Chapter 4: A glimps of Blizzard

It was morning and Luna was sound asleep till she felt someone continually shacking her. She moved a bit hoping they would stop.
"Get up!" a voice cried.
Luna opened her eyes and saw Skyview beside her bed.
"Why do you have to sleep like Starfire. He's bad enough to get up. now hurry and don't be late for breakfast," Skyview told her and left the room. Luna laid her head down for a few more minutes, that's all she wanted.
"Luna!" Skyview called to her.
Luna jumped out of bed, "Alright. I'm up!"
Luna got out of bed and walked to her dresser. She stopped and glared at Skyview peaking through the door, "I have to fix my hair first."
"You should get up early and do that," Skyview told her. Then he closed the door.
"I'm always getting up early," Luna complained. She didn't like getting up early before the birds, "And I thought getting up for school was early."

Skyview meet up with Starfire in the hall and the two went downstairs.
"Is she coming?" Starfire asked.
"When she's done with her hair," Skyview replied.
They hurried down stairs and to another hallway toward the soldiers. They walked inside and saw Stardust, Royal Heart and Blizzard waiting.
"Where is Luna?" Stardust asked.
"She's doing her hair," Skyview answered.
Stardust sighed. As Star Cluster, Amaryllis and Peaches walked in skyview and Starfire sat down. They waited for a few minutes till Luna winked to the dinning room.
"I ummm, sorry. I didn't mean to over sleep," Luna quickly explained.
"You should get up early and be ready to come to breakfast with everyone," Stardust told her.
"Yes dad," Luna replied sadly and walked around the table to sit next to her mother.
The servants walked in and sat the trays on the table, then another set of servants walked in with drinks, then they left. As they eat, Stardust gave orders as to what he wants done around the castle. Luna looked at Blizzard who was to busy watching Stardust to see looking his way. Luna sighed, she hardly said anything to Blizzard since her sixteenth birthday. She looked at Blizzard and decided she would try and get a chance to talk to him.
"So you two know what to do?" Stardust asked.
"Yes," Skyview and Starfire replied.
"isn't there someone who takes care of that?" Blizzard asked.
"Take care of what?" Luna asked.
"Luna weren't you listening at all?" Stardust asked her.
Luna sighed sadly, "I'm sorry. I had something on my mind."
"It's important to listen. I was telling Skyview and Starfire about the trouble makers I've been hearing about and I want them brought before me. Now to answer Blizzard's, This is my land and I'll take care of who brakes my laws. I have plenty of room in the dungeon for them," Stardust answered.
"I never seen the dungeon," Luna replied.
"And you don't need to either. It's not a place you want to be," Stardust told her.
"Where is the dungeon?" Luna asked curiously.
"I'm not saying. knowing you, your would sneak down there and check it out," Stardust looked at her with a serious face, "I have better not find out you've been down there."
Luna sighed.
"I haven't seen it either, Luna," Royal Heart told her.
Luna looked at her and smiled. Maybe the dungeon wasn't a place to see and beside what could be down there to see anyways.

After breakfast Royal Heart and Luna headed to the meeting room to continued teaching Luna. Royal Heart Led Luna into the room and sat at the couch. on the table in front of them was Luna's books and papers that she had previously left.
"Alright Luna, lets do your spelling," Royal Heart said.

Stardust and Blizzard went to the throne room while Starfire, Skyview and Star Cluster went to their daily jobs. Amaryllis and Peaches left the castle to go to town.
Stardust sat on his throne while Blizzard stood in front of him.
"Now, tell me all that you have learned about the six kingdoms," Stardust told him.
While Blizzard spent sometime telling him about the six kingdoms, Luna had finished her spelling and was doing math. Math was one subject that board her in school but her mother made it interesting for her which helped Luna. When she had finished math, she was ready for another subject to work on when her mother stood up suddenly, "I'll be back. I'm feeling hungry."
"Your always hungry," Luna pointed out.
Royal Heart laughed and smiled at her, "I can't help it Luna. I'm eating for two." Then she left the room.
Luna stood up and went to the door and watched her walk down the hall. When her mother had turned the corner, Luna turned around and was about to go back into the room when she saw Blizzard going down another hallway.
Luna instantly winked out and appeared in front of a startled Blizzard.
"Blizzard, we hardly say anything to each other now," Luna began to say.
"I'm sorry Luna,' Blizzard replied.
"I got a few minutes to talk now," Luna told him.
"I'm sorry but I don't. I got to get Skyview and Starfire. Stardust is expecting me to return. Perhaps I'll talk to you later when I have sometime," Blizzard replied. Then he smiled and kissed her and left.
Luna looked at him sadly. Then she too left and walk back to the room just in time to meet her mother who was carrying a bowel of soup.
"Where did you go?" Royal Heart asked.
"To talk to Blizzard," Luna answered.
"Luna, he's to busy to talk now and so are you. Now lets finish your lessons," Royal Heart told her.

When it was time for dinner, Luna and Royal Heart left the room and went to the dinning room. Starfire and Skyview hurried inside after Royal Heart. Star Cluster, Amaryllis and Peaches went into the room after his brothers. Stardust and Blizzard was already waiting at the table.
As soon as everyone sat down, the servants brought in their dinners, rolls and drinks. Luna felt like it was a Christmas dinner every night. The table had a lot of hot pots and bowels. It was enough food for everyone. It was also during that time, Stardust would give an update to what had went on today but Luna didn't pay attention. All she thought about was what Blizzard and her mother had told her. She looked around the table and realized how much she missed spending time with everyone like she used to before her 16th birthday.
"So it was hard to decide who was at fault," Stardust told.
"So who was at fault then?" Starfire asked.
"The white pony. He's sitting in the dungeon now and will be there for two weeks," Stardust answered.
"Umm, dad?" Luna suddenly said.
"Yes Luna," Stardust replied.
"Are you going to be busy after dinner?" Luna asked.
"Yes, I have a few ponies I'll be busy with," Stardust answered.
"How about tomorrow?" Luna asked.
"Luna, I got a job to do running this kingdom. I'm always going to be busy and besides you have your lessons to do as well," Stardust told her.
"Oh," Luna replied, "Well how about Blizzard?"
"He's got his lessons to do, just like you do," Stardust answered.
Luna kept silent staring at her plate. She realized her father was just to busy for her and Blizzard would never have time for her. The thought saddened her as she remembered the good times she had with her father and uncles.

After her dinner, she and her mother finished her lessons and then it was time for bed. Luna went to her room and took off her crown and collar, then she put her hair down. She paused looking sadly at herself in the mirror as she thought about today and how everyone was just to busy. She went to her bed and sat down. She picked up a picture of her friends and adopted parents. She thought about the time she spent with them, none of them ever told her they were to busy to be bothered by her. Luna's eyes began to water as she thought about how much she missed everyone. Tears started to stream down her cheek. She wiped her tears away and sat the picture on her night stand.
Just then she heard the door open, Luna gasped hoping who ever it was wouldn't come into her room. Luna didn't dare look fearing the pony could see her tears.
"Luna, Goodnight," Skyview muttered.
"Goodnight," Starfire and Star Cluster added.
"Luna?" Starfire asked suspiously.
"Goodnight," Luna answered.
"Are you ok?" Skyview asked.
"I'm....fine. I'm just tired," Luna answered.
Star Cluster stared at her back wondering why she didn't turn around and look at them.
"Goodnight," Skyview said again and then closed the door.
Luna laid in her bed trying her best not to think of today. After the castle got quiet, Luna found herself fast asleep.