Chapter 29: Flying wiht Blizzard

The sky was dark and the moon was half full, the stars twinkled brightly through the drifting clouds. Luna laid awake staring out her door from her bed. She couldn't sleep, she was to excited about the baby. She wondered what it would be like to have a baby living with her. Would her parents spend less time with her? Would she get a chance to spend time with the baby? Questions raced through her mind that she had almost forgotten about Blizzard. Once the baby was born, he would leave Dream Castle. She wondered how her father was going to take it when he found out? She didn't like to see him so troubled and yet she didn't want him to leave either but she want to help him even if it meant letting him go.

Luna sat up and climbed off the bed. She walked to her balcony and looked out the doors. She remembered when she flew with her mother through the dark sky. She missed using her wings. It had been so long since she flew. She wondered if she could sneak out and fly around. Luna stood and pondered on it, then she changed her mind. She remembered the times she got in trouble for sneaking out of the castle. She would have to ask her father, she only hopped he was awake.

Luna winked out and appeared beside Stardust's bed only to find her mother cuddling up next to him.
"Luna," Stardust called to her, "can't you use the door next time?"
"Sorry dad. I came to ask you something," Luna replied.
Stardust looked behind him and saw how wide awake she was, "What is it?"
"Can I go out flying?" Luna asked.
"Now?" Stardust asked.
"I'm not tired and I can't sleep. I haven't flown in so long...please dad," Luna begged.
Stardust looked at Royal Heart wondering if it would be ok to let her go flying.
Royal Heart smiled, "Don't look at me. I can't go."
"That is obvious," Stardust answered, he looked at Luna tiredly, "Alright but stay close to the castle. Do not go any farther than the town."
Luna smiled and winked out.
Stardust yawned and rubbed his eyes, he was tired and was ready to fall asleep before Luna appeared. He turned over and climbed out of bed.
"Where are you going?" Royal Heart asked.
"To stretch my legs. I'll be back soon," Stardust answered. He stood up and left the room while Royal Heart wondered what he meant by stretching his legs. he was obviously to tired to take a walk or run through the halls.

Blizzard was laying in bed going over his plans again when he heard hoofs echoing in the hall. He climbed out of bed and cracked the door open just in time to see Stardust walk into Starfire's room. He was curious as to what was going on so he sneaked out into the hall and quietly walked to Starfire's door to listen.
Stardust shook Starfire, "Get up."
"Mmmmmm," Starfire muttered covering his head with his covers.
Stardust glared at him, he used his front hooves and pushed Starfire off the bed. Starfire rolled off the bed and hit the floor with a thud. He quickly stood up glaring angrily at Stardust, "What!"
"Shhh!" Stardust quickly said.
"What?" Starfire whispered, "Skyview can't hear me with his ear plugs in."
"It's not Skyview I'm worried about. Luna went out flying. I want you to follow her," Stardust told him.
"What?....have someone else do it," Starfire told him.
"Find me a black pegasus who can blend in with the night and I'll let you sleep," Stardust told him, "Now I want you to follow her. I don't want anything to happed to her while she's out and make sure she doesn't see you."
Starfire stood up sighing tiredly, "fine."
Stardust smiled, "Let me know in the morning how it went."
Starfire yawned and nodded. Then he walked to the balcony, opened the doors and flew out of his room.
Blizzard gasped when he heard the door knob turning. He turned himself into a cluster of snowflakes and hovered on the ceiling. He waited as Stardust walked out of the room and left the hall. Blizzard flew under his door and returned to his pony form.
"Flying sounds like a good idea," Blizzard thought, "I'll have to be careful not to reveal that Starfire is there. I hope Stardust doesn't mind if I join her too." He walked to his balcony, opened the doors and turned into a cluster of snowflakes. He flew out of his room and into the darkness.

Luna flew around the castle enjoying the wind against her face. She flew high above the castle letting her wings stretched out. She glided through the air, enjoying her midnight flight although she missed flying with someone. She flew from the castle as the trees below her slowly went past her. She looked as if she was hardly moving from so high up.
Suddenly something very cold flew past her, the wind almost knocked her out of the sky. Luna flapped her wings and quickly caught herself. She could feel her heart beating and her breathing was fast trying to catch her breath. She hovered in the air as she looked around for what ever it was that flew by. Then she saw it, it was snowflakes. At first she thought it was snowing again but she noticed it was forming into something. Luna smiled greatly when she saw the figure the snow made.
"Blizzard!" Luna cried, "You scared me half to death."
Blizzard wasn't in solid form so he couldn't talk, he could only move the snowflakes according to his will. He smiled and leaned towards her touching is snowflake like lips on her cheeks. Luna giggled and rubbed her cheek, "That's cold."
Blizzard smiled and flew past her, then he turned around and motioned her to follow him. Luna smiled and flew after him.

Starfire was just above the tree tops when he noticed the snow formed like a pony in mid air. He knew it could only be Blizzard.
"He must have over heard us," Starfire thought, "I'll have to let Stardust know." He flapped his wings and followed Luna as he watched her playing with Blizzard. They flew through the air, chasing each other and laughing.
Starfire was relieved when they decided to return to the castle, he was so tired and ready to fall asleep but he had to talk to Blizzard first.

When Starfire reached his room and closed the doors on his balcony and left his room. He walked to several doors down the hall and opened it only to find Blizzard returning to his pony form.
"I suppose you heard Stardust?" Starfire asked.
"Yes," Blizzard answered and walked to his bed, "I won't tell Luna."
"Make sure you don't. No one is to know about me. When Royal Heart or Luna goes out flying I have to follow them and watch them in case they get into trouble. No one is to ever know about it," Starfire explained.
"I kind of figured that. You have my word, she or her mother will ever know about it. I just wanted to get out with Luna," Blizzard sat on his bed, "And I must admit, it felt pretty good."
Starfire yawned, "not me. I'm dead tired. Goodnight." He turned and left the room, returning to his own room.
Blizzard laid on the bed and rested his head on the pillow, he quickly fell asleep as he dreamt about flying with Luna.