Chapter 40: Going on a journey

Luna, Stardust, Skyview and Starfire left Dream Castle carrying bags load of stuff on their backs. They had said goodbye to everyone before leaving home. They had left their crowns and collars in their rooms. Luna was sad to be leaving her baby brother and yet she was happy to be traveling. What would she find north? What creatures and places would she see? Would they run into Blizzard soon? Luna smiled greatly as she walked along side her father through the forest. She would spend days with her father and uncles again like she used to when he was fourteen. She will have an adventure that she will never forget.

It was getting close to dinner time and Luna was started to feel hungry. Her father carried most of the food in his extra bag since he was the strongest in the group that could carry so much. They walked silently through the forest, stepping over fallen logs, broken twigs and small streams. The shadows changed directions as the sun slowly fell towards the hills.
"Dad, I'm hungry," Luna complained.
"We'll eat soon," Stardust replied, "We got to find a nice place to eat first."
They walked for an hour looking for the perfect spot. Starfire was feeling hungry and could careless where they ate. He could hear his stomach growl and tightening in knots. The noise echoed through the forest.
Skyview looked at him suspiously.
"I'm starving," Starfire exclaimed.
Just then they heard another noise.
"That wasn't me," Starfire quickly said.
They all looked at Luna curiously.
"I said I was hungry. Can't we just eat?" Luna asked, "Anywhere will do."
Stardust stopped and turned around, "Well I guess we can stop here for the night."
"For the night?" Luna asked.
The sun will be down by the time we finish eating," Stardust explained, "We will have to get up early in the morning."

Stardust sat his two bags on the grass and then he sat down. Luna took her bag off and sat down next to her father. Then her uncles sat down across from her.
Stardust took out several wrapped bags and a Water Canteen. Luna, Skyview and Starfire each took a small bag and unwrapped it while Stardust took out a few more wrapped bags then he put the yellow bag aside and began unwrapping a bag.
They ate and talked till the sun had set, then they covered themselves with blankets and laid down, using each other for a pillow.
"Stardust," Skyview called to him. He held his head up from the grass and looked at Stardust, "What made you change your mind? You made your decision so fast."
Stardust held his head up and looked at Skyview knowing the others were also listening, "When I touched the necklace I got a strange....wave of images and feelings. I just knew what I had to do. I can't explain it any better than that."
"You just knew?" Starfire asked.
"Why is it that the key glowed when you held it?" Skyview asked, "It didn't glow for anyone else."
Stardust laid his head down, "I don't know why." He laid his head down on Skyview's back and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, Luna walked with her father. Her eyes felt heavy and dry. Her body was tired as she used all her energy to pick up her feet and walk. Her knees almost give out and she would stumble a few times or trip and fall.
"Luna, you're going to have to pick up your feet," Stardust told her.
Luna yawned after she had almost tripped for the third time, "I'm tired."
"I noticed," Stardust replied.
The sun hadn't rose yet and the birds were still sound asleep but there was enough light out to see through the forest. Skyview and Starfire noticed her front legs, they had dirt and grass stuck to her fur. Her head hung low, letting her long white mane drag the ground. Luna tripped over a rock and fell on her knees again.
"Luna," Stardust called to her.
"I can't help it, I'm so tired," Luna replied.
"Stardust, It is very early for her. She doesn't get up this early, not even at Dream Castle," Skyview pointed out.
"I'm sorry Luna but we have to catch up with Blizzard quickly," Stardust told her.
"Maybe Luna can go for a swim to wake up?" Starfire suggested, "Besides she needs a bath since her legs are looking...dirty."
Stardust looked at her and saw the Starfire was right, "Alright, as soon as we find a lake we can all rest."

They walked for hours as they listened to Luna trip every now and then. They were all relieved when they found a small lake in a clearing. Stardust and his brothers sat down, resting with their bags on the grass. Luna approached the edge of the lake and dipped her hoof in it.
"It's cold," Luna complained, she could even see a mist rising from the lake.
"I know," Stardust told her, "It'll wake you up."
"But.."Luna began to say.
"Go on. Start swimming," Stardust told her.
Luna put her hoof in the water again and quickly took it out, "It's too cold."
Stardust stood up and approached her, "Go in."
Luna backed away not wanting to get near the lake.
Stardust smiled and picked her up. Luna gasped fearfully, she had no doubt what he was planning to do.
"Dad!" Luna screamed but he ignored her and threw her into the lake. Luna screamed and hit the water. A second later and she reached the surface of the lake and swam out of the water.
"Well, I'd have to say, I don't think I've seen her wake up so fast," Starfire muttered.
Skyview rubbed his ears, "I thought screaming little ponies was hard on my ears."
Luna breathed heavily, she no longer felt tired. Her eyes were no longer heavy. Her coat was wet and cold, her hair hung heavy with water. Her wings hung low touching the ground.
Stardust smiled, "That was a short swim."
"That was...cold!" Luna cried.
Stardust laughed and sat down with his brothers.
Luna sat down with her father, waiting for her coat to dry and hoping the sun would rise quickly.