Chapter 35: Departing

It was after the wedding and the royal ponies stayed the night at Dream Castle each having a room of their own. Star Cluster and Amaryllis were royalty escorted to their new house by Stardust and the soldiers.
Amaryllis still wearing her veil and diamond jewelry. She stood staring at the yellow and white house. It was long one story house, it didn't have stairs. There were large round marble stone leading to the porch through the flower garden. Around the hose was a white fence much like the one at school.
"Star Cluster, Just look at it!" Amaryllis muttered, "Come on." She hurried down the pathway and opened the door. Peached ran inside before Amaryllis did.
Star Cluster turned and looked at Stardust, "thank you for everything. No one has ever given me anything...I'm used to taking what I wanted."
Stardust smiled, "I know you don't really want to stay at the castle. You've always been...independent from us. Now that your married, you'll be starting a new life and you'll need a place to start your new life so...I had this house built for you two. It is yours to do what you want with. You can tell Amaryllis she does not have to worry about school for a week."
"Thank you Stardust..I...don't know what to say," Star Cluster replied.
"Don't say anything, just go and enjoy yourself. The house is fully furnished with the finest furniture I can get," Stardust told him.
Amaryllis hurried out of the house, "hurry up, the house is so pretty," She looked at Stardust, "Thank you so much. This house is what I've always dreamed of," Amaryllis took Star Cluster's hoof, "Come on."
"Where's Peaches?" Star Cluster asked.
"Looking around the house which is what we should be doing," Amaryllis answered.
Star Cluster smiled and followed her into the house, then he closed the door.
Stardust stood for several minutes listening to their voice, then he smiled greatly and turned heading back to Dream Castle.

Luna was so tired she quickly went to bed shortly after the party. As soon as she laid on the bed she fell fast asleep forgetting about Blizzard's plan. Blizzard laid in bed awake staring at the sky as it got darker with each hour. The King and Queens stayed up till sundown talking and enjoying themselves.

When the sky was dark and the sun had completely disappeared, everyone in the castle slept soundly, even the kings soldiers who rested for their long travel home in the morning. Blizzard climbed out of bed and went to his dresser. He opened the long drawer and took out a dark blue bag. He opened the bag making sure he had a blanket, cloak and money. He opened another drawer and took about a wrapped cloth and carefully put it on his bag.
"Something to eat for later. It's a good thing everyone was busy at the wedding party. I was able to pack and be back at the party before everyone knew I left," Blizzard thought, "Now to say goodbye." Blizzard turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew under the door and down the hall. When he reached Luna's room, he flew under her door and appeared in pony form. He stood looking at Luna's sleepy face.
"I'll miss you, Luna," Blizzard whispered, "Goodbye, see you soon." Blizzard turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew under her door back to his. He opened the doors to the balcony letting a gust of wind in. Then he turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew off the balcony. Non of the soldiers noticed him which was what Blizzard had hoped for.

He flew for hours till he felt tired. He landed deep in the forest and decided to get some sleep til morning. When the sun rose over the distant mountains, Blizzard opened his bag and unwrapped the wrappings. He took an apple and bread then rewrapped the rest, placing it back in his bag. He sat and ate as she thought about Luna. She would have found out by now that he left. She would have been expecting it. Blizzard sighed sadly, it had been awhile since he went out on his own. He looked around the forest, the sun shined through the tree tops, shadows danced around the forest floor. It was a lovely morning, a great day to start out on his long journey to find Teriney.

After he finished eating he hung his bag around his neck and began walking through the forest, wondering if he would find Teriney. Would he be able to get his necklace back? Would Stardust forgive him for running away? Blizzard feared the thought of what Stardust was going to say to him once he returned.