Chapter 2: Plan for trust

It was morning and Star Cluster was taking Amaryllis and Peaches downstairs to the dinning room. Amaryllis hadn't stopped staring at Star Cluster's golden collar since he knocked on her door.
"Is that real gold?" Amaryllis asked.
"Yes, we all have one. The girls wears silver, boys wears gold," Star Cluster explained. Maids hurried through the hall and into several room to clean. one pony was dusting the paintings.
When they reached the first floor Amaryllis immediately noticed a group of tinny ponies that looked more like butterflies, even Peaches noticed them. Peaches smiled and pointed, "Butterflies!"
Star Cluster looked up and smiled.
"Those are strange looking butterflies," Amaryllis told him.
"Those I think are Summer wing ponies," Star Cluster told her, "Looks like Stardust gave them the job of cleaning the chandeliers. Come, the others are waiting on us."

They turned down a hallway and continued walking till they saw two soldiers standing in the hall at a tall white double doors. Amaryllis looked at them as she followed Star Cluster through the doors. They wore armor and carried a sword at their side. int their hooves were spears. Amaryllis walked into the room and was amazed at how pretty everything looked. The room was while with like green and white marble floor with two pillars. Under the long table was a like green rug with golden designs on it. At the head of the table sat Stardust wearing his crown. Royal Heart next to him wearing her crown and collar. Luna was sitting next to her mother wearing her crown and collar. Everyone at the table had a collar except for Amaryllis.
"Sit next to Luna," Star Cluster told her. As she walked on the other side of the table, he approached Starfire and sat down next to him.
"This is strange having you at the table after all these years," Starfire commented.
Skyview was still yawning after last night. Luna was excited to have all her uncles at the table. Blizzard just watched with a blank look, making it hard to tell what he was thinking.

Just as they sat down, eight servants walked into the room with trays and laid them on the table in front of the royal family. Then they left while another group of servants walked in with drinks and sat them on the table, then they too left the room. The soldiers shut the door making sure the royal family wasn't disturbed.
Stardust began eating and took a couple of bites, "Star Cluster was there something you wanted to talk to me about last night?"
Star Cluster took a few bites out of his breakfast and looked up at Stardust, "Me and Amaryllis plan to get married but since everyone hasn't forgotten about me, they're most likely still mad at me. I want to gain their trust, show them I'm not the one they once knew. Me and Amaryllis can't have a future with the way everyone feels about me and Peaches won't make many friends because of me."
"I see now. Well that is a problem. If you want to show them you've changed, you have to be outside with them. Talk to them, let them get to know you. So if you really want to do that then go with Skyview today. He's got a few things to do outside the walls. Then tomorrow you can go with Starfire to see the farmers," Stardust replied.
"Stardust, I fly there," Starfire told him.
"Well it won't hurt to walk for a change," Stardust replied.
Skyview chuckled, "It's time you start using those legs of yours instead of your wings."
Starfire glared at him, "You should talk. Your always winking here and there. Just the other day, I heard you scared a maid, making her scream. And then there's the Kitchen, the cooks almost dropped the pots. The Summer wing ponies were even scared a few times when you popped out of no where."
"I'm a unicorn, that's what Unicorns do," Skyview replied.
"I'm a Pegasus with a set of wings," Starfire pointed out.
"If you ask me I think both of you could use the walk," Star Cluster suddenly said, "you two are getting lazy."
"Lazy!" Starfire and Skyview exclaimed glaring at him.
"Not now you three. Argue later. We have a busy day today," Stardust quickly said.
"Umm...I noticed that there is no school," Amaryllis interrupted, "Star Cluster told me this world has no schools."
"That is correct. The little ponies are taught by their parents," Stardust explained, "I have been seriously thinking of building the first school but there is one big problem...I don't have a teacher to teach the little ponies and I don't know nothing about teachers."
Amaryllis smiled, "I do. I used to be a school teacher. That was before Peaches was born."
Stardust smiled, "Perfect. Then would you be willing to be the first school teacher?"
"Yes, I'd love to," Amaryllis replied.
"Well, now that is solved I can start thinking about building plans," Stardust replied.

After breakfast, Luna went with her mother and Blizzard went with Stardust to the throne room. Charades was in charge of showing Amaryllis and Peaches around the castle. Starfire left and flew to Paradise Estate while Skyview and Star Cluster left the castle. The sun was rising but still wasn't high enough to reach over the wall. Skyview and Star Cluster walked down the steps and across the yard to the gates. Banner approached Skyview and nodded.
"Gather four soldiers for us," Skyview told him.
Banner turned and went up the steps on the wall and sent four soldiers down the steps. Then the gates opened, Skyview, Star Cluster and the four soldiers walked through it leaving Dram Castle.

As they approached the town, the ponies hurried out of the way. When Skyview, Star Cluster and the soldiers arrived in town, ponies began whispering Star Cluster's name.
Star Cluster looked at the crowed of ponies, some looked angry, some were curious and other's have fear in their eyes.
"They're not to happy," Star Cluster whispered.
"Give it time. You can't expect them to change their minds about you on the first day they see you," Skyview replied.
Even though Star Cluster knew his brother was right but seeing the town ponies still bothered him. He didn't realize just how bad he was till now.
"Was I really pretty bad?" Star Cluster asked.
"Yes, you were always mad and giving us orders and..."
"Stop, don't tell me anymore. I don't want to remember it," Star Cluster quickly said.
"Why?" Skyview asked looking at him surprisingly, "Are you afraid to remember?"
"Yes, I'm sorry I brought it up," Star Cluster replied, "So where are we going?"
Skyview was surprised that Star Cluster actually feared something, he wasn't like the Star Cluster he once knew. Why was he afraid to remember? Since Star Cluster refused to say anything more, Skyview decided to wait another time and ask more questions.
"There's a few stores being rebuilt. Stardust wants to know their progress," Skyview replied.

They continued down several streets as Star Cluster noticed more angry looks from ponies that stared at him.
"This could be a bit harder than I thought," Star Cluster thought as he nervously followed Skyview to the corner of the street where only the skeleton of the building sat. Wooden beams sat out lining what would soon be a store. A group of ponies were laying bricks along the outside of the beams.
A dark green pony stood and watched, he didn't seem like the village ponies in town, he looked more like someone who was in charge. The dark green pony turned after hearing the soldiers marching hooves. He was about to approach Skyview when he noticed Star Cluster. A surprised looked came across his face and then faded to anger. After a minute he approached Skyview and nodded his head, "Prince Skyview. What is the honor of your visit?"
"Stardust wants to know how your going with the building," Skyview replied.
"It should be done at the end of this week," The green pony answered.
"How long will it be to finish the stores on this street?" Skyview asked.
"A month or two," The green pony answered, "We may not get to the streets till after winter."
"Where's the rest of the workers?" Skyview asked.
"Taking a brake for awhile," the green pony answered, then he looked at Star Cluster, "Please forgive me but what is he doing here? I thought King Stardust would be angry with him."
Skyview looked at the green pony angrily, he didn't like his tone of voice, "He is family and yes, Stardust was angry with him but he has forgiven him. Because he is family and is given another chance."
"We do not want him here. We have never forgotten what he's done and never will. He should never have came back," The green pony exclaimed angrily forgetting just who he was talking to.
"You watch what you say!" Skyview yelled angrily, "He is still a Prince and you do not speak to a Prince like that. Don't you ever forget it. He is my little brother and he's here to stay."
The green pony bowed sorrowfully, "I'm so sorry Prince Skyview. I got angry and lost my head."
"I only want a second chance to prove that I've changed," Star Cluster told him.
The green pony looked up at him angrily then at Skyview who looked just as angry.
"Let's go," Skyview told Star Cluster.
"Go where?" Star Cluster asked.
To a village in the forest. I heard twins were born there," Skyview told him.
They turned from the green pony and left the corner. Star Cluster could tell Skyview was still angry.
"Why are you still angry, he wasn't talking about you," Star Cluster told him.
"You're my brother that's why," Skyview looked at him curiously, "Aren't you mad?"
"A little. Actually I'm not surprised at what he said, I had expected it," Star Cluster replied.
"You did?" Skyview asked him surprisingly.
"Yes and I'm worried that Amaryllis might have a similar problem because of me," Star Cluster answered.
Skyview eventually calmed down by the time they left town. They walked together in silence, Star Cluster spent the day thinking about the dark green pony. Would everyone react like he did? And how will they acted when they find out about Amaryllis? It worried him not knowing.