Chapter 67: Animal Whisper

It was after breakfast when Luna noticed Whisper was leaving the house. Luna wondered where she was going. Didn't she care about the guests in her house? Who were her friends she talked about most of the time?
Luna stood on the porch watching Whisper run into the forest. Luna had rarely talked to her and Whisper seemed like a quiet pony. Curious as to where Whisper was going Luna left the porch and walked into the forest. She walked quietly wondering the forest and hoping to find Whisper. The longer she walked the more birds she heard. There were birds in almost every tree she saw. They stared at her as she past them. It gave Luna chills up her back, it was almost as if they were keeping an eye on her for some reason.

Animals scattered when they saw her, some hid in trees while watching her. Luna felt even more nervous. Why were so many animals watching her? Luna roamed the forest, passing thick bushed, old trees that had vines hanging from their limbs. Luna paused when she heard a sudden noise. She followed the noise as it got louder. She eventually figured it was a pony laughing and talking. When she came to a clearing she quickly hid behind a large round tree and watched. To her surprise it was Whisper with her horn glowing surrounded by birds and small animals smiling and laughing. A red and yellow bird fly to Whisper chirping loudly. Whisper's smile faded quickly then she looked in Luna's direction.
Luna wasn't sure what was going on but she figured she had better leave. She turned and had only taken a few steps when Whisper winked in front of her.
"You saw it didn't you?" Whisper exclaimed.
Her tone of voice caught Luna off guard, it wasn't something she had expected to hear from her.
"Saw what?" Luna asked.
"Me and the animals know don't you?" Whisper asked sounding demanding.
"Know what?" Luna exclaimed feeling annoyed by her, "All the animals around you?"
"No, talking to them. You saw me talking to them!" Whisper cried.
Luna looked away from her, "I'm sorry but there's no need to get upset with me."
Whisper walked around her to face her, "Please don't tell anyone. Only my mom and aunt knows."
Luna smiled at her, "I know how you feel. I too had a great secret I didn't want anyone to know," Luna left the forest and stood in the clearing with the warm sun hitting her back.
"What do you mean?" Whisper asked curiously.
Luna looked at her, "I can do many things. Only my parents knew, then my friends found out and then more ponies found out. Soon it was no longer a big secret but," Luna paused and smiled at her, "It really doesn't bother me if they all know. Sooner or later someone will find out about your secret."
"No. I will not let anyone else find out," Whisper quickly told her.
"I found out, Whisper and I think it's great that you can talk to animals. It's something special only you can do."
Whisper smiled, "Really? You...don't mind?"
Luna smiled greatly, "I don't mind at all."
"So why were you following me?" Whisper asked.
"What makes you think I was following you?" Luna asked curiously.
"The birds just told me," Whisper replied.
"Well, I wanted to see where you went everyday and meet your friends," Luna replied.
Whisper smiled, "well you've already seen my friends." she left Luna and approached the animals that sat waiting for her, "These are my friends."
"You don't have any pony friends?" Luna asked looking at all the animals that was with her.
"No, they treat me differently," Whisper replied then she smiled at Luna, "Come meet my friends."
Luna approached them as Whisper introduced them to her. They spent most of the day playing with the animals till dinner time.

Blizzard looked around the house for Luna, he even checked the garden and didn't find her. Stardust sat on the porch watching him, curious as to what Blizzard was doing he left the porch and approached Blizzard.
"Is something wrong?" Stardust asked.
"Do you know where Luna is?" Blizzard asked.
Stardust stood silently using his senses to pinpoint her location. He turned and pointed, "She's coming from the forest."
Blizzard left Stardust and stood at the edge of the forest waiting. He felt relieved when she finally came out of the forest.
Luna approached him and smiled, "Were you waiting for someone?"
Blizzard smiled, "I hadn't seen you all day so I got a little worried."
Stardust laughed, "Sure a little worried. He was searching the house and grounds for you."
Blizzard blushed which made Luna laugh, "I was in the forest playing with Whisper."
Whisper smiled and went into the house. Skyview stood on the porch watching when he noticed Stardust standing next to the house. He turned and approached Stardust, "Dinner is ready."
Luna nuzzled Blizzard on the cheek and whispering in his ear, "I found out that Whisper can talk to animals." Blizzard nuzzled her back and whispered in her ear, "All animals?"
"Yes even the birds," Luna whispers still nuzzling him. Then she stood back and smiled, "Lets go eat."
Blizzard smiled and followed her into the house.
"Well?" Stardust asked looking at Skyview.
Skyview looked at the trees and saw the birds chirping happily in the trees, "I'll tell you later."
Stardust followed Skyview into the house wondering what all was said.