Chapter 31: Baby visit

Royal Heart slept soundly after a tiring night from giving birth. She wouldn't have woken up if it wasn't for the knock on the door.
"Enter!" Stardust answered.
He was sitting on the bed next to Royal Heart holding the sleeping baby in his arms.
A white unicorn maid entered the room and sat a bottle of milk on the night stand next to the bed.
"Tell Luna I want to see her," Stardust told her.
The maid bowed, "Yes your majesty." then she turned and left the room.
Royal Heart opened her eyes and watched him as she smiled. It was several minutes before he saw her staring at him.
"I was going to let you sleep," Stardust told her smiling.
Royal heart smiled, "I would have missed this cute moment too."
Stardust looked at Silverstar and lightly stroked his mane, "I couldn't help myself. I wanted to hold him before I leave."
Royal Heart yawned, she was still tired and didn't want to move from her comfortable position.
"Just rest for the day. I'll have Luna help care for the baby. After all she's going to have to learn how to care for a baby someday, now is te perfect time," Stardust told her.
"I feel to tired to want to get up anyways," Royal Heart told him, she giggled slightly, "This reminds me of how you used to hold Luna in the mornings. I don't think you ever put her down unless it was time for bed."
"I couldn't help it. She's my pretty baby girl and so cute as a baby," Stardust looked at the baby in his arms, "And now I have a baby boy."
"Stardust, what are we going to do for inheritance?" Royal Heart asked as she suddenly remembered.
"We have plenty of time to think of something," Stardust replied.

Luna suddenly walked in the room and was surprised to see her father still in bed and he was holding her baby brother.
"Dad, you sent for me?" Luna asked.
Stardust stood up from the bed, "Yes, I want you to take care for Silverstar and your mother." Stardust carefully handed Luna the baby, "Now he will wake up soon, when he does you feed him with that bottle. Your mother is to tired to do it today. I got to be going." Stardust walked to the table and brushed his hair then he put on his crown and quickly left, "Bye, I'll check back later."
"Bye," Royal Heart muttered.
Luna sat on the bed and leaned on her father's pillow, "He looks so different during the day."
Royal Heart smiled, "Yes he sure does. You have more light to see him with."
Just then Silverstar's eye's opened. He smiled when he saw Luna but his smile slowly faded away as he felt the hunger pain in his stomach. Soon he began to cry, it started out soft and then it got louder.
"Luna, the bottle," Royal Heart reminded her.
Luna looked on the night stand and saw the bottle full of milk. She picked it up and held it to his mouth to begin feeding him.
Royal Heart smiled greatly but she found it was getting to hard to keep her eyes open, "Luna, put him in his bed when he falls asleep." Royal Heart closed her eyes and began sleeping as she listened to the sounds of her baby feeding from the bottle.

Luna looked at Silverstar, she still found it hard to believe he was her brother. She had always been an only child and now she wasn't. She wondered what he would be like when he was older. What abilities would he have? What kind of trouble would he get into? Questions raced through her mind about her baby brother's future.
As she sat and watched him for an hour. It wasn't long till he stopped drinking out of the bottle and closed his eyes, resting peacefully against her white coat. Luna quietly sat the bottle down and stood up from the bed with Silverstar in her arms. She walked around the bed and sat him in the basinet. She put a blanket over his small body and then she left. Luna saw her mother was still asleep, she wasn't about to wake up anytime soon.
What was she going to do now? She went to the door of the balcony and stood looking outside. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing. The air had warmed up and spring had came. Luna loved winter but it was nice to have spring return too.

Just then a servant walked into the room with a tray and sat it on the table.
"Princess Luna, a letter came for you," The pegasus pointed to the tray where a pink envelope sat.
"Thank you," Luna told her.
The servant bowed and left the room. Luna walked to the table and quickly picked up the pink envelope. On the front was her name and on the back was Charades name.
Luna smiled greatly. So much had happened that she completely forgot about Charades. Luna sat down forgetting about how hungry she was getting. She quickly opened the letter and saw his fancy writing.

'Dear Princess Luna, I'm sorry I hadn't written in so long. So much has happened since I left Dream Castle. I started a business as a carpenter and I've gotten well known for my wood carvings. I did meet my old girlfriend and we decided to get married. It was only a few weeks ago that I got married. It has been wonderful, I can't believe I would have missed this one in a life time chance of having a family if I stayed as a soldier. Luna, it was well worth leaving for. Well anyways, Things are going great for me and my new wife, she's a Pegasus. I have told her amazing stories about you, not to worry I didn't tell her about the gate or anything like that. She is looking forward to meeting you someday. Well, I got to be getting back to work. I hope to hear from you soon. Your friend, Charades.'

Luna smiled greatly as a tear came out of her eye. She had missed him greatly and wished he was with her. Luna saw a stack of blank papers and a ink pen. She look the paper and began writing. She wrote about the school, Star Cluster and when she had been caught by Teriney. She wrote about the golden necklace that Blizzard was forced to trade and how sad he was about it. She told him about the new baby and his name. She told him everything that had happened since he left. There was so much to write she had to use another paper.
"There, now to put it in something," Luna whispered.
She looked around the table and found yellow envelopes by the light yellow and golden edged papers. Luna folded her letter and carefully placed it in the envelope.
"Now where do I send it?" Luna whispered, "hummm...Buster would know."
Luna stood up and left the room. She quickly found a maid walking by, "Can you send for Buster to come to my parent's room?"
"Yes, Princess Luna," the maid bowed and hurried down the steps.
Luna turned and walked to her mother's room. She sat at the table and began eating her pan cakes. They were warm but not hot like they usually was. She realized she should have eaten first but at least they weren't cold. After Luna had finished her breakfast, she head a knock. She stood up and went to the door. She opened it and smiled, "Buster." he was wearing his silver armor.
"I assume you got Charade's letter," Buster quickly said.
"You knew?" Luna asked.
"I got a letter along with yours," Buster answered, "So I sent yours to you."
"Oh, well I wrote a letter and was wondering if you could send it to him?" Luna asked.
"Of course. I'll be happy to," Buster answered.
Luna left Buster at the door and picked up her letter, then she returned to the door, handing the letter to him. Buster took the letter.
"If I may ask, "how is your mother?" Buster asked.
"She's tired," Luna answered.
"We heard she had a baby. Was it a boy or girl?" Buster asked.
"You don't know?" Luna asked.
"She had the baby last night. We soldiers haven't gotten the news yet," Buster answered.
"Well, it was a boy. Dad named him Silverstar," Luna answered.
"That's a nice name. I'm looking forward to seeing him. I must return to my post. I'll see you later," Buster nodded his head and left. Luna closed the door. He acted so polite towards her, not like he used to act around her. Being second in command had changed him, it gave him more responsibilities and Luna could tell he was happy being second in command.

For the rest of the day, Luna watched and fed Silverstar till Royal Heart was awake and could feed him herself. Luna noticed he seemed to act differently when she held him. Luna could only guess that Silverstar knew his mother by sight and touch.
Luna was sitting in bed next to her mother watching her baby brother asleep in her arms, till she too fell fast asleep. Royal Heart smiled seeing the two sound asleep.