Chapter 56: Blizzard's icy shell

Blizzard was sleeping peacefully in the yellow cloth. He could feel the heat from Skyview's body next to him. Blizzard opened his eyes and saw some light. It was hard to tell what time of day it was now that the sun reminded hidden behind the clouds. Blizzard knew they may not even see the sun till they return to Ponyland and yet he felt at home here in the snowy north.
Stardust woke up and shook everyone awake, "Wake up!"
Starfire yawned and tried to stretch but end up kicking Skyview.
"Watch your big feet!" Skyview exclaimed.
"Sorry grouch," Starfire replied.
"You are the reason why I'm such a grouch," skyview replied.
Starfire smiled, "So you finally admit you're a grouch."
Skyview glared angrily at Starfire.
"Ok, stop it you two. Lets eat and be on our way," Stardust told them. He took out the food from his yellow bag and past them around. They sat quietly and ate.

When they were done, Stardust unzipped the yellow cloth and stood outside in the snow. Blizzard was next to step outside, then Luna, Starfire and Skyview. Starfire folded the yellow cloth and packed it in Stardust's bag.
They had been traveling for a few days since they last saw Teriney. It had been snowing most of the time. The snow covering the ground reached to their knees at times and other times it wasn't possible to walk through.
Blizzard followed Stardust as he watched Luna hugging his side again. He knew Luna was cold and he was sure she wished she was back home where it was warmer. He too felt cold, his legs felt even colder.

They walked for hours as Blizzard watched Luna trip in the snow. She fell face down in the snow several times. He wondered if she was simply getting tired of walking or she had trouble walking through deep snow.
"Luna are you alright?" Stardust asked worriedly aft she fell for the fifth time.
"I'm cold, tired and hungry," Luna replied feeling miserable from the cold.
Stardust nuzzled her cold face, "I'm sorry Luna. Just a little bit further, then we can rest."
Luna reluctantly followed him through the deep snow.
Blizzard approached her from behind and nuzzled her face. There wasn't anything he could say that would make her feel better but at lest he could let her know he was there for her.
Luna looked at him and smiled.

The wind began to blow slightly stinging their faces. The snow dust wavered along the ground. Blizzard was starting to feel colder. He looked around at the hills covered in snow and snowy mountains in the distance. It had been awhile since they saw a tree, rock or bush. There was nothing but snow and hills everywhere he looked. It was quiet except for the wind blowing every now and then.
Blizzard thought about what Teriney had said a year ago. He said it was during a bad blizzard when he found the tents. He had set them on fire killing everyone inside but Blizzard wasn't touched by the fire. He had somehow made his body cold.
As he walked he began to wonder if the fire couldn't touch his cold body, would the cold snow touch his body as well? Would he still feel the cold? How could he make his body cold? He was little at the time, how did he do it? Blizzard pondered on it and soon he forgot how cold his legs were feeling. He remembered turning the glass at the Ball to ice, he remembered he wanted to do it and it happened. Could he do the same thing? He thought about his cold body and how cold the snow felt. He thought about wanting his body cold like when he was little during the tent fire. His legs soon felt numb or at lest he thought they were. He could no longer feel the cold snow. His body soon felt warm on the inside.
"Blizzard!" Starfire exclaimed surprisingly.
Everyone stopped and looked at him.
"What?" Blizzard asked worriedly.
"You're..smoking," Starfire replied.
"I'm what?" Blizzard asked worriedly.
"It more like steam, Starfire," Skyview pointed out.
Blizzard looked at his legs and body and saw steam raising from his coat.
"I did it," Blizzard replied smiling.
"Did what?" Starfire asked.
"Are you alright?" Luna asked worriedly and yet curious about the steam coming from his body.
"I feel fine, actually," Blizzard replied, "I remember Teriney saying that the tent fire didn't touch me and that I was too cold to touch. So I thought I'd try it again worked. I don't feel cold now."
Luna approached him and touched his steaming coat. She quickly pulled her hoof away and shivered, "'re so cold!"
"Really?" Blizzard asked curiously.
Skyview approached him and looked closely at his coat, "How interesting. Your body even looks cold as ice and yet you feel fine. I wonder if you had insulated the warmth in your body and yet your outer body made some kind of shield to hold the heat."
"That's quite interesting," Stardust muttered, "It's probably best not to try and touch Blizzard when he's like that. I don't want to be braking ice if he accidently touches us." Stardust looked at Luna's hoof which had a little bit of ice on it.
"I see your point," Starfire muttered looking at Luna's hoof.
"I'm sorry Luna," Blizzard told her.
"It's alright, Blizzard," Luna smiled, "Just be very careful when your like that."
Blizzard smiled at her, "Believe me I will. "
"Well, now that we stopped lets rest and eat," Stardust proposed, "Skyview could you make a blanket for us to sit on?"
"Sure," Skyview replied. His horn began to glow. A cloud appeared flattening itself. Stardust was the first to step on it then everyone else followed. They sat on the cloud waiting for Stardust to take out the food. Blizzard dropped the icy shell on his body and soon he felt the cold wind stinging his face and legs. He only dropped the icy shell long enough to finish eating.
Once they were done, they continued on their journey through the deep snow.