Chapter 39: The Second Key

The next day, after breakfast, Luna was in the throne room reading her book while her mother feed Silverstar with a bottle. Stardust sat and watched his son as he pondered on the things Luna had told him last night.

Skyview and Starfire walked into the throne room, Luna sat her book down and watched as her uncles approached the thrones. Skyview was carrying a dark pink pouch in his mouth.
"Skyview, Starfire, I was hoping you'd come," Stardust said.
"Y-you did?" Starfire asked wondering if Luna told him about the other key.
"I wanted to talk about Blizzard taking off from the castle and going after Teriney," Stardust explained.
"We came to talk to you about what we found at Paradise Estate while we were there yesterday," Skyview told him, holding the pouch in his hoof, "You know that painting of Megan hanging on the wall?"
"What about it?" Stardust asked.
"Well, it fell," Skyview told him, leaving out the part about how it fell, "behind it was this pouch." Skyview took out the golden necklace and held it up, "It's not Blizzard's necklace but one just like his."
Stardust stood up and approached Skyview. Even Royal Heart had to stand up and get a closer look.
"It looks just like his," Royal Heart muttered surprisingly.
"And you found it behind the painting?" Stardust asked.
"Yes," Skyview answered.
"And is the painting alright?" Stardust asked.
"It's fine but the frame isn't," Starfire answered.
Luna approached and stood next to her mother looking at the necklace.
"Luna, Blizzard did think there were more necklaces, didn't he?" Stardust asked.
"Yes he did," Luna answered.
"Two necklaces that looked alike," Stardust muttered, "And I'm sure they all have something to do with the Gates, like Blizzard's necklace. Luna you made those Gates, don't you remember the necklaces too?"
"I'm sorry dad, my mind is a blank about those," Luna answered. She took the necklace and stared at it. She didn't remember anything about the necklaces or calling them keys, they didn't even feel familiar to her. Stardust took the necklace from Luna and held it. The rose on the necklace suddenly began to glow blue. Stardust was memorized by it, he couldn't look away.
"It...never done that with us," Starfire exclaimed.
"W-what is going on?" Skyview asked.
"It certainly isn't an ordinary necklace," Royal Heart remarked.
"Stardust," Starfire called to him but he didn't answer. Everyone looked at him worriedly. Stardust looked like he was in a trance. He continued to stand and stared at the glow.
"Stardust?!" Royal Heart called to him worriedly.
The rose stopped glowing but still kept the blue glowing outline on the rose. Stardust blinked a few times and looked up at his brothers.
"Stardust?" his brother asked worriedly.
"Skyview, Starfire, Luna...we are leaving today," Stardust told them.
"What?!" they asked.
"Don't ask me how I know but we got to get Blizzard's necklace back. It's very important to those Gates. If Teriney gets all the Keys he could use them for something...terrible," Stardust told them.
"What do you mean? What are you talking about?" Skyview asked.
"The keys do something. I don't know what It's a feeling I have and a bad feeling if Teriney gets them all. Blizzard was right in going after him. We got to leave today as soon as possible and hope we can catch up to Blizzard before he finds Teriney," Stardust told them, "We don't have much time. Get some blankets, cloaks and anything you can get to keep warm. Get a map, money and food. I also want mom and dad here to help rule Ponyland. Then tell Star Cluster what's going on." Skyview and Starfire stood surprisingly at how fast Stardust had made up his mind and what he had said, "hurry!"
Skyview winked out and Starfire ran out of the throne room.

"Luna, go pack," Stardust told her.
"I'm going?" Luna asked happily.
"Yes. don't ask me how I know but you are some how connected with the keys," Stardust answered, "Now hurry."
Luna winked out leaving her confused and shocked mother with Stardust.
"Stardust. Your scaring me. What's going on?" Royal Heart asked him.
"For some reason I only know how important the keys are the. I get a bad feeling if me and my brothers don't get the keys before Teriney does. Blizzard has the first one. I'm holding the second one. There's more I'm not sure how many. I only know the key when I see it," Stardust explained.
Royal Heart didn't like the sudden change of mind he had. She didn't see what was so important about the keys.
"This key will stay safely here at the castle, that way I know Teriney hasn't gotten all of them," Stardust told her. He looked at her and suddenly realized how worried and confused she was. He stood close to her and hugged her then kissed her, "don't worry Royal Heart I know what I'm talking about."
"You're leaving," Royal Heart told him, "Just like when Luna was a baby."
"I know who I'm up against, I know what to expect. I'll have my brother, Luna and hopefully Blizzard with me. I'll be careful. I will come back this time. Please trust me. If you like you can have the castle on alert till I return," Stardust replied, "I'll send you a letter when I can."
Royal Heart leaned her head against him worriedly, "For Silverstar's sake I hope you return safely with Luna."
Stardust lightly stroked Silverstar, "I'm going prepared this time."