Chapter 25: First snow of winter

It was morning and the sun hadn't rose from the mountains. There were no birds chirping, not a single sound could be heard outside, only the soft whistling in the wind rattled the windows. Luna was soon woken up by Stardust which seemed a bit to early.
"Get up," Stardust whispered.
Luna turned over ignoring his constant calls.
"Look outside," Stardust told her.
Luna yawned, she was much to tired to climb out of bed.
Stardust took her warm covers off her bed sending a cold chilled through her white coat.
"Dad," Luna muttered looking up at him. To her surprise he didn't even have his crown on.
"I thought you'd like to see it snowing," Stardust replied.
Luna sat up in bed, "Snow?"
Stardust smiled and watched as Luna jumped out of bed and hurried to the doors on her balcony. She moved the curtains to the side and gasped. Her balcony was covered in snow and it was still snowing. There was so much snow falling that she could barley see the town in the distance.
During the month they had arrived home, it started to get colder and not just at night, even the wind was icy cold. Her father had expected it to snow any day.
"Well?" Stardust asked.
Luna turned and looked at him smiling, "It's snowing."
Stardust chuckled, "It snowed over night. I just thought you want to get up early and see it. Oh, don't open the doors, it's quite windy from this high up in the castle. Now to wake the others up and then get Royal Heart up." Stardust left the room leaving Luna alone to stare at the falling snow.

After watching the snow for several minutes, she hurried to her dresser and brushed her long white hair. Then she put her mane up and her crown on her head. Then she put her silver color around her neck and left the room. She was quickly joined by Blizzard.
"Did you see what's outside?" Luna asked him excitedly.
"Yes I did," Blizzard answered.
"I'd love to go out and play in the snow," Luna commented.

They walked down the stairs to the first floor and down another hallway where two soldiers stood by a set of double doors. Luna and Blizzard walked past the soldiers and into the dinning room. Stardust and Royal Heart had just walked in and was getting ready to sit down. Starfire, Skyview, Star Cluster and Amaryllis was already seated and waiting.
"Morning Luna," Royal Heart said to her.
"Morning," Luna replied as she sat in her chair.
The servants walked in and set trays on the table, then they left the room. The royal family began eating, Luna continued to think about the snow.
"Since it's snowing outside, we should go out and play," Starfire suggested.
"You always want to play," Skyview commented.
"Don't tell me you don't like playing in the snow. I know you do," Starfire replied.
"Sounds like fun," Luna remarked.
"I'll just watch," Royal Heart muttered.
Stardust smiled, "All of you want to spend the day playing in the snow?"
"Sure, Stardust," Star Cluster answered, "We could use a brake."
Luna smiled greatly, she was excited about playing. It had been awhile since she played.

After breakfast they went outside and stood at the top of the steps watching the snow fall. The ground was covered in snow, even the bare branches of the tree. Not a single steam of grass could be seen. The castle walls was hazy in the thickness of the falling snow. It was quiet, not a sound could be heard, not even the wind. Luna noticed the wind blew slightly and not as hard as it was outside her room. Starfire smiled at Skyview who was busy looking at the snow falling. Starfire scooped up a large hoof full of snow and threw it at Skyview's face then he ran down the steps. Royal Heart, Stardust, Star Cluster, Amaryllis and Luna laughed as Skyview wiped the snow from his face. He stood and glared at him.
"Are you going to stand there and frown at me all day?" Starfire asked smiling.
Skyview ran town the steps and chased Starfire.
"Snowball fight," Amaryllis muttered, "looks like fun." then she picked up some snow and threw it in Star Cluster's face and then she ran down the steps.
Star Cluster shook his head from the snow and ran after her.
Stardust stood and laughed watching Skyview trying to hit Starfire. Skyview was getting frustrated in missing him. He picked up a hoof full of snow and winked next to Starfire hitting him straight in the face with the snowball.
Starfire gasped, "That's not fair."
Skyview laughed, "You never said anything about it being fair." Then he turned and ran with Starfire chasing him. Skyview winked from place to place as Starfire continue to miss him with snowballs.

Luna looked at Stardust, "dad what do I do with my crown? I can't play with it on."
"Have one of those soldiers hold it for you," Stardust suggested.
Luna walked up to a tan soldier by the door and took off her crown, "Hold this for me."
"Yes, Princess Luna," The soldier replied and stood up on his hind legs to hold the crown with both of his front hooves.
Luna walked approached Blizzard and smiled, "Lets play."
"Play what?" Blizzard asked.
"Snowballs of course," Luna answered.
"Snowballs?" Blizzard asked.
"Blizzard," Royal Heart called to him, "Haven't you ever played snowball fight?"
"No," Blizzard answered, "I've ice-skated though."
"Snowball fights are fun, you just hit each other with snowballs," Luna explained.
"And you think that's fun?" Blizzard asked curiously.
Luna giggled, "Yes." Then she picked up a snowball and hit him in the face. She raced down the steps and turned only to find Blizzard wiping the snow off his face and looking at her with a blank look. Luna picked up another snowball and threw it at him but Blizzard moved and the snowball hit the door behind him. Luna picked up another snowball and threw it at him but missed again. She threw several snowballs but never got close to hitting him.
Luna got annoyed, "Ok, try and duck this one!" her horn glowed and ten snowballs formed from the steps and flew right at Blizzard's face.
Royal Heart and Stardust laughed.
Blizzard shook the snow off his face, then he picked up a snowball and threw it at her but she just winked out.
Stardust laughed, "You'll have to try harder if you want to get her."
Blizzard ran down the steps and chased Luna as he tried his best to hit her with a snowball.
Royal Heart laughed, "I think he found out how much fun it is."
Stardust laughed, "Well, I'm sure he'll hit her eventually but at the moment Starfire doesn't seem to have any luck hitting Skyview."
Just then Skyview winged to the stairs and waited, Starfire quickly threw the snowball but Skyview winked out instead. The snowball missed and hit Stardust in the face.
Skyview stood by the tree and laughed.
"I'm sorry, Stardust," Starfire quickly said and then he ran after Skyview. Royal Heart stood laughing and couldn't stop, "He didn't miss you though."
"That is obvious," Stardust replied and began wiping the snow from his face and crown, "I think it's time I help him." Stardust turned and walked to the other soldiers, "Hold this and be careful with it," Stardust handed him his crown.
The soldier nodded, "Yes your majesty."
Stardust turned and hurried down the steps, then ran after Skyview.

Royal Heart stood on the steps watching and laughing. She found it more enjoyable watching than playing but a small part of her wished that she could play.