Chapter 32: Great news to tell.

The sun was setting and Luna stood outside with Blizzard, her parents and uncles. Her hair hung low but she and Blizzard still wore their collars.
"Blizzard take good care of her tonight," Stardust told him.
Blizzard smiled, "I certainly will."
"Luna, make sure you're back before morning," Stardust told her.
"I will," Luna replied.
"Say hello to Rosebud and Booster for me," Royal Heart told her.
"I will," Luna replied.
"Ready?" Blizzard asked her.
"Yes," Luna answered.
Blizzard held out his hoof and Luna held it tightly. Then suddenly they turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew towards the sky.
"I never get tired of seeing him do that," Starfire muttered.
"He's a lucky boy, an earth pony that can fly," Stardust muttered.
"I haven't meet Rosebud and Booster," Star Cluster told them.
"They're nice ponies. You'd like them," Skyview replied.
"Well, lets head inside," Stardust told them.
"I got a game to get back to," Star Cluster muttered.
"Your just as bad about games as Starfire is," Skyview remarked.
"I enjoy playing games, just like you enjoy sticking your nose in books," Star Cluster replied.
Skyview glared at him not liking the ton of his voice, "There is nothing wrong with that."
Star Cluster smirked at him, "I never said there was." Then he hurried inside with Skyview behind him.
Starfire hurried after them, anxious to see what Skyview was going to do when he caught Star Cluster.
"There they go again," Stardust muttered.
Royal Heart laughed as she followed Stardust into the castle.

Blizzard and Luna flew far and fast over the land. They quickly left Ponyland and flew over tree tops. The sun had gone down and the full moon shined brightly by the time they reached Mooney Mountain.
They landed in the forest in front of the gate. They returned to their pony form and walked through the gate together. Once they were in the other world, they began to glow. It had been so long since Luna saw herself glowing, she almost forgot what it was like to glow.
"Thank you for taking me Blizzard," Luna told him.
"Skyview really didn't want to go so I volunteered to take you," Blizzard explained.
Luna smiled and began walking. The grass and their surrounding lit up as they walked together. Luna sighed sadly at the thought of Blizzard leaving her soon.
"What's wrong?" Blizzard asked seeing how smiled fade suddenly.
"Just thinking about you leaving. Mom had her baby so I guess you'll be leaving then," Luna answered.
Blizzard looked at her sadly, "I'm sorry but yes, now that the baby is born I'll be leaving. Probably tomorrow night."
Luna leaned her head on his neck and walked without saying anything. She didn't want him to leave, she didn't know how long he would be gone or what kind of trouble he will find.

They walked following the cobble stone trail till it ended on the slope down hill. They walked through the forest quietly and soon came to the end of the sidewalk. Luna stood and smiled greatly at the house she had lived in with her adopted parents.
"Looks like they're still up," Blizzard observed.
"Lets go," Luna told him. She turned into an earth pony, hiding her glowing wings and horn, then she hurried out of the forest towards the house. She and Blizzard raced up to the house and knocked on the door.
Booster answered the door and smiled greatly at Luna, "Come in you two."
Luna and Blizzard walked inside and stood in the livingroom. Rosebud hurried out of the kitchen when she heard Booster inviting someone in.
"Lunarstar!" Rosebud cried happily. She ran to Luna and hugged her, "Oh it's so good to see you. I missed you so much."
Luna hugged her not wanting to let go. Memories of living in the house came flooded back.
"mom, I missed you too," Luna replied.
Booster approached Luna and hugged her, "It's been to long Lunarstar. You should visit more often."
"I'm sorry, I couldn't," Luna replied returning to a winged unicorn. her hair turned white, then her wings and horn appeared.
"Sit and tell us what's been happening to you two," Rosebud told her.
"I want to call my friends first," Luna told her. She hurried to the phone and began calling her friends.
"Blizzard, how are things at the castle?" Booster asked him.
"Ok," Blizzard replied.
"Ok?" Booster asked, "You should be thrilled living there."
"I am," Blizzard replied.
As soon as Luna had finished calling her friends she sat on the couch with Blizzard next to her.
"Lunarstar, before your friends comes over, we have something we want to tell you," Rosebud told her.
"Lunarstar, your know we have no one else living here with us and we know all about the gates so...we thought it would be a good idea to keep the secret of the gates in the family. The next generation can clean and take care of the gates, making sure it's always free of vine and moss," Booster paused, "We thought we'd have a baby and hand the secret of the gates to him or her."
Luna didn't know if she should smile or be shocked.
"Well, don't you think it'll be a good idea?" Rosebud asked.
"Yes," Luna replied after awhile.
"I think it is," Blizzard answered, "Someone in this world needs to take care of the gates and make sure no one else ever discovers it."
"Exactly," Booster agreed.

Just then they heard a knock at the door. Rosebud stood up and answered the door, letting Luna's friends inside.
"Lunarstar!" Her friends all cried happily. Even Raspberry and Blueberry was there.
"Hi, Blizzard!" Blueberry said.
"I'm sorry I haven't visited often," Luna told them.
"It's ok," Starlight replied.
"You've been busy...seeing how you're a Princess and all," Melody told her.
"It's not that at all," Luna replied.
"I no longer have my necklace so we can only come on a full moon," Blizzard explained.
"What happened to it?" Patch asked.
"Teriney caught Luna and I had no choice but to trade my necklace for Luna's life," Blizzard explained.
"Oh, Lunarstar. Are you alright?" Rosebud quickly asked.
"I'm fine mom, that happened shortly before winter,"Luna explained, "Oh, Charades left dream Castle. He's no longer a soldier."
"What?!" the girls exclaimed.
"Why?" Bon Bon asked.
"He wanted a family of his own, so he left and went home. He's married now," Luna answered, "Mom had her baby a few days ago."
"What does it look like?" Sweetheart asked.
"Is it a boy or girl?" Clover asked.
"It's a boy and his name is Silverstar. He's gray with black and blue hair. He's even got purple eyes," Luna answered, "he's so small and cute. I'll have to bring him for a visit when he's older."
"We'd love to see him Lunarstar," Rosebud told her.
Luna smiled, "well, the ponies in Ponyland has excepted Star Cluster so they no longer give him the angry look. Dad finished building the school, now that the other Kingdoms love it, they're going to build one too."
"That's great," Booster commented.
"Yes it is. The little ponies love it. They all love their school teacher...Amaryllis, Star Cluster's fiancee," Luna replied.
"Fiancee?" the all asked.
"Yes, he's planing to get married soon," Luna replied, "So anything happened while I was gone?"
"Lots," Melody replied, "I got a recording contract once I finish school."
"I finally got a boyfriend," Raspberry told her, "And my two friends that dumped me a while back are now my friends. We do a lot of things now."
"I plan on having a bakery store. My parents are going to help me once I'm out of school," Bon Bon told her.
The girls continued to tell Luna all that had happened while Blueberry talked to Blizzard.
"I'm sorry to hear about your necklace," Blueberry told him, "I know you were attached to it."
"I plan to get it back so it could be awhile till you see me again," Blizzard told him.
"How are you going to get it back?" Blueberry asked.
"I'm going to leave Dream Castle and hunt Teriney down," Blizzard explained, "That necklace is all I have and I will search the world to get it back."
"Blizzard," Booster began to say, "You be very careful,"
"Yes, be very careful," Rosebud agreed, "For Lunarstar's sake."
"I will. I don't plan to make the same stupid mistake like I did last time. I'm planing to just steal it back without him knowing it," Blizzard explained.
"You might want to make another plan incase that one fails," Blueberry suggested.
"Blizzard, I know for a fact that the first plan never works out how you want them to," Booster warned him.
"It's got to work," Blizzard told him. He approached the girls, "Luna. We should go."
Luna looked at him sadly, "So soon?"
"You heard Stardust. He wants you back before morning," Blizzard replied.
Luna approached her parents and hugged them, "I wish I could stay longer."
"So do we," Rosebud replied.
Luna's friends surrounded her and hugged her.
Blueberry approached her and hugged her, "Take care."
Luna smiled, "I will. You better take care too."
Blueberry smiled, "I got a girlfriend who takes care of me."
Raspberry giggled, "Oh she sure does."
"I'd love to hear all about her but...I got to be going," Luna told him. Then she fallowed Blizzard out the door.

They walked through the forest together in silence till they were close to the gate. Luna leaned her head on Blizzard, "Your leaving tomorrow?"
"Yes, tomorrow night," Blizzard replied. He looked curiously at Luna, "why do you ask?"
"I want to stay longer, visit during the day and anytime I want. I can't keep coming on a full moon. Blizzard we got to have that necklace back," Luna remarked.
"I know," Blizzard whispered as they walked through the gate.