Chapter 87: Battle in the valley part 2

Teriney had turned himself into a dragon. He towered over tree tops and villages. The flames around his body dissolved. There flying in the air was a tall red, white and green dragons. Two sharp fangs stuck out from his mouth. The stripes on it's back was white, his feet and plated belly was red. He had to four long sharp alicorn horns with five pointed spikes on his head. Two small spikes on his jew and long fins on his neck. From his shoulder to half way past his tail were spikes. At the end of his tail were four sharp spikes. His large leathery green wings flapping .
"Then I will destroy this valley and the castle!" Teriney roared. His voice echoed through the valley. Teriney opened his mouth and began burning the trees and homes.
"Nooo!" Raindrop shouted, tears began to fill her eyes and leak down her cheeks.
"Blizzard go and stop the fire, try to keep him busy while I think of something," Stardust told him.
Blizzard turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew from the castle to the fire that was burning the trees and near by homes.
"Dad, I can go..." Luna began to say.
"No," Stardust quickly said, "I will not have you go up again Teriney."
"No, Luna," Stardust replied again.
"I'm a dragon too!" Luna exclaimed.
"And you're also my daughter!" Stardust exclaimed.
"A dragon?" Raindrop, Birdie and Whisper asked.
"You have no other choice. I'm as big as him. I can handle him," Luna told him.
"He killed you the first time. Your mother will never forgive me if he kills you again," Stardust told him.
Luna looked away sadly, "Do you have another way of stopping him?"
Stardust looked at Teriney getting frustrated the Blizzard was keeping the fire from burning the valley.
"Stardust," Starfire began to say.
"No, I will not send her in battle," Stardust told him.
"I don't think she can defeat him but...she might keep him busy for awhile," Skyview suggested.
"Blizzard is doing that just fine," Stardust replied.
"Stardust, you know she's right. You don't have a choice," Skyview told him.
Stardust looked sadly at Luna. He didn't want to admit but having another dragon on their side would be a great help.
Luna smiled at him, "Please don't worry. I'll be fine."
"But he killed you the first time," Stardust told her.
"I wasn't prepared the first time, dad. I didn't know who or what was going on the first time. He took me by surprise," Luna told him. She winked out and appeared in front of the stairs away from the castle. Stardust ran up to her just as Luna sat down. He gave her a hug, "Be careful."
Luna smiled, "I will."
Stardust backed away and watched as the white waters surrounded her. Her body began to glow brightly. Everyone watched in amazement as she grew as tall as the castle. Then the white water dissolved and the glow disappeared. There in the castle yard sat a white feathered dragon with two pearly horns. Raindrop and Birdie gasped, they knew who they were looking at.
"The one from the crest, the feathered dragon," Raindrop whispered, "This is unbelievable."

Luna flapped her feathery wings and flew from the ground. Teriney heard a noise, he stopped blowing fire and turned to see Kesia flying towards him.
"I knew you would appear eventually," Teriney groaned.
Kesia flew towards him, her spiked nose pointed at him, her sharp teeth showing, her claw spread wide. She prepared herself for a great battle with Teriney. She slammed herself into him causing him to fall out of the sky. They landed and the two growled and tried to bite each other's neck. Teriney clawed Kesia making her cry out. Then she swung her tail at his face.
Stardust stood watching, it hurt to hear her cry out when ever Teriney clawed her or bit on her.
Blizzard flew back to the castle after putting out most of the fire in the valley.
"You sent Luna in to battle with him?!" Blizzard exclaimed surprisingly.
"I had no other choice," Stardust answered.
"Blizzard, I don't like the thought of her fighting him either but I had no other choice. When you rule this valley you will learn there will be times you won't have no choice," Stardust told him.
They turned and watched as Kesia and Teriney fought like wild animals in the valley, roaring and growling. Birdie nuzzled next to Skyview for comfort, hoping Luna would be alright. Raindrop looked at Starfire sadly, she too worried for Luna.

Kesia and Teriney left the ground and flew towards the sky as they continued to fight. Teriney was bigger and he was older than Kesia. He knew what to expect from Kesia.
Kesia used her back feet and clawed his stomach, Teriney let go of Kesia's shoulders and cried painfully. Kesia swung her tail knocking him out of the sky again. Then she blew fire at him but missed him. Teriney had landed and rolled over just in time to avoid the flames.
"Stardust, she can't keep it up," Skyview told him.
"I know and I have no idea what else to do," Stardust told him.
Skyview looked at Starfire, "Think of something!"
"Me?" Starfire asked, "I'm not sure either."
"You have great ideas. Now is the time to think of one," Skyview told him.
"I don't know, Skyview. We don't have the pearl so we can't destroy him," Starfire told him.
"Star Cluster has the pearl and there's no time to travel back to get him," Skyview replied.
"Star Cluster, he could destroy Teriney...couldn't he?" Stardust muttered. He began to think of an idea, one he hoped would work.
"There's no time to go get him, Stardust," Skyview told him.
"We might," Stardust replied. He turned and looked at Raindrop, "Didn't you say there's a gate here?"
"Yes, in the garden behind the castle," Raindrop answered.
"Stardust the gates only goes to another world," Skyview told him.
"Yes but what if you can also go from one gate to another gate in the same world?" Stardust asked, "The Gates are just doorways and the golden necklaces are keys to open them. If we had one key one of us could try to open the door to Dream Castle and bring Star Cluster here."
"Non of us has a key though," Starfire pointed out.
"We have to get one from Teriney. First we need to know where it's hidden on him," Stardust replied. he turned and looked at Whisper who couldn't take her eyes off the dragons. "Whisper can you ask a bird to find a golden necklaces and tell us where it's at one him?"
"Sure," Whisper replied. Her horn began to glow as she called for a fast and yet small bird. A green and yellow bird flew from the trees to her. She gave the bird instructions to find a golden necklaces on the green dragon and to let her know where it was. The bird chirped and left. The bird flew over the tree tops and up to the green dragon while trying to avoid getting hit. He flew around the dragons and checked the neck, then the horns. Then the bird flew back. It chirped at Whisper who understood what the bird was saying.
"Well?" Stardust asked.
"They're on one of his horns close to his ear," Whisper answered.
"Blizzard can you carry object in you're ummm...snowflakes form?" Stardust asked.
"I never tried before," Blizzard answered.
"Well, now is the time to try. Go and get one of the keys. One key will do," Stardust told him.
Blizzard nodded and turned himself into snowflakes. He left the ground and flew towards the dragons.