Chapter 57: Turning Back

It was another day in the cold north, wondering endlessly around the snowy hills. Luna buried her face in Stardust's furry cloak and hugging her body next to his. The wind blew, stinging their cold faces and shivering legs. The dust of snow blew up in their faces. Snow began to fall from the clouds covering their backs. Luna was freezing, her body shook in the cold wind. The deep snow was making it hard for her to lift her legs as she walked. She often felt like tripping or started to.
She thought about home and how warm it was. She thought about her baby brother and how much she missed him. She loved snow and it had never felt as cold she was feeling now. Her steaming breath was lost in the blowing snow, her eyes didn't dare open.

After a few minutes of tempting to trip and she finally did and fell flat in the snow. She laid there not wanting to move. She was to cold to move another inch. She felt like giving up.
"Luna!" Stardust cried. He approached her and saw her laying in the snow, "Get up."
"I'm cold. It's to cold," Luna cried as tears began to fall.
"I know Luna but you can't stopped. You'll freeze. You got to keep moving," Stardust told her.
"I can't," Luna cried.
Stardust grabbed her with his hooves and stood her on her legs, "Come on, Luna. Stay with me for a little bit longer."
Luna's legs were worn out from trampling through the snow but she reluctantly followed him.

They walked in the wind for an hour till Luna finally gave up and fell in the snow again.
"Luna," Stardust called her.
Luna laid there crying. She was tired, cold and her legs ached from the cold.
"I think we better stop and rest till the storm stops," Stardust yelled over the wind.
Starfire took out the yellow cloth from Stardust's bag and unfolded it. Luna slowly got to her feet and climbed inside. Stardust followed her inside, then Skyview, Blizzard and Starfire. Luna laid next to her father as her body shivered. Stardust nuzzled her and laid his head on hers, "I'm sorry Luna. Just hang in there a little bit longer."
"It's cold. So cold," Luna muttered.
Starfire laid behind Luna to help warm her warm. Blizzard laid in front of her and Skyview laid next to her in front of Starfire.
"Does that help?" Starfire asked.
Luna smiled, "Yes. Thank you."

They laid for hours listening to the wind howling and the snow covering their yellow cloth. Skyview lit his horn to give some light. His ears began to hurt at the sounds of the loud howling wind. He buried his face between his front legs.
"What's wrong?" Starfire asked worriedly.
"The sound of the wind is hurting my ears," Skyview replied.
"Didn't you bring your ear plugs?" Stardust asked.
Skyview looked up and quickly dug through his bag, "I certainly did. I completely forgot about them." He took out his ear plug and quickly put them in his ears, "that's better. Thanks." he smiled and laid his head down. He wasn't able to hear a thing, no wind howling, or his brothers talking, only silence.
Stardust smiled, "I was wondering how long it was going to take till his ears started to hurt him."
Starfire smiled and laid his head down listening to the wind blowing, "Stardust, we've been out here for half a week. We're cold and we'll run out of food very soon. We should head back to that last town and rest for a bit. At lest for Luna's sake."
Stardust looked at Luna and saw she had fallen fast a sleep, "I guess you're right. We hadn't seen Teriney since that day on the cliff. Maybe we past him. We'll head back to town when the storm stops."
Starfire smiled, "that sounds good to me."