Chapter 83: The secret of the past

Raindrop, Stardust, Skyview, Starfire, Birdie and Luna ran into the castle. Stardust couldn't believe how pretty the inside looked.
"I never seen so many pictures," Starfire muttered looking around the walls.
Just then they heard shouting. One of them was obviously Whisper, her voice seemed to carry down the halls and through walls.
Raindrop and the others ran up the steps on the side to the second first floor. They continued running as the shouting got louder.
"You should never have came!" Whisper shouted, "You just couldn't mind your own business!"
"No I couldn't. How could you keep such a secret?" Blizzard asked angrily.
"That picture is non of your business!" Whisper shouted.
"It is to my business. She is wearing my necklace!" Blizzard yelled.
Whisper was mad and so was Blizzard. Whisper ran at him trying to hit him. Blizzard smiled, his coat began to steam, "I dare you to touch me."
Just as she was about to hit him, Stardust grabbed her and yanked her back by the tail. Whisper was thrown back to the floor. Shocked at what had happened, she looked up to see Raindrop looking angry at her.
"Mom?" Whisper asked surprisingly, "Y-you're here? In the castle? But I didn't think you'd ever get near the castle again."
"It's time for me to stop running and face what happened to your parents," Raindrop replied.
Starfire and Birdie was surprised at the sudden change in Raindrop. She was no long the scared secret pony she was.
"But...Blizzard broke in and..." Whisper began to explained.
"If you had touched him, you would have turned to ice," Stardust explained.
"W-what?" Whisper asked surprisingly as she stood up.
"Just look at him, he's so cold the steam is coming off him. Anything and anyone who touches him will turn to ice," Stardust explained.
Whisper looked at saw cold steam rising from his coat. She remembered when he told to try and touch him.
"But he shouldn't be in here. Non of you should be. Mom he broke in," Whisper exclaimed.
"I most certainly did. I thought I could find out what all the secret is about and instead I find this," Blizzard pointed tot he picture, "Whisper the Princess and my necklace."
"Your necklace?" Raindrop asked staring at him.
"Yes, that is my necklace. Teriney took my necklace and traveled to the north. I tracked him this far to get it back," Blizzard explained still a bit upset.
"That's a lie. That necklace was destroyed in a fire," Whisper explained.
"I'm telling you that is mine!" Blizzard exclaimed angrily.
"Blizzard calm down," Stardust told him.
Luna approached Blizzard, "Please."
Blizzard took a deep breath to relax and letting his icy shell disappear, "Ok."
Raindrop was so shocked that she had to sit down on the bench under the window.
"Raindrop, are you alright?" Starfire asked.
"Blizzard, do you remember that unicorn?" Raindrop asked.
Blizzard looked up at the painting, he remembered her smiling at him, he remembered her giving her necklace to him. He looked at Raindrop with a calm face, "Yes I do. I...I think she gave me her necklace."
"Raindrop," Birdie muttered, "He's the one. He survived, Raindrop."
"That's not possible though," Raindrop replied, "I was surprised to see him when I first saw him but I didn't think is was him. I knew it couldn't be him."
"Mom, What are you and Birdie talking about?" Whisper asked after she had calmed down.
"Whisper, there's something I never told you. I didn't see the need to tell you till now. Whisper, as you know, you are the daughter of Queen Lightwater my best friend and King Sky Ridge. also had an older brother named Blizzard," Raindrop explained.
The news shocked everyone. They turned and stared at Blizzard.
" mean I'm a...A Prince?" Blizzard hesitated to asked.
"How do you know it's him?" Whisper asked, "You should have told me this!"
"I'm sorry Whisper but I thought he was dead," Raindrop replied, "You see around the age of three a Prince or Princess gains their ability. For Prince Blizzard it was ice. He could turn anything to ice if he wanted to and most of the time he did. For you it was talking to animals. Blizzard is heir to this castle." Raindrop stood up and walked to the last painting, she took the cloth off showing a family painting of the King, Queen, Whisper and Blizzard. It was quite obvious to anyone the one in the painting was Blizzard.
Raindrop sat down to rest, she was still shaking from shock.
" old am I?" Blizzard asked.
"You didn't know?" Raindrop asked.
"No, I was to young to know or care to," Blizzard replied.
"You're 17," Raindrop answered, "Whisper is 14." Raindrop took a deep breath, "Queen Lightwater was my best friend. Our parents worked in the castle so I spent most of the time playing with the Princess. We grew up, I watched her get married, I saw Blizzard and Whisper born in the castle. I was their Nanny when the Queen needed me. I was there for her and the King till the day they died. It was a perfect afternoon when three ponies were found wondering around the north. They almost died but when they were healed and back to normal, they told the King and Queen where they were from. They had traveled very far from Ponyland and told the King and Queen about the Royal Ponies there that had amazing abilities. Well King Sky Ridge and Queen Lightwater knew they had found their missing ancestor. The King and Queen decided to travel there, it was going to be a long trip but they would ask the other Kingdoms for help along the way. I went with them to take care of the two babies. Blizzard was 4, Whisper was 1 years old at the time. I went to help care for the two on the long journey. Birdie stayed at the castle cooking, no one could cook better than her. We left the valley with a large group of soldiers while only a hoof full stayed at the castle. When we got tired or a storm came, we quickly set up tents and slept or waited. It was the day I'll never forget, they day when I last saw my best friend alive. A bad storm came and we had to quickly set up tents. I was in the King and Queen's tent sitting by the fire and holding Whisper, the King had giving her his necklace to play with which she often tried to bite on. It was then that we got a visitor who came in our tent for shelter although the cold didn't seem to bother him. The pony was named Teriney, he had the strangest eyes I've ever seen. He saw the Queen's necklace and wanted to buy it. The King said no. Blizzard had a fascination for the Queen's necklace. The diamonds looked like his mother's eyes so he always sat and stared at it. It amazed me how he could sit for so long staring at it. The Queen gave him her necklace to quiet him down while they talked. Teriney eyed Blizzard who sat next to his mother. Teriney tried again to buy it. The shouting had scared Blizzard, he turned and ran to hide, I'm not sure where he went though. Whisper began to cry from Teriney's strong voice. King Sky Ridge sent me to another tent with his daughter so he could talk to Teriney privately. I asked about Blizzard but the Queen said it was alright and to leave him. For years I thought it was a big mistake. I left the tent. I covered the baby as best I could with a blanket and tried to find my way through the thickness of the winter storm. By the time I saw a tent I heard Queen Lightwater screaming. King Sky Ridge was yelling. Both seemed to be in horrible pain. I was scared for both of them and didn't know what to do. Soldiers ran out of their tents almost knocking me down, They too heard the screams. I ran to find another tent but then I heard the soldiers yell and scream with pain. I turned to look and saw them all consumed in fire...even my own father who was captain of the soldiers. It was something I'll never forget, It was like a nightmare coming to life. I was so scared I thought I'd be next so I ran and hid over the snow bank. I turned and peaked to see what happened. Teriney blew fire on all the tents. I stood up and ran back. I was so scared I was crying. Everyone had died even the husbands and sons in this valley. Prince Blizzard was in the tent and I thought he was dead too. All I had was the Princess, that last royal family to be alive. I traveled through the blinding snow using the mountains as my guide. By the time I reached the valley I was frozen, sick and very weak. The Princess had a slight fever but within a few days she was back to normal. As for me It took a few week before I felt better but it took almost a year before I could stop crying long enough to look at Whisper. She looked so much like her mother. The memories were so painful I asked everyone not to ask about it or talk about it. There were whispering among the valley though. When Whisper got older she made them all stop talking about it. For awhile it worked but the memories never stayed away for to long."