asleep. The curtains were closed leaving the room dark. Rosebud walked in the room and opened the curtains, waking up Luna.
"Get up," Rosebud replied, "Spring is here."
Luna opened her eyes and heard the birds chirping. She sat up and looked out the window, to her surprise the sun was out.
"Hurry up. Breakfast is downstairs," Rosebud told her before she shut the door. Luna stood up from her bed and walked to her dresser, she took her brush and began brushing her long white smooth hair.
She put her brush down and hurried out of her room. She went downstairs, through the livingroom and into the dinning room. On the table sat a plate of pancakes and orange juice. She sat down and began eating while Charades walked in the kitchen for a drink of water. He took a glass from the cupboard and filled it with water. Then he walked to the dinning room and saw Luna eating.
"Well Good morning. I see you finally got up," Charades told her smiling.
Luna smiled at him with a mouth full of pancake.
"It's a warm day outside, the snow is melting fast. At this rate, it all should be gone by the end of this week.
Luna swallowed her pancake, "That's great. I'm going out when I'm done."
She took another bite and swallowed it.
"Well have fun," Charades turned and left the dinning room. He left the glass on the counter and went outside. When Luna was finished she took her plate and glass to the kitchen and left it on the counter, "Mom, I'm going out to play with my friends."
Rosebud turned from the counter and smiled, "Be careful."
Luna smiled greatly and ran out fo the kitchen changing into an earth pony. She hurried out the door and down the sidewalk. Patches of snow laid everywhere, some of the yards had no snow.

Luna hurried to the park and entered it when she saw a familiar pony.
"Blizzard!" Luna cried smiling.
Blizzard stopped and waited for her. He turned and watched as she approached him.
"It's been awhile since I last saw you," Luna remarked.
"I had a bad cold during the winter," Blizzard explained.
"Oh. So your feeling better?" Luna asked.
"So..umm what did you do during the winter?" Lunarstar hesitated to asked hoping she could get more out of him than just quiet and simple answers.
"Nothing, just laid in bed," Blizzard replied.
"Oh," Luna muttered, "So you want to go roller skating sometime?"
"No," Blizzard answered.
Luna looked at him, she knew something was wrong. He wasn't being open and talkative like he was in the winter time.
"Blizzard, are you ok?" Luna asked.
Blizzard stopped and looked at her calmly, "I'm fine. Why do you ask?"
"You seemed different than you did in the winter time. Your not asking a lot of questions and...your just quiet," Luna replied, "I liked it when you were starting to open up and talk more."
Blizzard sighed sadly.
"You sure your ok?" Luna asked again seeing the sad looked in his eyes.
He looked up at her purples eyes, "I'm fine. please don't worry." Then he continued through the park with Luna and went into the shop.
Blizzard sat at a table while Luna hurried towards her friends at the counter.
"Hi, Lunarstar!" Starlight acclaimed happily.
"Springs is here," Lunarstar exclaimed happily.
"I love snow but the cold is just to much," Melody commented.
Luna walked up to the counter and sat down on a stool next to Bright Eyes.
Just then Ace, Teddy, Blueberry and Lancer walked in.
"Hi, girls. What's up?" Ace asked.
"Nothing at the moment," Melody replied.
"We were talking about spring," Sweetheart replied.
"We will be able to play Soccer again soon," Blueberry exclaimed, "That's the one thing I don't like about winter, you can't play Soccer in the snow."
"Where's Patch?" Lancer asked.
"We don't know," Bright Eyes replied.
As they talked, Patch hurried into the shop.
"Hi, Patch," Luna exclaimed.
Patch hurried to the counter and sat on a stool next to Lunarstar, "I just got a letter from my uncle."
"Your uncle?" Luna asked.
"You all met him once. He works in the circus," Patch replied.
"Oh," Luna replied, remembering when she saved him and a baby pony from the wolf.
"You have an uncle in the circus?" Teddy asked surprisingly.
"Yes and he said in his letter that the circus is coming here to Ponyland and he want's to see us again. He's even got some tickets for us," Patch said.
"Tickets!" the boys exclaimed excitedly.
Luna noticed Blizzard watching out of the corner of his eye as he listened. She wondered if he was going too. She hoped he would.
"The circus is coming here?" Melody asked, "When?"
"In a few weeks," Patch replied.
"I can't wait to go," Bon Bon remarked with a mouth full of ice cream.
"And see all those animals," Sweetheart added.
"And all those clowns," Patch added, "I can't wait."
"I love the elephant tricks," Teddy exclaimed.
"I liked the high wire act," Blueberry remarked.
"I liked the games and meeting the circus ponies," Ace added.
"I wonder if my nephew would love the circus?" Clover wondered out loud.
"Nephew?" the girls asked.
"You remember Cuddles...don't you?" Clover asked.
"Who couldn't. He and Sparkles got switched," Melody replied.
Luna thought about when he had seen her as a winged unicorn. Since he's much older would he still remember her as a winged unicorn?
"Is he old enough to be talking?" Luna asked.
"He talks...a lot," Clover laughed, "I'll call meadowlark tonight and tell her about the circus."
As they sat and talked, Luna glanced at Blizzard and saw that he was obviously listening. She wondered if he had ever gone to the circus? She thought about the circus and what it was going to be like this year. She looked at the windows and couldn't wait to get home and tell everyone. She wondered if Buster and Charades have ever gone to a circus before.