Chapter 59: Avalanche

The wind blew and snow fell making it hard to see the hills in the distance. Their hair blew wildly in the wind, dancing and swirling. Their cloaks flapped furiously like wings.
"Stardust!" Starfire yelled, "The storm is getting bad!"
"I know!" Stardust yelled.
The clouds became thick and dark the wind was getting stranger.
"We got to rest till the storm passes!" Starfire told him.
"The snow is too deep. We would be buried deep in snow by morning!" Stardust yelled.
Luna covered her face in his furry cloak. Blizzard stood as if the cold wind didn't bother him. Skyview held his head to his chest trying to hide from the wind and snow.
"There's something over there!" Blizzard pointed.
Stardust looked and saw what could barley be seen as a mountain, "Lets go there and find cover till the storm passes!"
They agreed and walked against the wind towards the mountain. As they approached it they saw it was partly covered in snow but there were some rocks on it. Stardust found an easier path to climb the mountain.
"Stardust!" Starfire yelled, "Is this safe to climb this mountain in this storm?"
"It's not safe anywhere!" Stardust told him.
"He's right, Skyview yelled, "We can't rest on flat land, the snow could be over our head and crush us by morning. Lets find a cave or something and quick. My ears are killing me!"
They walked higher and higher towards the mountains checking each crack, when suddenly they heard a loud thundering sound.
"Dad, what's that noise?" Luna yelled feeling scared.
Stardust looked up and gasped. Snow was rushing down the mountain towards him. Stardust push Luna against the rocky wall hoping it would save her. The snow fell sweeping him and everyone away. Everything suddenly went black and then silence.

When the storm had died down, Skyview was able to use his cloud to poke a hole in the snow above him. With him was Starfire and an unconscious Blizzard. He used the cloud to slowly make a bigger hole till it was big enough to climb out. Starfire was the first to climb out then he pulled Blizzard out and then Skyview climbed out.
The two stood and looked around. Everything was white even the side of the mountain. They had somehow gotten swept down the mountain and stopped at the base of it.
The two looked around worriedly.
"I don't see Stardust!" Starfire exclaimed.
"I don't feel him either but I do feel Luna," Skyview replied, "Leave Blizzard there and help be find Luna."
Starfire carefully sat Blizzard down on the snow and walked with Skyview a feet away. They stopped where their senses was the strongest. They quickly began to dig deeply till they found Luna. Skyview pulled her out of the snow. She was freezing like Blizzard is and was unconscious as well.
"It's a good things she's not awake," Skyview muttered, "She'd fall apart if she knew Stardust wasn't here."
"But where is he?" Starfire asked, "I don't see him or feel him. Skyview..."
"Don't' even say it Starfire. He's a strong pony. I can't believe an avalanche would...kill him," Skyview exclaimed.
The brothers stood looking around neither one had their bags or cloaks and neither one knew what they were going to do.
"Skyview," Starfire muttered, "We can't survive for more than a few days out here."
"I know," Skyview replied, "our only hope is to find Stardust." Skyview looked up and saw the snow was falling again, "The storm is picking up again. We'll wait till the storm passes before looking for Stardust."
"But, Skyview. He's buried in snow. He may not survive much longer either," Starfire muttered.
"I thought you were strong and always looked on the positive side?" Skyview asked.
"It's kind of hard to do at the moment considering he's our big brother and King of Ponyland and just had a new baby son!" Starfire yelled.
"Starfire!" Skyview yelled, "I know that. Stardust is strong. When is the first time something ever stopped him? I can't think of one and I doubt this snow will stop him. A pony who can shake an entire castle will have no trouble surviving this avalanche."
"You're right. I'm sorry," Starfire muttered looking worriedly at Skyview.
Skyview smiled, "Lets get Blizzard and huddle together. I'll have to cover us with my cloud."

Skyview held Luna in his arms and walked over to Blizzard, then he and Starfire sat down. Skyview laid Luna on the snow and used his horn to make a cloud dome. A few minutes had past and the storm suddenly came strong. They laid close together listening to the storm howling.
"This could go on for hours," Starfire pointed out, "Are you able to hold the cloud that long?
"I'll have to or we could freeze to death," Skyview replied.

Hours had went by and Skyview was feeling tired. Starfire watched him closely to be sure he didn't fall asleep.
"Don't sleep, Skyview," Starfire told him.
"I'm trying not to," Skyview replied, "Why don't you argue or something. That always keeps me wide awake."
"Argue about what?" Starfire asked.
"Anything I don't care as long as it keeps me awake till the storm passes," Skyview told him.
"I'll think of something," Starfire replied.
"Yes you do that, your good at thinking," Skyview replied.
"So are you," Starfire replied.
"Sure. You're the one who comes up with great ideas," Skyview pointed out.
"I can't help it if you don't have good ideas," Starfire replied.
The two spent the day arguing just to keep each other awake as they tried to stay warm.