Chapter 94: Blizzard and the circus

It was morning and the birds chirped loudly on Blizzard's shack. He woke up and yawned. Then he stood up and left the shack. He continued to yawn and stretch his legs. It was a another beautiful morning without Teriney. He thought about the nights he spent searching for Princess Luna and hadn't seen her, he wondered if she decided to roam around during the day. Since he had nothing else to do he decided to spend the day searching the forest.
He turned and went inside the shack. He took off the pouch from his charm and put on his dark blue cloak. Then he left the shack and began walking through the forest.

He roamed through the forest quietly with his hood over his head. He listened for sounds but all he heard were birds and animals running from him. He had walked far from the shack and came upon a familiar hill. On the ground were cobble stones trail leading up the hill. He remembered seeing the hill at night and flying over it but he had never walked to the Gate. He decided to follow the trail up the hill and through the thick forest till he came to a set of statues. He walked up to one of them and removed the vines that grew all over it. The large stone was a face of a dragon but since he had never seen or heard of a dragon he was curious as to what the creature was. He looked up and saw rows of statues all had fallen to the ground and broken into pieces. Who would do such a thing and why? Blizzard followed the trail to the Gate and stood looking around.
"So this trail leads to the Gate. How interesting," Blizzard thought. He turned from the Gate and walked through the forest away from the cobble stone trail. He could see Princess Luna was no where near the Gate, so where was she? He walked down hills, over streams and along a river till he heard a faint noise. It wasn't animals or anything that he recognized so he decided to follow the sound.

He walked till he came to the edge of the forest and stood staring at the ponies in the large clearing. He saw a group of ponies setting up the biggest yellow tent he ever seen. Other ponies were setting up smaller tents. He couldn't help but wonder who they were and what they were doing. He walked down the slight hill and stood between two wooden cages on wheels. He looked around at the busy ponies, walking around carrying stuff.
"Hello there," said a voice.
Blizzard jumped, he had not expect a pony to walk up behind him. Blizzard put his hood down and turned. Behind him stood a blue male pony with pink hair wearing a black top hat.
"What's this?" Blizzard asked curiously.
"This is the circus and we just got here this morning," the pony replied, "I am the Ringmaster but you can call me Matches. May I ask who you are?"
"I'm Blizzard," he paused and looked at the ponies working, "What are they doing?"
"They're setting up for a show in a week," Matches replied, "Would you like me to show you around?"
"Yes," Blizzard replied. He was very curious about the circus and what everyone was doing while forgetting Teriney's warnings about being curious.
Matches smiled and lead Blizzard around. Matches first took him to the cages since that's where they were standing. Blizzard looked at the animals, one was a lion which looked strange to him since he never seen one before. The other one was a tiger with black stripes. Blizzard was about to walk closer to it when Matches stopped him, "Don't get to close. The tiger is dangerous and can scratch your face off."
Blizzard backed away not wanting his face scratched. He walked to the elephants but not wanting to get to close to the tall animals, the other one was even taller with a long neck.
"What is that?" Blizzard asked.
Matches chuckled at Blizzard surprised and curious face, "That is a giraffe."
Matches took him from the animals to where a small group of ponies stood talking and laughing.
"These are the clowns," Matches told him.
"What are clowns?" Blizzard asked.
"You don't know?" one of the ponies asked.
"Clowns dress up in funny outfits wearing makeup. We try our best to make ponies laugh and have fun at the circus," a red pony replied.
"Oh," Blizzard replied, still not understanding what a clown is.
"Come, I'll show you the main tent, it's still being set up," Matches told him and led him to a large group of ponies pulling on a thick rope. A few other ropes had elephants attached to them.
Blizzard stood watching curiously as the ponies lifted the yellow tent. When the tent was finally up, Matches took him outside past the animals and clowns. Blizzard wondered where he was going.
Matches walked behind the trucks to a group of other ponies. Blizzard stood next to Matches and gasped at the three ponies high above him. One was standing on a platform attached to the poll, the other two walked across the rope. Attached to the three ponies were ropes, below them was a large net.
Blizzard was lost as to what was going on or why the ponies would cross the wire if they couldn't fly.
"This is where most of the act practice. Right now they're practicing their highwire act," Match explained.
"Why?" Blizzard asked, "Why bother going that high without wings?"
"You must have been reading to many fairy tales. There are no ponies with wings. They cross the rope to fascinating and entertains other ponies. Not many ponies can cross a rope and do tricks on it. The ropes around their waste will catch them if they fall and the net will keep them from hitting the ground," Matches replied.
"Ever tried it without a net?" Blizzard asked.
"Yes, sometime ago. It was one of our newest acts and the two ponies that was doing the act, fell and died. I banned the act from ever being used again. I had ever highwire act use a net since then," Matches replied looking a bit sad. He looked at Blizzard and smiled, "Are you coming to the circus when we open?"
"I might. It's all very interesting," Blizzard replied
Matches took his hat off and took out a ticket, handing it to Blizzard, "Take this. It's a free ticket to our show. I hope you'll come."
"Is everyone going to be there?" Blizzard asked hoping Princess Luna was going to go.
"I hope so. Every time we come here, it get's packed with ponies," Matches replied.
"Good, then I'll be there," Blizzard replied, he turned and left as matches said goodbye.
He walked into the forest thinking about the circus.
"She will have to be there. The Circus sounds like something she'll want to see," Blizzard thought.