Chapter 28: No Stairs for you

It was morning and the sun began to shine over the distant mountains. The snow was melting, most of it had melted from the balcony. Patches of grass could be seen throughout the land. Birds were returning to the land now that winter was over. The curtains remained closed over the glass doors of the balcony, letting very little light into the room. Royal Heart was sound a sleep in bed under the warm covers. A month had gone by and Royal Heart's stomach had grown.
Stardust was out of bed and had just put on his crown when he heard Royal Heart stirring in bed. He turned and smiled at her, "Why don't you just sleep in today?"
Royal Heart threw the covers off and climbed out of bed, "I can't do that, Stardust. As Queen I have duties to do."
Stardust walked over to the bed and approached her, "I want you to stay on this floor. I don't want you to be climbing stairs."
"What?" Royal Heart exclaimed, "I am perfectly able to climb stairs."
"And you wear yourself out doing it to. I've watched you for the past week. Just look at yourself, the baby will be born soon, I want you well rested this time," Stardust replied.
"I'm just fine and well rested," Royal Heart replied.
"Remember the night Luna was born?" Stardust asked, "You were so tired before you gave birth to her and you were exhausted afterwards. Royal Heart, I'm not going to let that happen this time. You are going to rest and save your energy for when you give birth to that baby."
"Royal Heart. Please, I will keep soldiers on the stairs if I have to," Stardust told her, "I can send Luna up her to keep you company all day if you like."
Royal Heart sighed, "Alright I'll stay here if it'll make you happy."
Stardust smiled and nuzzled her, "It'll make me very happy." he stood back, "I just worry about you, Royal Heart."
Royal Heart smiled and kissed him.
"You better hurry or you'll miss Luna at the stairs," Royal Heart told him.
"I'll see you at dinner time then," Stardust replied, he turned and left the room.

Royal Heart walked to the doors at her balcony and tugged on the curtains, pulling them to the sides and letting light into her room. She opened the doors and walked onto her balcony. The wind was cool but not wintery cold. The sun shined brightly on her face. The soldiers walked around the walls talking and looking around.

"Mom," Luna called as she walked in the room.
Royal Heart turned and smiled, "Luna, isn't it a wonderful morning?"
"I guess so but I thought you liked winter?" Luna asked.
"I do but I like spring, summer and fall too," Royal Heart replied. She turned and walked to her bedside where Luna stood, "I'm just excited about spring, it's here and the baby will be born soon. Aren't you excited?"
"Yes," Luna replied smiling but somehow she knew she couldn't be as excited as her mother was.
"Luna, you could have a sister or brother. Won't that be exciting?" Royal Heart asked.
"Yes but where will the baby sleep?" Luna asked, "I haven't even seen it's bed yet."
"Oh my, I need to start preparing for the baby's stuff. Luna, maybe you could help me," Royal Heart replied, "I need your old bassinet in here."
"My what?" Luna asked, it was the first time she heard the word.
"It's a baby's bed. I'll need all your baby stuff, blankets and..." Royal Heart began to explain as she head a sudden knock, "Luna would you get that?"

Luna walked to the door and opened it, letting two maids into the room. They sat the trays on the table by the wall and was about the leave when Royal Heart stopped them, "One minute please. Could you bring all of Luna's baby stuff in here?"
The servants bowed and left.
"Now we got to make room for the bed," Royal Heart told her.
"Make room?" Luna asked looking around the large room, "You have plenty of room."
Royal Heart smiled, "Well, I want the bed in a certain spot," She looked around and saw the chest at the corner of her room on her side of the bed, "There. That'll be a perfect spot. The sunlight won't wake the baby and I can have a chair and..."
"Mom, the food is getting cold," Luna told her feeling her stomach turning in knots at the sight of food.
Royal Heart smiled, "I'm sorry, I'm just excited. Lets eat and then we can start decorating the room."

Luna and her mother sat down in the chairs at the table and began eating as they talked about where to put the baby's stuff in the room.
Luna was happy her mother wasn't going to be teaching her today. She enjoyed helping her mother and was excited to see all her old baby stuff.

Luna spent the rest of the day preparing the room for the new baby, then she laid on the bed to rest with her mother only she ended up falling a sleep instead. Royal Heart smiled and stroked her white mane as she slept.