Chapter 52: Blizzard reunion

Luna and Stardust hurried out of town. Luna ran ahead to tell Skyview and Starfire the good news as she changed back to a winged unicorn.
"Luna, wait!" Stardust called to her but it was too late. He had a feeling she was going to run ahead. She was too excited and happy to wait.
Luna stopped in front of her uncles, "He was here!"
"Who was?" Starfire asked.
"Blizzard, he was here a few hours ago!" Luna exclaimed excitedly.
Stardust approached smiling at them, "I guess she told you."
"Yes," Skyview answered smiling, "She certainly did."
"He bought the last map a few hours ago. We got to hurry and catch him," Stardust told them.
They walked around the town and once they were far from town they flew through the air. Stardust sat on the cloud with Skyview while Luna and Starfire flew side by side.

It was almost dinner time by the time Luna spotted what looked like an ice blue pony drinking out of the lake in a clearing.
"There he is!" Luna cried excited.
Before anyone could say anything, Luna winked out and appeared next to Blizzard.
"Blizzard!" Luna yelled.
Blizzard jumped and looked at Luna shockingly, "L-Luna?"
Luna gave Blizzard a hug, knocking him down in the process.
"Luna, what are you doing here?" Blizzard asked her.
Luna remained silent and continued hugging him. Blizzard was happy to see her and yet very much surprised. He laid on his back and hugged her.
"It's good to see you," Blizzard whispered in her ear.
"I missed you," Luna muttered as a few tears trickled down her cheek.
Skyview, Stardust and Starfire had landed on the ground and wasted no time catching up to Luna.
Blizzard opened his eyes and saw Stardust looking at him with a straight face.
"Stardust, I...I um..." Blizzard started to say but he was afraid Stardust was angry with him.
Stardust pulled Luna off of him, letting Blizzard get to his feet.
"Stardust, I'm sorry I didn't leave a note for you. I was afraid you'd try to stop me. I'm not returning to the castle till I have gotten my necklace back. You can do what ever you want to me later," Blizzard sternly told him.
"We did not travel this far to stop you. We came to help you," Stardust replied smiling.
Blizzard looked at him surprisingly, " have? I didn't think you would go after the necklace."
"I wouldn't have but something happened that made me change my mind. Lets eat and I'll tell you everything," Stardust replied.

Everyone sat down in the grass while Stardust took out small bags, sandwiches and fruit for everyone.
"Well," Stardust began to say, "After you left Luna, Skyview and Starfire found another necklace that looks just like yours. It was round, gold and had diamonds on it in the same place as yours. If we didn't know better, we would have thought it was yours. The only difference is that there's a rose on it instead of a snowflake. Skyview, Starfire, Luna and my parents all had a turn holding it but something strange happened when I held it. The rose on the necklace glowed and I knew instantly that we had to get your necklace back and stop Teriney. Those necklaces are very important. We can not let Teriney get them all. So we packed and went north trying to catch up with you."
"The necklace glowed?" Blizzard asked surprisingly, "How many necklaces are there?"
"I don't know but I know it'll be the end of all of us if Teriney gets them all."
"Blizzard, have you found Teriney yet?" Skyview asked.
"No but I ran into a few talking creatures that said they saw him. I tracked him this far and I'm guessing he's going all the way up north," Blizzard answered.
Stardust stood up, "Well, lets get going then."
"Blizzard where's the map?" Skyview asked him.
"How did you know I had a map?" Blizzard asked him.
"A store keeper in town said you bought the last map," Stardust answered.
Blizzard picked up his bag and took out a map and handing it to Skyview.
Skyview took the maps and unrolled it, "According to this map, there's only a few towns up north the rest is all snow.
Stardust looked at the map, "There's nothing up north. What would Teriney want up north?"
"The other key," Blizzard answered.
"I can't imagine another key up north in the middle of no where," Stardust replied, "Let start flying we'll get there faster."