Chapter 74: Whisper and the Princes

It was in the afternoon when Stardust returned from his walk with Starfire. They were trying to find a pony who would give them answers, they even checked the towns but no one would tell them anything. Luna and Blizzard were laying next to each other on the grass at the side of the house, enjoying the piece and quiet. Stardust and Starfire approached them quietly.
"What's the two love birds doing?" Stardust asked smiling.
"Dad, do you mind?" Luna asked blushing.
Stardust laughed, "Have you two been laying here all day?"
"It's quiet and besides what else can we do?" Luna asked.
"I'm sure you two could have thought of something," Stardust answered.
"You know Stardust, it's a bit too quiet. We haven't had any fun with Luna in sometime," Starfire pointed out.
Stardust smiled at Luna who looked at him worriedly. Stardust grabbed her and turned her on her back, then he started tickling her. Starfire joined in, Blizzard just sat and watched her laugh.

Whisper was laying on her bed by the wall when she heard Luna laughing. She sounded very happy, the one thing she didn't really have. She spent most of the time worrying about her mother's sadness. She wished she had a family like Luna to make her happy and care for her. She wished she had a boyfriend like Luna but she knew non of the boys would care for her like Blizzard does for Luna.
She laid on the bed continuing to listen.
"Blizzard why don't you try?" Stardust suggested.
"" Blizzard asked not sure if he wanted to try and tickle her.
"Just lightly rub her stomach and she'll laugh. She's very ticklish there," Stardust explained.
Stardust and Starfire stopped letting Luna catch her breath. Blizzard touched her stomach and began to rub making her laugh again. He smiled greatly, realizing it was pretty fun making her laugh.
Just then a cloud floated out of the sky and landed next to Stardust. Skyview returned to his pony form.
"You been gone all day," Stardust observed.
"I went to Birdie's house for awhile," Skyview replied.
"You been going there a lot," Starfire pointed out.
"And you been sticking with Raindrop like glue," Skyview pointed out.
Starfire glared at him.
"You haven't told her have you? I mean who we really are?" Stardust asked.
Whisper gasped, she laid very still not wanting to miss every word.
"No, you said not to. Besides I don't know how she'll react if I told her I'm a Prince," Skyview replied, "I'm sure Starfire doesn't want to shock Raindrop that he's a prince as well."
"I have no idea how she'll take it if she knew," Starfire replied.
"Who we are doesn't mater, it has nothing to do with this valley so I didn't see the need to tell the ponies in the valley but...I want to be warned if one of you tell any of your girlfriends about us," Stardust said.
"Of course Stardust, why wouldn't we?" Skyview asked.
"Just making sure," Stardust replied, "Come lets talk away from Blizzard and Luna, I have news to tell you what Luna found out about the crest." Skyview and Starfire followed Stardust back to the road.

Whisper sat up in bed, her heart was racing with worry. They knew about the crest and they're asking to many questions and now they're Princes too. She realized why they were so interested in the castle.
"So they want Winterfall Castle," Whisper thought, "Well they'll never get it."
She thought since they were Princes they were looking for a kingdom of their own. She stood up from her bed.
"I got to warn mom," Whisper muttered.
Then she left her room.