Chapter 38:  Father and Daughter

Luna had remained silent during dinner while Skyview and Starfire talked about Star Cluster and his new life. After breakfast Luna roamed the halls alone. It didn't feel the same when Blizzard was with her, even when he was in a quiet mood. She continued to peak next to her knowing he wasn't there. She climbed the stairs to the fourth floor and walked around, then she climbed the stairs higher into the castle. She roam the long hallway that had long glass windows. At the end of the hallway she reached a thick wooden door. She opened it and walked outside on the long balcony. It stretched to the other end of the castle. The railing was one solid wall. Luna stood looking in the distance as the wind blew her wavy mane. Her crown stayed sturdy on her head.

She thought about Blizzard and wondered where he was. What was he doing? Had he found Teriney yet? So many questions raced through her mind that she didn't notice her father approaching her.
"Luna," Stardust called to her.
Luna was startled at the sound of a voice, she looked up at him surprisingly, she had not expected to see him till tomorrow morning.

"Luna, I wanted to talk to you," Stardust said.
Luna looked away and stared at Dream Valley. She didn't want to talk, she just wanted to be left alone.
"I'm sorry I got mad," Stardust apologized.
"Blizzard left to get his necklace. It was important to him," Luna told him not looking at him.
"I know that now but you should have told me sooner," Stardust replied.
"You were mad at the time...most of the time in fact," Luna looked at him sadly.
Stardust took his crown off and sat it on the ground, then he nuzzled Luna's cheeks, "I'm sorry Luna." He stood back and looked at her sadly, "I was very concerned for Blizzard and this Kingdom," Stardust looked in the distance, "Look as far as you can see. This is all Ponyland. Someday Blizzard will rule it all. I have plans for this Kingdoms, plans that I hoped Blizzard would someday continue. I was worried about him. I had no idea where he went, why he left or if he was ever coming back. He simply got up and left without a word."
Luna looked at the ground sadly, "I'm sorry dad, that necklace could be very important. I...couldn't get him to change his mind. He said he was just going to take the necklace back, that's it and that Teriney wouldn't know he was there."
"Luna, Teriney is a dragon, a very old and smart dragon. He raised Blizzard, he knows him. I wouldn't be surprised if Teriney is expecting Blizzard to go after him," Stardust told her, "Did he tell you anything else?"

Luna stared at the ground. Stardust nuzzled her to assure her he's not mad.
"Blizzard told me other reasons why he's going after the necklace," Luna looked up at her father again, "When Teriney had let me go and was holding Blizzard's necklace he said 'now for the others' then he flew off heading north which is where Blizzard is going. Blizzard thought there could be more than one necklace. Remember when you meet Teriney for the first time at the volcano? He said he was after something better than the Pearl. The Pearl can give you anything you want and yet he only wanted Blizzard's necklace. He searched for centuries for the necklace and even killed Blizzard's parents for it. Blizzard thinks that Teriney knows something about the key, something non of us knows about." Luna didn't tell him about the other key that was found, she knew Skyview and Starfire wanted to tell Stardust themselves.
Stardust stared silently in the distance as the sun set. He was trouble and pondered on what she had said.
"I remember Teriney saying those words. Blizzard could very well be right," Stardust looked at Luna, "I should had realized it sooner." He stood on his hind legs and hugged her, "Lets go see your mother and Silverstar."
"What about Blizzard?" Luna asked.
"Don't worry Luna, I'll think of something. Maybe I'll send someone to help him search for Teriney. It's late, Luna. The sun is almost gone. We'll talk about it tomorrow," Stardust answered. He picked up his crown and placed it on his head.
"Can...we go after him?" Luna asked hopefully.
"I don't know Luna. What you had told me is very troublesome. I must talk about it to Skyview and Starfire tomorrow. I'll let you know what I have decided," Stardust answered, then he turned and smiled at her, "Stop worrying for tonight. Lets go see the new baby. Your mother should be feeding him now."
Luna smiled and followed him into the castle.