Chapter 75: Mysterious Picture

Blizzard sat on the porch with Luna thinking about the castle and the soldiers when the black ponies left the house.
Stardust stopped and smiled at Luna, "Are you coming with us or are you staying here?"
"I'll stay here," Luna answered.
"Now why doesn't that surprise me," Skyview muttered.
"Blizzard how about you?" Stardust asked.
"I'm staying here. I want to do some thinking," Blizzard answered.
"Oh? About what?" Stardust asked.
"About the castle," Blizzard answered.
"Ok. We'll see you two love birds later," Stardust replied winking at them.
Luna blushed as they walked away laughing. Blizzard smiled then he laid down on the porch and rested his head on his front legs.

Raindrop left the house and looked at Blizzard, "I'll be back shortly." Then she walked down the path. The house was now empty, only Luna and Blizzard was still there. Whisper had left after breakfast and wasn't expected to be back for sometime. The house was quiet and the breeze blew through Blizzard's and Luna's fur. Their hair waved in the wind. They laid on the porch enjoying the peaceful afternoon alone, Luna felt so comfortable she even caught herself falling a sleep a few times. Blizzard was still wide awake thinking of the secret everyone was keeping and why. What did it have to do with the castle? What secrets did it hold?

Stardust and his brothers walked on the road talking together about how they could get more answers in the valley. They were stuck and didn't know what else to do. The last information they got was from Luna about the crest.
"We need to find out what's going on," Stardust remarked.
"I ran out if ideas, Stardust. I have tried everything," Skyview replied.
"I have no idea what to do now. Raindrop refuses to talk about the castle or the secret everyone has and Birdie is to scared to mention it like everyone else. I think we should wait till Blizzard gets more information from the castle," Starfire suggested.
"I thought you didn't have an idea," Skyview pointed out.
"I was just pointing out what we know and suggested a few things," Starfire replied.
"Have you two noticed how strange Raindrop seems towards us all of a sudden?" Stardust asked.
"She is always acting strange. If you ask me she is one strange and troublesome pony," Skyview replied.
"I noticed," Starfire replied, "She's been looking at me strangely and asking the oddest questions."
"Like what questions?" Stardust asked.
"Where I'm from? Who are my parents? and stuff like that," Starfire replied.
"Sounds like she just wants to know you better," Skyview commented.
"She even asked how big my house was," Starfire added.
"I see. That is a rather odd question," Stardust replied.
"I think she's up to something," Starfire replied, "I answered all her questions but some how I don't think those are the answers she's expecting."

Blizzard was lost in his thoughts not realizing that Luna was asleep next to him. The birds flew from tree to tree chirping happily.
The wind blew again rustling the leaves in the trees when a loud noise suddenly came from inside the house. Luna jumped awake and looked around.
"What was that?" Luna asked.
Blizzard stood up, "I'll go check it out." He left the porch and went into the house. He checked the large room but everything seemed normal. He walked down the hall and into the kitchen but everything was normal too. He was about to go outside when he heard a crashing sound. He turned and hurried down the hall. It was coming from Whisper's room, he was sure of it. He knocked on the door, "Whisper?"
He wondered if Whisper had returned and fell in her room. He cracked the door open, he knew he shouldn't do it but he was worried for Whisper when she didn't answer. Thoughts of her hurt and knocked out raced through his head as he opened the door wider. The room was small, there was enough room for a bed on one side of the room and a dresser on the other side by the window. The curtain blew wildly in the wind. Blizzard noticed the fallen picture frames on the floor and figured the curtains had knocked them down. He walked to the pictures and began picking them up and setting them on the dresser away from the window. Every picture was a different pony, some were Raindrop and her sister ,some were Whisper and Raindrop. Blizzard froze when he saw a baby pony in Raindrop's arms. It was a green unicorn with crystal eyes, it reminded him of his flash back he had when he saw a baby pony. He carefully set the picture on the dresser and picked up the last picture. He was about the set it on the dresser when he paused, something about the two ponies in the picture felt familiar. He might have seen them on his travels when he was working for Teriney but he wasn't sure. It was a picture of a Unicorn who looked a lot like Whisper, only she was a darker green and had a strip of green in her hair, she was also a twinkle eyed pony. The male next to her was sky blue with dark blue and white hair.
"What!...Just what do you think you're doing?!" A voice shouted angrily.
Blizzard turned and saw Whisper who looked very angry. She approached him and snatched the picture from his hooves. Luna arrived just in time to see a yelling match.
"The pictures fell. I was..." Blizzard tried to explain but Whisper didn't listen she was to angry to hear his excuses.
"You broke in my room and was nosing around!" Whisper yelled.
"No I wasn't!" Blizzard yelled angrily, "I was..."
"Mind your own business!" Whisper yelled.
"The pictures fell!" Blizzard yelled, "I was picking them up!"
"I know what I saw," Whisper yelled.
"You miss understood what you saw!" Blizzard yelled angrily.
"Get out!" Whisper yelled pushing Blizzard out of her room and throwing him at Luna, "Get out and stay out of my room!" She slammed the door in Blizzard's and Luna's face.
"Luna, I was picking them up," Blizzard explained, "What's wrong with that?"
"Nothing that I know of," Luna replied still surprised at Whisper's actions. She thought Whisper would thank him for picking up the pictures.
Just then the door opened again, Whisper poked her head out, tears streamed down her face, "Don't you dare come near my room again!" Whisper yelled then she closed the door. Blizzard and Luna left as they listened to her crying.
"I don't get it. Why cry over fallen pictures. I mean I was only picking them up. I simply don't get it," Blizzard muttered.
Luna leaned her head on his shoulders. There was nothing she could say to help him. She too was confused about it. Why did Whisper get so upset? Entering a girl's room would upset any girl but not to the point of crying. Something else had upset her.

Blizzard and Luna walked to the porch and laid down. Blizzard tried to think about the castle but the picture of the two ponies was still burned into his mind. Who were they? Blizzard hadn't seem them in the valley. Whisper didn't get upset till she saw what he was holding, she was simply mad at him at first. Blizzard felt the picture held a big clue to what was going on and he was determined to find out what it was.