Chapter 62: Knowing new friends and the valley

After they had just finished eating in the dinning room, they walked through the short hallway to the large empty room. They sat on the floor around the square hole in the middle of the floor where the fire used to be. Whisper sat next to her mother still staring at their guests.

"So how come no one knows about this valley?" Starfire asked curiously.
"It's just well hidden. The closer you get to this valley the harder the storm is. The Storm hides this place. Outside these walls it may looks like another steep mountain so quite a few ponies goes around it. Those who tries to go over the walls either die in the storm or barley survives. Once they come to this valley they fall in love with the beauty of it and decides to stay never to leave again," Raindrop explained.
"So there are others that came from outside this valley?" Skyview asked.
"Yes but it's been a long time since this valley had new visitors. Ponies will be thrilled to see you all, especially Skyview, Starfire and Luna," Raindrop answered.
"I figured that," Skyview muttered.
"Stardust, you said you're not staying here?" Raindrop asked.
"No, we're leaving but not anytime soon. We may stay for awhile though," Stardust replied.
"So you will need a place to stay then. My home is small and there's only two bedrooms for me and my daughter but you are welcome to stay here and sleep in this room," Raindrop proposed.
"Thank you. This room will be perfect," Stardust told her.
"Why are there no doors here?" Starfire asked.
"We don't need doors, We know each other here and it's so warm in this valley all the time so there's no need for doors," Raindrop explained.
"You mean it never snows here?" Starfire asked.
"No, never. Not even once has it ever snowed. It's like this all year round," Raindrop answered.
"What if it rains?" Starfire asked.
"It doesn't rain either," Raindrop answered.
"So how does the planets in this valley survive without rain?" Skyview asked.
"There's a mist that comes every night and covers the valley. It waters all the planets, then by morning the mist disappears," Raindrop explained.
"That's very interesting," Skyview muttered.
"So how is it that the storm never comes to this valley or gets cold?" Stardust asked curiously.
"I don't know. The snow storm never goes past the walls. I've lived here all my life and so have my parents and their parents. This valley has always been here and never changed," Raindrop explained.
"Raindrop, you live here alone with your daughter?" Starfire asked.
"Yes, just me and Whisper," Raindrop explained.
"What happened to your husband?" Stardust asked.
"Please, I rather not talk about that," Raindrop replied looking at the floor.
"I'm sorry," Stardust replied. He looked at her face and eyes, she was upset and scared at the same time.
"What is this room for?" Skyview asked, "It's so empty."
"We rarely us it. It's mostly used for meetings and guests," Raindrop explained.
"What is it that you do here in the valley?" Skyview asked.
"I have a garden I spend my time on and sell food in the market. That's pretty much it," Raindrop explained, "We don't spend much time indoors."
"I can see why," Starfire replied, "It's pretty outside."

Raindrop and Whisper stood up from the floor after glancing outside.
"It's going to get dark soon, we'll bring out your pillows and blankets to sleep on," Raindrop said. She and whisper left the room.
"This is an intrusting place," Skyview commented.
"It certainly is," Starfire agreed looking at the hall for Raindrop.
"Dad, how long are we staying?" Luna asked.
"For a few days," Stardust replied.
"We'll rest before we continue our search for..." Stardust paused just as Raindrop and Whisper entered the room with an arm full of pillows and blankets.
Raindrop and Whisper sat them on the floor in front of their guests.
"Breakfast is at sun up. Tomorrow I can show you around town after dinner," Raindrop told them, "Goodnight."
"Goodnight," Stardust replied.
"Goodnight," Starfire replied smiling at her.
Raindrop smiled at him and left with Whisper.

Stardust took a pillow and blanket and handing them to Luna, then he took a pillow and blanket for himself. Skyview, Starfire and Blizzard did the same. They spread themselves around the room and laid their blankets out on the wooden floor, then they sat their pillows on the floor. Starfire and Blizzard laid on one side of the room while Luna, Stardust and Skyview laid on the other side of the room.
Blizzard laid on his blanket with his head raised high. He could see past the doorway and out into the forest. It wasn't as bright at it was a minute ago, the longer he watched the quicker it got dark. A light misty fog began to appear on the grass and slowly rolling into the house. Fireflies flew above the mist as their light flashed on and off.
"Stardust, do you think we could stay a little longer than two days?" Starfire asked laying his head down.
"We came out here for a reason Starfire," Stardust whispered as he laid his head on the pillow.
"I wouldn't be surprised if it had something to do with a certain girl," Skyview whispered.
Stardust smiled, "Oh, I see."
"I've seen the way you look at her and how you told her goodnight," Skyview whispered, "I know you very well."
"Alright so I like her," Starfire whispered turning his head from his brothers.
"Ok, four days then," Stardust told him.
Starfire looked at him and smiled, "Thanks."
Stardust yawned, "Now lets get some sleep."

It was after midnight, the stars shined brightly. The mist was thick, the crickets made loud noises in the grass. Everyone was asleep except for Raindrop. She left her room quietly and walked to the big room where her guests laid sound asleep. She stopped and stared at Blizzard with a suspicious look. Then she smiled at Starfire's sleeping face and active feet. After several minutes, she left the room and walked outside onto her wooden porch. She turned left and sat at the edge of the porch staring sadly into the dark misty forest that half surrounded her house.
Whisper left her room and walked through the big room not realizing that Skyview was awake. He laid still watching her leave the room. Then he listened carefully wondering what was going on.

Whisper stood on the porch looking around for her mother and saw her sitting at the side of the house on the porch. Whisper quietly approached her and sat next to her, "Mom. Are you ok?"
"I'm fine," Raindrop answered.
"It's...returned hasn't it?" Whisper asked worriedly.
Raindrop lowed her head staring at the grass below her, "Yes. It has."
Whisper leaning on her and laid her head on her shoulder.
Raindrop looked at her and smiled, "I'll be fine eventually. It'll go away like it always does."
"But it's been so long since..." Whisper began to say but she was quickly interrupted.
"Please Whisper. Don't worry. Just go back to bed. I'm just going to sit here for awhile."
Whisper stood up and looked at her worriedly, "Are you sure?"
Raindrop smiled at her, "Yes I am. Now goodnight."
"Goodnight," Whisper replied then she left and went into the house.
Raindrop's smile quickly faded as she stared into the darkness, "Why now? After all this time."