Chapter 81: Whisper's Secret

Blizzard left Luna at the house and waited till he was out of sight before turning into a cluster of snowflakes. His head stopped throbbing when he turned into snowflakes. He flew over the trees tops and houses. Ponies in the meadows and roads didn't even noticed him. How could they see him? He was almost invisible against the white clouds.
He flew on the wind as it carried him to the castle. This time he entered the castle from the back, flying over the large garden and archways and into a window. He returned to his pony form and began walking quietly. She peaked around corners making sure the hallways were clear of soldiers. He wanted to be sure one of them didn't knock him out again. He remembered the soldier's warning but he didn't care if they did throw him out. He wanted to know what secrets the castle held.

He roamed the halls carefully passing the windows making sure not to disturb the closed curtains.
He began peaking under the dark red cloths. He saw painting of ponies he never saw and statues he didn't like. He was at the top floor and decided to check the rest of the floors. After he walked around the top floor he found a set of stairs and went down.
When he got to the next floor and roamed the halls looking at covered paintings, some were painting of old kings and the castle, some were painting of the valley. It looked like the valley and houses never changed, only the trees had grown bigger and some places had tree were there wasn't any trees now. As fascinating as the painting was he had to continue looking around, he knew he hadn't found what he came for but he felt he was getting close.
He took careful steps through the hall. He stopped and listened for sounds of hoof steps but there wasn't any, only the wind whistling through the curtains. Sunlight danced on the floor and walls as the curtains blew slightly.
He past many doors all had gold designs or gold lining on it. When he went to the next lower level in the castle he noticed more paintings and statues. It was like walking through a fancy museum. He checked under all the cloths covering the painting. One of them was a painting of a male pony. He was sky-blue with dark blue and white hair. On his head was a crown and around his neck was a golden necklace, it looked just like his only it had a crescent moon on it. Blizzard stood and stared at it for along time, something about it seem familiar to him.
Just then he heard someone. A soldier walked around the corner and saw Blizzard.
"Hay you!" A soldier shouted.
Blizzard turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew around the corner. The soldier stood shocked at what he saw. An earth pony disappeared into snow, it just wasn't possible. He ran to the other corner and peaked but saw nothing. Was it a ghost he had seen?

Blizzard flew down to the lower level of the castle and checked more paintings. Then he finally found a painting, one that gave him clues as to the secrets. He took the cloth off and gasped, it was a dark green unicorn with crystal eyes and with white, green and pink hair. On her head was a crown. In her arms was a baby pony that looked a lot like her but lighter in colors. On the pony's neck was something Blizzard couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was his necklace, his golden necklace with diamonds and a snowflake on it. After several minutes Blizzard stared at the baby. Images flash before his mind. Images of a baby green unicorn smiling and laughing. Blizzard was confused the Queen had his necklace the baby looked very familiar.
After staring at it for sometime Blizzard realized who the baby was, he felt stupid for not realizing it sooner.
"So Whisper is a princess. Now that makes sense but what is the Queen doing with my necklace?" Blizzard thought.