Chapter 50: Time spent with Jam

It was in the afternoon and Luna was flying with Starfire. Stardust was sitting on a cloud with Skyview and three bags. After traveling a three days through the air, everything began to look the same, trees, home and castles. The towns sat next to the castles and Stardust wanted to avoid going near the castle, fearing someone might recognize him and his brothers.
Skyview eventually got tired of flying and decided to land. Even Stardust decided to walk for a while to stretch out his legs.

Once they had landed, they searched the forest for berries and soon found a small bush.
"Stardust," Starfire began to say, "I have to agree with Luna. I can't stand eating berries another day."
"I agree," Skyview added, "I'm starting to forget what it's like to eat something else beside berries. My stomach can't take another berry."
"Come on Stardust, you have to be getting tired of it too," Starfire exclaimed.
Stardust sighed, "alright, I too am getting tired of berries but we have nothing else to eat."
"We could catch a fish and cook it," Luna suggested.
"That's a great idea," Starfire replied smiling.
"Yes it is but unfortunately, we haven't seen a river or streams and we have no time to spend trying to catch a fish," Stardust pointed out.
"Then lets find a house and ask for food," Starfire suggested.
"I agree," Skyview added, "I don't care if they know who we are."
"Are you two sure that's what you want?" Stardust asked, "Considering you're a boy unicorn and a boy pegasus."
"Yes," they answered.
"Alright, lets walk and search for a house," Stardust replied.

They walked for hours through the forest, seeing and hearing the something. It wasn't till they came to a small clearing that they saw a house. It was a medium size yellow and pink house with a few trees in the front of it. A link pink pegasus with white and cyan hair stood hanging what looked like towels.
"Well, we found a house," Stardust said. He looked at Luna, "Luna I want you to change. Look like an earth pony. Skyview and Starfire may show themselves but that doesn't mean you will."
"Ok," Luna replied. She didn't mind changing her looks, in fact she'd rather not be seen as a winged unicorn. he horn began to glow, then her white hair turned purple and then her wings disappeared. Once her horn stopped glowing, it too disappeared.
"Ok, lets go," Stardust told them.
He led them out of the forest and quietly approached the unsuspecting pony. She had just finished hanging her last towel and turned around to find three black ponies and a white one approaching her.
As soon as Luna got close to her, she noticed the pegasus was a twinkle eyed pony.
The pegaus gasped at the black ponies.

Stardust approached her and saw how shocked she was, "Hi, miss, please don't be scared. Me, my brothers and my daughter have traveled a long way and we've been eating berries for quite sometime. We'd like to ask you if you could spare us some of your food?"
The pegasus slowly approached them, staring at their black coats, " three are boys? You're really black?"
"Yes," Stardust answered, "We are triplets. This is Skyview and Starfire. The white one is my daughter, Luna."
"Boys?" the pegasus asked surprisingly, "All three of you?"
"Yes," Stardust answered.
"You haven't heard of us before?" Skyview asked.
"N-no," the pegasus answered as she continued to stare at his hair feet and horn, "Are you really a...unicorn? I mean a boy unicorn?"
"Yes I am," Skyview answered. He made his horn glowed for a few minutes then it dimmed.
"Amazing. A boy unicorn. Who would have thought such a thing existed," the pegasus replied. She turned and approached Starfire, she couldn't get over his black feathery wings, "And you're a real Pegasus?"
"Yes," Starfire answered, flapping his wigs once and folding them to his side again.
"This is just amazing. Three black ponies which no one has ever seen before and to top it off, a boy unicorn and a boy pegasus," the pony paused seeing their curious faces, "I'm sorry. forgive me, I'm sure you three get that all the time." the pegasus approached Luna and smiled, "My, my you're a pretty little pony."
Luna blushed and smiled.
The pegasus laughed, "I'm Jam."
"Jem?" Starfire asked.
"Jim?" Skyview asked
"Gem," Stardust asked.
Jam laughed, "No it's Jam. Like Jelly and Jam. My sister's name is Jelly and I'm Jam. Mom had a sense of humor to call us that. Dad teases us once in a while. Well, you four must be starved after eating berries all day long. I just baked a pie this morning. It should be cool enough to eat. Come on inside."
"What kind of pie?" Starfire asked.
Jam laughed, "It's apple pie. Don't worry I don't have any berry pies."
"That's good," Skyview and Starfire muttered.
Jam laughed as she led them into her house.

Jam took them to the dinning room which sat next to the kitchen. There was a small square table by the window with fix comfortable pink chairs.
Jam cut her pie in four large pieces and laid them on four plates. Then she laid them on the table in front of her guests. She went to the kitchen and filled four glasses with lemonade and sat them on the table.
Jam sat down with her guests, "Where are you from?"
"Ponyland," Stardust answered as he ate.
"Ponyland?" Jam asked, "Isn't that across the river?"
"Yes," Stardust answered.
"Are there...more like you two?" Jam asked.
"No," Skyview answered as he ate, "unfortunately, I'm the only male unicorn and Starfire is the only male pegasus. You won't ever see another one like us."
"Oh, that' bad. I'd think it'll be great to have more boy unicorns and more boy pegasus. If you don't mind me asking, what's your...parents like? I mean are they...odd too?"
Stardust smiled, "they're earth ponies. We're not sure how my brother came to be what they are. How about you? Do you live here alone?"
Jam smiled greatly, "No, I live with my husband."
"Oh, so you're married?" Starfire asked.
"Yes," Jam answered.
"Where is he?" Skyview asked.
"He went to town with his parents for today and won't be back till tomorrow," Jam answered.
"Do you have any...little ponies?" Luna asked.
Jam smiled and blushed, "I want one so bad. We've talked about it for awhile now."
"Umm, have you meet another traveler lately?" Luna asked.
"No, why do you ask?" jam asked.
"We are searching for her fiancee. He's traveling north," Stardust explained after drinking all his lemonade and eating all the pie on his plate.
"I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you find him soon," Jam said.
"Has it snowed recently?" Skyview asked.
"Are you serious?" Jam asked, "It's summer, of course it's not going to snow."
"Are you sure?" Stardust asked her, "you haven't seen a few snowflakes or by passing winter wind?"
"Well...I haven't but my sister Jelly came to me a few days ago telling me the wildest story. She's always taking naps before she visits me and this story just seemed like a dream but she insisted it really happened. She was flying here and flew right through a winter storm. She said her wings turned to ice and she was forced to walk till the ice melted. She said it was a small...tinny winter storm. She said the air was cold and it snowed," Jam laughed, "It was the wildest story I ever heard."
Stardust chuckled, "yes I'm sure it sounded like it. Well we better be going. Thank you for everything. You were so kind to feed us."
Jam smiled, "Well I don't get many visitors so I get lonely quite easily. Jelly visits me often while my husband is away."
Jam led them to the door where her towels hung blowing in the wind.

Luna and the black ponies waved goodbye and hurried into the forest.
"He was here only a few days!" Luna exclaimed happily, "We're so close to him."
"Yes but he flew and we are not going to catch him on foot. As soon as we're far from the house we all fly. We must go as fast as we can."