Chapter 58: Lost in the snow

Everyone woke up from their sleep in the yellow cloth. The heavy snow covered them over night. Stardust was the first to wake up. He forced himself to sit up causing the snow to slide off of him.
"Wake up!" Stardust yelled. He shook Skyview wake since he had ear plug in his ears and wasn't able to hear him.
Skyview opened his eyes and yawned, then he took out his ear plugs.
Luna yawned and sat up, she felt warm with her uncles and Blizzard crowding around her.
Stardust past the food around, "There's not much food left so we're heading back to that last town."
Luna smiled greatly at the thought of that warm stove that was in the store.

When they had finished eating, Stardust unzipped the yellow cloth and stood outside with Luna behind him, then Blizzard, Starfire and Skyview. The snow was deeps to their knees. Blizzard made an icy shell on his body to keep himself warm. Starfire folded the cloth and packed it in Stardust's bag.
They began walking through the snow, going over hills and flat lands. They tried their best to avoid the deepest snow spots.
Skyview was further left then his brothers were, each walking side by side. Then suddenly Skyview fell in the deep snow burying his whole body.
"Skyview?" Stardust called to him.
Skyview winked next to Stardust, "It's pretty deep over there."
Stardust smiled, "So I noticed."
"The hills seems to be less deep than flat land," Blizzard observed.
"Then Lets find a hill to walk on but be careful everyone," Stardust said.
They continued walking and slowly climbed a hill, then they walked along a hill top and looking around. There was still nothing but snow and hills. The wind wasn't blowing so Luna was able to look around but her legs were still cold. The snow wasn't as deep on the hill than it was on the flat lands. Luna found it easier to walk since the snow didn't reach her knees. They walked up and down hills wondering endlessly through the snow.
"Stardust are you sure this is the way to the town?" Starfire asked.
Stardust stopped and looked at him, "I'm not...really sure, Starfire. The hills and mountains seems to change after each snow storm. I'm not sure if this is the right way or not."
"So you're say that we're lost?" Skyview asked.
Stardust looked away, "If you two know the way then feel free to lead on."
Skyview, Starfire and Blizzard looked around and they had to admit that everything looked the same.
"I guess you're right, Stardust," Skyview admitted.
"Everything looks the same," Starfire added.
"I know. Since the sun is gone I have no way of telling which way is south, east, west or north," Stardust turned and looked at his brothers, "I'm sure we'll fine away out of here."
"But didn't that store keeper say those who comes here rarely return to town?" Starfire asked.
"He didn't say they never return," Stardust pointed out.
"Why don't Starfire fly above the clouds and find out where we are?" Blizzard suggested.
Stardust smiled greatly, "Why, that's a great idea."
"At lest someone else came up with a great idea," Skyview muttered looking at Starfire.
Starfire glared at him, "I would have thought about it eventually."
"Starfire, fly above the clouds and tell me where the sun is," Stardust told him.

Starfire took his bag off and his cloaks, then he flapped his wings and flew from the ground. He flew straight up and the higher he got the colder it felt. Soon he was able to reach the clouds.
Stardust, Skyview, Blizzard and Luna watched the clouds as he disappeared into it. It was several minutes till he came out and fell like a rock. When he came close to the ground he slowed down and landed. His wings had ice on it and so did his black coat.
"It's colder in the air than the ground," Starfire told them. He quickly put on his cloaks and bag, warming his cold icy wings in the process.
"Well?" Stardust asked.
"The sun is right above us," Starfire answered.
"That wasn't much help," Skyview muttered.
"We'll have to try again later if it's not to cold," Stardust told them, "For now we'll keep walking."
They began walking along the top of the hill.