Chapter 46: The little Thieves

Luna was sleeping peacefully next to Stardust when Skyview jumped up, "Get up!"
Stardust woke up and so did Starfire and Luna.
"What?" Starfire asked.
"It's them," Skyview exclaimed.
Stardust looked and saw small brown weasels. There were lots of them still coming from the forest.
"Skyview, they're taking our stuff!" Stardust exclaimed.
Skyview turned into a cloud and followed the group of weasels. Stardust, Starfire and Luna stood together while the weasels surrounded them.
"What are those?" Luna asked.
"Those are weasels," Stardust answered. Stardust took a step close to them, "Return our stuff!"
the weasels ignored his demand and ran towards him. The weasels covered Starfire and Stardust. Luna was yelling as they climbed all over her, "Dad!"
Stardust stomped the ground and shook a few off of him, "Luna do what you did to the monkeys!"
Luna was so frustrated and busy screaming that she couldn't bring herself to think about blowing them away.
"Luna!" Starfire yelled, "They're just distracting you and making you mad. They're good at it. Now do something!"
Luna reared and flapped her wings knocking a few off but the rest hung to her mane and coat. Stardust was picking them off of him and throwing them over the tree tops. It was clear that he was angry.
Luna reared again trying to throw them off of her. She was getting annoyed and angry. She couldn't stand the little weasels climbing all over her. Their claw dug into her skin, some pulled her hair. Luna could feel a great power surging through her body and up to her horn. Her eyes turned green, her pupils turn to slits. The weasels close by saw her angry dragon eyes. They quickly left while the others continued to distract the ponies.
Luna's horn began to glow and suddenly the weasels blew from her, Stardust and Starfire. She blew them quickly and forcibly into the forest. When the weasels landed, the ran as fast as they could wanting to get away from Luna.
Starfire sat down and took a deep breath, "weasels are nothing but a pain." he rubbed his rear feeling the claws they used on him, "What took you so long, Luna?"
"They were making an awful mess of my hair and feathers," Luna stretched her wings out, "just look what they did? My hair looks like I hadn't brushed it in a year."
Stardust laughed, "Well, brush your hair while we wait for Skyview to return."
"I can fix your feathers if you fix mine," Starfire suggested.
Luna smiled, "Sure."
While Luna brushed her hair, Starfire rearranged her feathers. Stardust went through the bags to see what was missing.
"Those weasels must have been following us," Stardust guessed.
"I'm glad it wasn't Teriney," Luna replied.
After Starfire finished her feathers, Luna did his till Skyview returned.

Skyview hurried out of the forest to the camp sight.
"I know where they live and where they took our stuff," Skyview told him.
"Pack what ever is left and lets go. Skyview, take us to where they stashed our stuff. I will not go any further north till every piece of our stuff has been returned," Stardust exclaimed.
Skyview led them through the forest heading west. They walked through thick bushes as Luna untangled her hair from the bushes once in a while. They eventually came to a small clearing where five small holes were among the dirt and rocks. Very little grass grew near it.
"They went in those holes," Skyview pointed.
Stardust walked towards the holes and stood in the center of it, "Weasels, I want our stuff that you took. I know your in those holes and if I don't have our things now I'll make an earthquake!"
Skyview, Starfire and Luna could hear them giggling underground.
"I don't think they believe you," Starfire told him.
Stardust looked at the holes angrily, then he stomped him hoof down, then the other and continued doing causing a massive earthquake. Luna lost her footing and fell to the ground.
"You better stay down till it's all over," Starfire told her.
Stardust stopped stomping his feet.
"Return our stuff, now!" Stardust yelled.
The weasels rushed out of the holes, leaving all that they had taken, most wasn't even Stardust things.
"Our food as well!" Stardust yelled. When he didn't get an answer he stomped his foot, shaking the ground. The weasels rushed out of the holes, some came from the trees and bushes, leaving all kinds of food.
"You have what you want, now stop shaking the ground," a weasel yelled from the hole.
Skyview walked to the pile of stuff and found his map. Stardust filled his bag with the food he thought they had before and leaving the rest behind.
Luna stood up and approached him, "Dad, there's more food you can put in your bag."
"That isn't ours. The apples, oranges and other fruits are ours," Stardust told her.
Starfire went through the stuff and took out a golden necklace, "Luna isn't this yours?"
Luna looked at her neck and then checked her bag, "They took that too?" Luna took the locket and opened it to be sure it was hers. She saw a picture of her parents on either side, "I'll have to find room for a picture of Silverstar in this soon."
Stardust smiled, "There's plenty of time to figure that out. Now that we got our stuff back, lets get going."
Luna hung her locket around her neck and followed her father.