Chapter 78: Walking the halls

After Blizzard had cooled off and gotten over his nightmare he turned himself into a cluster of snowflakes and flew from the clearing. He flew over the tree tops and houses. He could see the mist covering everything, even the lakes. The castle was getting closer, it was the tallest building in the valley. He flew over the bridge and over the trees. The soldiers were still standing guard with lanterns at their sides. Blizzard flew to an open window blowing the curtains inward. One of the soldiers noticed a curtain blowing inward. The wind wasn't strong enough to blow a curtain that hard.
"Lets got check the castle," the soldier suggested.
"Why?" another soldier asked.
"Because I saw that curtain move. I'll need two soldiers with me," the soldier replied.
Two soldiers from the group was picked and they followed the white pony soldier into the castle.

Blizzard returned to his pony form and looked around the hall. The walls had paintings that were covered in a dark red cloths. The floor was white marble covered in a red rug stretching throughout the halls. Marble tables were covered also. Everything Blizzard saw was covered in a dark red cloths. It looked like the castle was empty, no one had lived here for years. The halls and rooms were free of dust, someone had been keeping the castle clean but why? Why would they care if no one lived here?
Blizzard peaked under the red cloth and saw an unfamiliar pony, one he had never seen nor did he find it very interesting. He began walking down the hall and looked around and only seeing tables, vases, statues and paintings all covered in dark red cloths. Blizzard stopped every now and then to check under the cloth to see the statues. Sometime he found a few large vases or painting of ponies he didn't care to see. The castle halls were very dark, only the light of the moon shining through the curtains gave some light.
As he walked he heard a noise. He paused and listened, it sounded like hoofs walking the halls. Blizzard didn't move till he saw the light coming from around the corner. Blizzard turned and ran. The soldiers could hear him running.
"Someone is in here!" The white soldier exclaimed.
They split up and ran down several hallways hoping to run into the pony. Blizzard could hear the soldiers coming closer from all directions. Blizzard felt lost in the halls, wondering who was following him and how did they know he was there?
When the sound in front of him stopped, Blizzard slowed down to a walk and scanned the hall but there was no sign of anyone there. He turned around and suddenly something hit him. He dropped to the floor uncontious. The white pony soldier just arrived to see what happened. He looked up at the green pony soldier, "What did you hit him with?"
The green pony soldier held up his sword, "Just the handle. It was the only thing I could think of."
The white pony soldier check Blizzard, "He's alive and...he's that same pony that came yesterday."
"He's persistent," The green pony soldier muttered.
Just then another soldier arrived, "You got the intruder."
"You two pick him up and carry him outside," the white pony soldier told them.
The two soldiers picked up Blizzard and carried him through the halls and down the stairs. The white soldier opened the door while the other soldiers carried Blizzard outside.
"Now put him on the grass once you pass the fence," the white soldier told them.

The soldiers past the fence, crossed the path and laid Blizzard on the grass.
The white pony soldier shook Blizzard till he began to moan from the pain on his head.
Blizzard moaned and felt his head, it was throbbing from the sharp pain. He looked up and saw an angry soldier staring at him. He slowly got to his feet.
"I don't know how you managed to get in the castle but if we see you will be throne out of the valley," the soldier told him, "Do you understand me?"
"Yes," Blizzard replied, "Now you understand me. I'm going to find out what's going on one way or another. You can try and throw me out but if I don't want to go, I won't go." Then Blizzard turned and walked through the bushes. He couldn't wait to get back to the house and lay down, his head was still throbbing.

The three soldier went back to the gate and stood in line.
"So how did he get inside?" another soldier asked.
The white pony looked at him serious, "That's what I wanted to know. We all stood here watching and he didn't pass us. Just how did he get in?"
"I...I don't know."
"We all better hope we don't get in trouble for this," the white pony said.