Chapter 86: Battle in the valley part 1

Teriney was mad he had wasted to much time talking.
"Get out of my way!" Teriney yelled angrily.
Blizzard stood in front of Teriney looking at him angrily, "I will not let you through!"
"Oh? trying to be brave now huh?" Teriney asked, "Lets see if you're still scared of fire." Teriney took a deep breath and blew fire at him. Blizzard gasped but he realized he must face Teriney. He took a deep breath and blew icy cold wind. Raindrop, Birdie, Whisper, Luna and the black ponies gasped. Neither one wanted to move although it would have been wiser if they did. They found themselves too wrapped up in what was happening to budge.
Teriney stopped and jumped out of the way. Blizzard blew icy darts at him missing him by inches. Teriney jumped out of the way.
"Well what a surprised so the scared little prince does have a backbone," Teriney exclaimed.
"Y-you knew?" Blizzard asked, "You never told me!"
"Now why should I tell you?" Teriney asked smirking, "I saw no need to tell you that. All you need to know was your name. I knew your parents were King and Queen the minute I saw them, that was obvious to anyone who saw them. You how, ever are like your pathetic father." Teriney flapped his leathery wings and hovered in the air. Then he blew fire again.
Blizzard gasped, then he turned into a cluster of snowflakes and scattered. He gather himself on another part of the grass and returned to his pony form. Teriney blew a fireball at him but missed.
Raindrop was amazed at Blizzard's abilities. Whisper was glad Stardust was in the castle to stop her from fighting her own brother, especially after what she saw he could do.

"Stardust we got to do something," Skyview told him.
"I'm thinking," Stardust replied. As he stood and watched Teriney fly around trying to hit Blizzard with fireballs he eventually came up with an idea. "Starfire try knocking him around in the air. Don't slow down, if you do he will fry you. Skyview catch him and kill him while Starfire distracts Teriney.
Starfire flapped his wings and flew around the castle to gain speed, then he flew past Teriney almost knocking him out of the sky. Skyview watched a black streak continued to fly past Teriney making it hard for him to fly. Teriney was getting mad, he flapped hard trying to stay in the air. He suddenly noticed the black blur coming fast at him. Teriney moved just in time. Skyview turned into a cloud and float under him then he floated straight up at him. Teriney noticed something moving, he looked down and saw a cloud coming towards him. Teriney moved to the right to avoid Starfire then he flapped his large leathery wings creating a great wind and blowing Skyview away.

Teriney turned just in time to see a black streak coming towards him. Teriney took a deep breath and blew fire. Starfire swerved out of the way. He gasped when he saw he was flying towards the castle. Starfire turned again and hit the grass rolling till he stopped. Skyview landed next to him turning into his pony form.
"Starfire, are you alright?" Skyview asked worriedly.
Starfire sat up but felt dizzy.
"I'll let you know when everything stops spinning," Starfire answered as he rubbed his head.
"Starfire!" Raindrop shouted frantically.
Starfire and Skyview looked at Raindrop who pointed at Teriney. Starfire and Skyview gasped, Teriney was ready to blow fire again. Stardust looked worriedly at his brothers.
Luna's horn began to glow, her eyes turned green with slits. Suddenly and forcibly, Teriney was thrown back like something had yanked on him. Luna threw Teriney out of the valley and into the snow storms that surrounded the valley.
Starfire and Skyview let out a sigh of relief. Stardust turned and looked at Luna happily, "Thank you, Luna."
Luna smiled as her eye turned purple and the slits became round again.
Raindrop, Birdie and Whisper gasped at Luna.
"Your eyes," Raindrop muttered, "I mean I really saw them...didn't I?"
"Yes," Luna answered.
"It's a long story, Raindrop. When this is all over, we'll tell you the whole story," Stardust replied.
"But isn't it over now?" Birdie asked.
"No," Blizzard asked as he approached the steps, "Teriney does not give up. Throwing him out of the valley will only slow him down. He will return madder than ever."
"So Stardust what do we do? I can't get near him and Starfire is lucky if he can hit Teriney," Skyview pointed out.
"I'm thinking," Stardust replied.
Just then they saw something flying towards them over the tree tops. Fire suddenly surrounded Teriney consuming his whole body. Then the fire began to grow taking shape of a large dragon.
"Stardust you better think of something very fast," Skyview told him.