Chapter 26: Thoughts and planning

It had been a few months since it first snowed. The sun was hardly seen through the thick clouds. The nights got very cold and the ground was covered in layers of snow. Soldiers on the wall stood with bonfire next to them for warmth with blankets on their backs. Royal Heart's stomach had grown in size to a large basketball. She laid in bed under her warm covers huddling up next to Stardust. She was awake and seemed to be concentrating on something. Stardust opened his eyes and yawned but Royal Heart didn't budge or look up at him. She stared down at the blanket with a smile on her face.
"Well, You're certainly happy," Stardust muttered.
"Of course," Royal Heart replied. She looked up at him still smiling, "Stardust, I can feel the baby move."
Stardust smiled, "Really?"
"Yes. I knew it would be soon. You could say the baby woke me up," Royal Heart replied.
Stardust wrapped his front hooves around Royal Heart hugging her. They laid in bed for several minutes till they decided to get out of bed.

Blizzard was in his room brushing his hair and watching the snow fall. When he was done, he sat the brush down, placed his golden collar around his neck and left his room. He walked down the long hallway and stood by Luna's door.
"Luna," Blizzard called to her.
"I'm coming," Luna replied. She put on her crown and opened the door smiling.
"Ready?" Blizzard asked her.
"Yes," Luna replied and followed him to the stairs.
Skyview and Starfire were at the stairs following Stardust and Royal Heart. Star Cluster, Amaryllis and Peaches followed them down the steps.

Once they had all reached the dinning room, they sat down and the servants quickly served their breakfast. As they talked about today's orders and what must be done Blizzard thought about his necklace. He missed waking up and not having his necklace, he was worried as to why Teriney wanted it. It was just a golden necklace that traveled through the gate. Teriney certainly couldn't have any interests in the gates. He thought about the times he lived with Teriney and always heard that he had some kind of great plan but Blizzard never knew was it was. Why would he spend centuries looking for a golden necklace? the more Blizzard asked himself questions, the more worried he got. Was there something more to the necklace than walking through the gates?
"So what did the other kingdoms thought of the reports on the school?" Amaryllis asked curiously.
"They loved it just as I thought they would. They're going to build schools for every kingdom when spring comes," Stardust replied.
"I can already see the improvements in the little ponies when I walk through town," Skyview commented.
"Now that the school is successfully running, I'm hoping to encourage big businesses to come to Ponyland and have roads made," Stardust added.
"Dad, you keep this up and the town will be more like a city," Luna told him.
"That's what I'm hoping it'll be someday. A large city with Dream Castle at the head of it all. Well it's my dream anyways," Stardust replied smiling at her.
Royal Heart giggled, "He's planning big for the future."
The other laughed except for Blizzard who had Teriney on his mind. They continued to talk till only Stardust and Blizzard was left in the room.
"Blizzard," Stardust called to him, "Are you done yet?"
Blizzard looked around and saw that everyone had left. He was so busy thinking that he didn't realize how fast time flew by.
"Almost," Blizzard replied. He quickly took a few big bites and drank his orange juice, "Ok, I'm ready."
Stardust smiled, "lets go then."

Stardust stood up and left the room with Blizzard behind him. They walked through the halls listening to the windy wing ponies fly around the ceiling since the summer wing ponies were hibernating. The maids walked around dusting vases and tables. Blizzard could hear their hoof steps echoing through the halls.
Blizzard followed Stardust to the throne room where Blizzard sat on the Queen's throne and listened to Stardust teachings.
After a while Blizzard's mind would wonder off to Teriney. He remembered what Teriney had said and remember him flying north. What was in the north? What did he mean by 'now for the others'
"Blizzard!" Stardust exclaimed, "You're not listening to me."
"I'm sorry Stardust. I was just...thinking," Blizzard replied.
"That is obvious. What is on your mind?" Stardust asked.
"Well...have you heard anything about my necklace?" Blizzard asked.
"No, none of the kingdoms has heard anything. No one has seen Teriney or a dragon or your necklace. I'm sorry Blizzard but they're doing the best they can in their search for your necklace," Stardust replied.
Blizzard sighed sadly, he knew no one would find Teriney but he had hoped someone would have seen something.
"Blizzard lets get back to your lessons," Stardust remarked and began telling him about making decisions and how a King rules his kingdom.
Blizzard sat and listened but the thought of his necklace never left his mind.

When it was time for dinner Blizzard sat and ate while Stardust and the others talked. Blizzard knew Stardust would never find Teriney. Someone would have to go out and find Teriney.
"I must go," Blizzard thought, he looked up at Luna and saw her smiling. He would have to tell her just as soon as he made a plan. He knew Stardust would never allow him to just leave and travel alone. No one else seemed to realize how important his necklace was to him. He could never be happy if he didn't go after his necklace.