Chapter 42: Sleepless night

The sun was setting fast and Stardust had found a perfect spot to spend the night. Skyview laid down, then Stardust, using his back for a pillow and then Starfire. Luna curled in a ball and closed her eyes. As she laid there trying to fall asleep, she wondered where Blizzard was. How far ahead was he? She thought about the time she was with him, laughing and crying and hugging him.

Midnight was approaching fast and Luna was still awake. She looked up at her father and saw that he was sound asleep, even her uncles were asleep. Luna looked up at the stars and wondered if Blizzard could see them. Luna yawned and laid her head down trying to sleep but it wasn't working.
She rolled over and tried to sleep but it wasn't working either. She stood up and approached Starfire, laying her head on his warm back but it wasn't helping either. All she thought about was Blizzard. She suddenly realized how much she missed him and hope they find him soon.
Luna curled in a ball against Starfire's back but it didn't help. No mater what she tired she still couldn't sleep. Luna stood up and went back to her spot in front of her uncles.

She sat and stared up at the stars wishing she could sleep.
"Luna," Stardust whispered tiredly, "go to sleep."
"I can't," Luna answered, "I tried and can't get to sleep."
Stardust raised his head, waking Skyview up and then Starfire.
"Stardust, do you mind?" Starfire whispered yawing
"Luna can't sleep," Stardust told him.
Skyview looked at Luna worriedly, "You're going to be very tired in the morning if you don't sleep soon."
"I tried. I can't sleep," Luna replied feeling frustrated.
"Just lay down and close your's eyes," Starfire suggested.
"I tried that. I've laid here for hours without sleeping," Luna replied.
"Then, we will sing to you," Stardust suggested. His brothers agree and they began to sing a soft hushing music. Luna sat not blinking her eyes or feeling the urge to close them, "It's not working."
"Why can't your sleep?" Stardust asked her.
"I don't know," Luna answered.
"Are you worried about something?" Stardust asked.
Luna lowered her head, "Blizzard. I can't get him out of my mind."
Stardust smiled, "That's your problem then. Think about him tomorrow, Luna."
"I can't. I want to know when we'll find him. What is he doing and stuff like that," Luna replied.
"Well, he is obviously sleeping about now," Starfire answered.

Skyview yawned and looked at her with his eyes half closed, "Lay your head down, get comfortable."
"I tried and I can't..."
"I know but trust me. Just do it," Skyview told her.
Luna laid down and rested her head on the grass. She closed her eyes trying her best to sleep.
"Now what ever you do don't go to sleep," Skyview told her.
"What?" Luna exclaimed, opening her eyes suddenly.
"Mom did this to me once and it worked," Skyview replied, "now close your eyes and stay awake."
"Ok," Luna replied, closing her eyes.
"Listen and tell me what do you hear" Skyview told her.
Luna laid still and strained her ears to hear the strange sounds.
"Crickets...ummm, owls...howling dogs," Luna answered.
"There's more," Skyview told her, "Listen carefully. The animals are not the only ones making noises at night."
Luna listened again, "wind..umm...grass." Luna continued to name all that she thought she could hear and soon her words turned to whispering and then she stopped.
"Luna?" Skyview whispered but she didn't answered. She had fallen into a deep sleep listening to the sounds of nature at night.
Skyview smiled, "That always works." He looked at his brothers and saw they to had fallen asleep. Skyview chuckled to himself and then he too laid his head down and fell asleep.