Chapter 22: The Ball

It was in the afternoon and Luna had felt better over night and the hot bath had helped her sore shoulder and sides. All she had was bruises on her sides from her wings. She was able to stand and walk around as long as no one touched her sides. Luna stood at a white dresser and was putting her hair up. Her crown sat on the dresser in front of her along with her collar. When she was done she placed her silver collar around her neck and placed her crown on her head. She stood back and looked at herself in the mirror, wavy long white strands of mane hung over her wings and shoulder. Her diamond covered crown sparked in the sunlight shining in the room from the balcony. Her tail had strands of curls and the rest was just as wavy as her mane. As she admired herself in the mirror she heard a knock at the door. Luna opened the door and saw Blizzard standing there with a clean coat and shinny hair wearing a golden color around his neck.
He just smiled at her. Luna smiled back and closed the door behind her following him down the hall.
"Feeling well enough for the ball?" Blizzard asked her.
Luna smiled and giggled, "I'm fine. Trust me, I'm perfectly able to go to the ball."
"Ok but I'll be with you if you want to return to your room," Blizzard replied.
Luna leaned towards him and kissed him.

They walked down the stairs and down another hallway to tall white doors. There was another set of doors just like it down the same hall.
"The room must be big," Luna commented.
"Yes, it sure is," Blizzard replied, "Ready?"
Luna smiled, "Lets go."
Blizzard led her into the room and turned left down a set of stairs and then right where a soldier in shinny spotless armor stood with a pink pony.
Blizzard nodded at the pink male pony.

The pony cleared his throat, "Announcing Princess Luna and her fiancee, Blizzard."
Stardust, Skyview, Starfire and Royal Heart turned and smiled as they watch Luna and Blizzard approach them. Royal Heart was with Stardust and his brothers talking to a group of royalties Each was wearing a crown.
"She is so pretty, Stardust," King Fiddler commented.
Stardust smiled, "Yes she sure is."
Luna approached them and stood next to her mother.
"I see your walking around better," Stardust commented.
"Yes I am. I'm fine just bruised," Luna replied.
"Do you think you can walk home?" Royal Heart asked.
"Yes, I think I can," Luna answered.
"Luna, You met the kings well, meet their wives," Stardust pointed to each Queen as he introduced them to her, "this is Queen Songbird, Queen Windsor, Queen Pixi Wings and you know Queen Starling."
They nodded their heads at Luna and Blizzard.
"Your two make a lovely couple," Queen Songbird commented, she was a dark blue pegasus.
"It's an honor to meet you," Queen Pixi Wings replied, she was a dark green pegasus.
"Yes it's an honor to meet you and I'm sorry to hear the...trouble you had getting here," Queen Windsor replied, she was a dark pink earth pony.
"Thank you. I'm feeling fine now," Luna lean towards Blizzard, "Thanks to Blizzard."
Blizzard smiled but didn't say anything, he didn't know what to say.
"Blizzard, we heard a lot about you. You're a very lucky boy to be engaged to Princess Luna," Queen Pixi Wings commented.
"Thank you," Blizzard replied not smiling at them.
"Blizzard, why don't you talk to the Princes over there." Royal Heart pointed, "I think it'll be good for you to get to know them and make some friends."
"Ok," Blizzard replied and left leaving Luna behind. He would rather stay with Luna but Royal Heart did insisted he joined the boys by the drink table.
"Luna, the Princesses are at the table waiting for you," Royal Heart told her and pointed behind her.
Luna looked at saw many princesses with different hair styals, some even wore a crown.
"Go on Luna, go talk to them. Make some friends," Royal Heart urged her.
"Ok," Luna smiled and left.

"Does she have any friends?" King Wispy asked.
"Many friends, they just don't live close by so she rarly sees them," Stardust explained.
"Stardust, how is the school doing?" King Fiddler asked curiosuly.
"It should be built and Amaryllis should be teaching by now. I won't know how things are going till I return home. Don't worry I'll send you all letters the minute I find out about the school," Stardust replied.
Queen Windsor giggled, "Wispy is just dying to start a school. It's all he talked about since he got back from Ponyland."
The group laughed.
"I can't help it, the school is a great idea and I'm dying to try it in my kingdom," King Wispy replied.
"I think it'll work wonderfully for all our kingdoms," King Birming commented.
"Stardust, if you don't mind me asking," King Sunrise began to say, "Who is running Dream Castle while your here?"
"Well, it's not Star Cluster, he refuses to rule a kingdom now or ever, so I had mom and dad watch the kingdom for me," Stardust explained.
"I can't beleive what my husband told me about Star Cluster," Queen Songbird remarked, "Has he really changed?"
"Yes he most curtainly has," Stardust replied.
"I was angry with him and even I didn't beleive he changed but now...I see he has and he's very sorry for what he's done. In fact he wouldn't even come with us to the ball knowing how everyone felt about him," Royal Heart added.
"I'm sorry but It was probably wise if he didn't but of course he is welcome to come since he is part of your family," Queen Starling replied.
"Maybe one of these days I'll drag him to one," Stardust replied.

As they talked King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall arrived. They were quickly annouced to everyone as they walked down the steps. King Sea Mist immeaditly noticed Stardust and Royal Heart with a group of Royal ponies. As they approched them, the kings nodded.
"It's good of you to come," King Birming said.
"I'm glad we could come," King Sea Mist replied.
"Snowfall, where's Snowmist?" Royal Heart asked noticing her baby boy wasn't with her.
"He's at home being well taken care of. He's far to young to be traveling and I wanted to be here so badly," Snowfall answered.
"So did Royal Heart. In her condiction, I didn't want her to come but she was very presistant," Stardust told her.
"I'm fine and perfectly able to walk," Royal Heart told him.
"Royal Heart, how is your baby doing?" Snowfall asked curiously.
Royol Heart lifted her wings from her sides, "the baby is growing just fine."
The group looked at her and smiled.
"You can see it," King Sunrise muttered.
"Stardust, your must be very proud," King Wispy commented.
"Yes I am," Stardust replied smiling looking at Royal Heat as she laid her wings back down on her sides.
Royal Heart glared at him, "He's just been a bit to protective."
The group laughed.
"Royal Heart, every father is like that," King Fiddler told her.
"I know," Royal Heart replied nuzzling Stardust's neck.
Stardust smiled happily at her.
"Well, we have a surprise," King Sea Mist suddenly said.
"A surprise?" another queen asked.
"I'm Pregnant," Snowfall announced.
"Another one?" King fiddler asked.
"Yes, Princess Luna thought awhile back that Snowmist may want another playmate and I just couldn't stop with just one," Snowfall explained smiling.
"Well, congratulations," Royal Heart exclaimed.
"Yes, congratulations," King Sunrise agreed and soon everyone joined in and congratulated her.
"You know, Royal Heart's baby could marry Snowfall's baby or Royal Heart's Baby could marry Snowmist or..." Starfire paused as he noticed the group staring surprisingly at him, "Well, it was a thought I just had.
"Starfire, that's a wonderful idea," Snowfall exclaimed.
Skyview glared at him, "Yes, another wonderful idea."
Starfire just stood and smiled at him which didn't make Skyview any happier.
"Lets just wait till they're born first," Stardust quickly said before everyone started making plans.
"Oh, that reminds me. King Fiddler, I recall a soldier in your army that was a twinkle eyed pony," Queen Starling suddenly said.
"Yes, that's right," King Fiddler replied.
"You didn't happen to bring him with you did you?" Queen Starling asked.
"Yes, I did. Why do you ask?" King fiddler asked.
"Princess Luna has never seen a twinkle eyed pony till yesterday and she wanted to see a male twinkle eye pony," Queen Starling answered.
King Fiddler smiled, "Just ask one of my soldiers, I'm sure they can find him for you."
"Thank you," Queen Starling replied and left the group. She walked to the table Luna was sitting at and told her about the soldier then she took Luna out of the room.

Blizzard stood on the other side of the room watching and wondering where Luna was going.
"Blizzard," Prince Skybloom, "You haven't even listened."
Blizzard looked at him, "Sorry."
"Just how is it that you were able to be engaged with Princess Luna?" another prince asked.
"Your not even a Prince," A white pony Prince asked.
"You'll have to ask Stardust," Blizzard answered
"I hope you don't mind me asking but I heard you have some sort of ability like the Royal family has. Is that true?" a yellow pony Prince asked.
"Yes," Blizzard flatly answered.
"What can you do?" Prince skybloom asked, "Run fast or disappear or something?"
"I can freeze you. Turn you to a solid block of Ice or cause a snow storm," Blizzard answered.
"Really?" they asked him curiously.
"Turn this glass to ice," another prince said handing him a glass of water.
"I'd have to blow on it," Blizzard replied taking the glass.
"Can't you simply touch it and turn it to ice?" another Prince asked.
"No...well, I can sort of. I just don't know how," Blizzard answered.
"Your kidding," Prince Skybloom exclaimed.
Blizzard glared at him, "I don't kid about anything."
"Sorry," Prince Skybloom replied, he looked at the other Princes around him, "Well, I heard my parents had already picked a fiancee for me. I just wished I knew who it was."
"Mine is the purple unicorn," another prince commented pointed to the table Luna sat at.

As they talked, Blizzard thought about his icy ability as he stared at the glass he held in his hooves. No mater how hard he concentrated it wouldn't turn to ice. He remembered the times he was mad or was a sleep and turned things to ice. How did he do it? Was he concentrating then? Blizzard shook his head, that couldn't have been it. He remembered what Amaryllis had once told him, 'You done it and you can do it again.' Was she right? It was then that he remembered what Skyview had told him, something he didn't understand till now, 'I'm sure you can do it if you really wanted to.'
Was it really that simple? He thought about how he turned to snow or blew cold air. He had simply did it. It was like walking, he didn't think about it, he just did it.
Blizzard looked at the glass and suddenly ice began to form on the glass. The Princes immediately became quiet and watched with fascination.

Skyview and a few of the Kings noticed. Stardust turned to see what was so fascinating and saw the glass had turned to ice. Stardust was worried wondering if Blizzard lost control of his ability. He turned and approached Blizzard, "You turned that glass to ice on purpose?"
Blizzard looked up at him, "Yes and I think I find know how to do it too. It was simple, all I had to do is do it."
Stardust smiled, he was relieved that Blizzard had learned how to turn something to ice by touching it.
"Where's Luna?" Blizzard asked.
"Outside with Queen Starling," Stardust answered.
"Thanks," Blizzard replied, he handed his glass to one of the Princes, then he turned and left.
"Umm, King Stardust. If you don't mind me asking, if he's not a Prince then how can he marry a Princess?" Prince Skybloom asked.
"The law is made by the King and the King can change them. My daughter loves him and she's very happy with him. That's all that maters to me. That's all I really want for be happy. Now if you excuse me," Stardust turned and left the Princes to think about what Stardust had said.

Blizzard left the room, he couldn't stand another minute with a group of ponies that was only going to ask him a bunch of questions. He walked down the hall and out the door. At the bottom of the steps was Luna, Queen Sterling and a white pony soldier with yellow twinkled eyes.
Luna turned and smiled when she saw Blizzard. When ever Blizzard saw her smiled he couldn't help but smile back and forget his troubles.
"I want you to meet someone," Luna told him.
Blizzard approached them and the three of them spent the evening talking together. Blizzard was glad to be with Luna and outside as the sun began to set.