Chapter 89: Battle in the valley part 4

Star Cluster appeared from the gate and landed in a place he had never seen before and a pony he never seen before.
"Who is this?" Raindrop asked curiously.
"This is our baby brother, Star Cluster," Skyview answered.
"He looks nothing like any of you," Raindrop observed.
"I know," Skyview answered, "Raindrop take us to the front."
Raindrop led then into the castle, through the halls and out the front door again. Star Cluster was amazed at how pretty the inside looked.

When they left the castle through the front doors, Star Cluster stood and gasped surprisingly at the two fighting dragons in the valley. Star Cluster looked around, the valley was surrounded by tall white walls that looked like mountains. Ponies stood against the walls with soldiers in front of them to protect them. Next to him were two ponies he never seen before.
"So Skyview, I see it worked," Stardust observed.
"Yes it certainly did. I just had to think about the other gate and I was there," Skyview explained.
"Umm...where am I? What's going on? Why am I brought here and who are those two ponies?" Star Cluster asked.
"This is the secret Valley in the north. That's Birdie Skyview's girlfriend and you meet Raindrop Starfire's girlfriend. This is Whisper Blizzard's sister," Stardust explained.
"Well my two brothers finally got themselves girlfriends," Star Cluster smiled, "And since when did Blizzard have a sister?"
"Since today when he found out. We'll explain it all to you later. You have the flaming Pearl...right?" Stardust asked.
"Yes, of course I do," Star Cluster answered.
"I want you to destroy the green dragon," Stardust told him.
"Where did that green dragon come from?" Star Cluster asked.
"That is Teriney, Fallen's brother. You destroyed Fallen I want you to do the same to Teriney before he destroys this valley and everyone in it," Stardust told him.
"But I can't, not with Luna in the way," Star Cluster replied.
Stardust watched and gave it some thought. Then he looked at Blizzard, "Can you freeze Teriney?"
"I don't think so, he's to big," Blizzard answered.
"Just freeze his feet to the ground, I want him still long enough for Star Custer to destroy him. Skyview bring Luna back when she returned to normal again." Stardust ordered.
"Sure," Skyview answered.
Blizzard turned into a cluster of snowflakes and flew towards Teriney. He turned into a snow storm and flew around Teriney. Kesia backed away, she had cuts, scratches and was bleeding on the belly, neck and tail. Skyview winked behind Kesia.
"Luna!" Skyview yelled. Kesia turned and on the ground.
"Stardust wants you back. he's got a plan," Skyview yelled.
Kesia began to glow, then the white waters appeared covering her till she shrank. When she was back to normal the glow stopped and the waters disappeared. She painfully stood up, she didn't realize how much she would hurt after she returned to normal.
Skyview approached her as his horn began to glow. He touched her horn and the two winked back.

Stardust stood anxiously to see Luna. When Luna and Skyview appeared, he smiled greatly. He hurried to Luna and picked her up holding her.
"I told you I'd be fine," Luna muttered.
"You're alive at lest but fine? I doubt that," Stardust replied.
He sat her down on the ground but continued to hug her.
"Not to tight, it hurts in some places. Teriney bit into me pretty hard and his claws were so painful," Luna muttered.
"Well, looks like Blizzard is out of the way, now it's my turn," Star Cluster said.
"Star Cluster?" Luna asked surprised to see him, "How did you get here?"
Star Cluster smiled but he didn't have time to explain. He walked down the steps and past Stardust. He stopped between the fence and the castle. He stood on his hind legs, held out his hooves and waited for the pearl to appear. Fire left the necklace and turned itself into a ball. A round pearl appeared in the flames. Star Cluster continued to stand as the flames fell to close to the ground forming a staff. A dragon's claw appeared at the top to hold the pearl in place. The flames left the staff and surround itself around the pearl. The staff looked just like his old one but it was white and gold instead.
Ponies by the castle wall stared with amazement.
Star Cluster took the staff and held it towards Teriney who stood and struggle to free himself from the ice. Blizzard flew over the trees and behind star Cluster. Then he returned to his pony form standing next to Stardust.
The pearl began to glow, a yellow ray of light hit Teriney then a rainbow swirled around the beam of light hitting Teriney and consuming him.
"Noooo!" Teriney cried, "I was so close. So very close!"
He glowed brightly, turning yellow. Then he burst into sparkling stars falling to the ground. Star Cluster saw the burned forest and the destroyed villages. He held up the staff and a rainbow mist left the pearl and covered he valley restoring everything the was burned or torn down by Teriney.
Once the rainbow mist was gone the valley was once again beautiful, it looked like a dragon had never touched the valley.
"Thank you Star Cluster," Stardust said.
Star Cluster turned still holing the staff, "I thought I could at lest fix what Teriney destroyed while I was here."
"So Teriney is gone?" Raindrop asked approaching Star Cluster.
"Yes he's gone," Star cluster answered.
Ponies and soldier slowly walked away from the castle amazed at how pretty the valley looked.
"Really gone?" Raindrop asked surprisingly, "He's never coming back?"
"He's dead, gone, destroyed and he will not be coming back...ever," Star Cluster replied.
Raindrop smiled greatly with tears filling her eyes. Just then a golden glow appeared in front of Starfire, Whisper's necklace appeared. Starfire grabbed it and held it. The crescent moon glowed putting Starfire in a trance then he blinked a few times, "I agreed, that was a bit weird."
"Ok, I want to know why does these keys glow when we touch them?" Skyview asked suddenly.
"My necklace never glowed or appeared out of no where before," Whisper muttered.
"I never heard them doing that before," Raindrop said.
"That's because those keys are meant for you," Luna explained.
"What do you mean?" Starfire asked.
"You three are the guardians of the gate or gatekeeps if you prefer. Dad, the key with the rose is yours, the rose represents the garden where your gate sits. Skyview. The snowflake one is yours, the snowflake represents the snowy north where your gate sits. Starfire, that key is yours, the moon represents Moony Mountain where your gate sits. Each of you will feel or know when someone goes through your gate. With those keys you can go anywhere or to another gate. With three keys together you can go through time which I believe is what Teriney was hoping it would do, to change time or visit other worlds," Luna explained.
"Wow, that's...amazing," Starfire muttered.
"Out of curiosity. Does this have anything to do with why we're black?" Skyview asked.
"Yes, you're the color of the gates. The gates are made of Draconite stone. It's almost charcoal black and very hard to brake," Luna answered.
"Ok, more question. Is there anything else you forgot to tell us?" Skyview asked.
Luna smiled, "Nope. I think that's it."
"Now that things are going to back to normal, Blizzard will stay here won't he?" Whisper asked.
"Yes, he has to. This is his castle now. His kingdom. He's got to stay and rule," Stardust answered.
"You're not coming back?" Luna asked looking at Blizzard.
"No but you can visit me. Remember, I'm only a gate away from you," Blizzard answered.
Skyview took his key and handed it to Blizzard. The glow on the snowflake disappeared the minute Skyview let go, "Take it and keep it for me so you can visit Luna anytime you want." Blizzard held the key and smiled, "I will." He approached Luna and hugged her.
"Well, I need someone to stay and train Blizzard to be a King," Stardust muttered.
"We can't," Skyview told him, "We got a lot of work to do at home."
"Star Cluster?" Stardust asked.
"No, I don't even want to think about it," Star Cluster exclaimed.
"You're the only one who ruled a kingdom before. You have no royal duties. You can stay and teach Blizzard," Stardust told him.
"No, I don't remember how to rule and I most certainly don't want to try and remember," Star Cluster exclaimed.
Raindrop approached Star Cluster, "Are you afraid of your memories? Afraid of what you'll remember? I was like that 30 minutes ago. I realized I had to face it sooner or later and...It's not that bad. Try it Star Cluster."
"Star Cluster," the Pearl called to him, "You have to remember eventually."
Star Cluster fell silent, he was afraid to remember, he spent most of his time running from it.
"Star Cluster, what you did is in the past. We forgave you, the other kingdoms did too. Every pony I know of forgave you. Stay and teach Blizzard. You can teach him to be a better king. You know the things a King shouldn't do and King should do. Not very many Kings knows that. You are the perfect teacher for him," Stardust replied.
Star Cluster looked at the castle then at Blizzard and then at Stardust, "Alright. I'll try it. I will teach Blizzard to rule the right way."
The black ponies smiled greatly.
"Now can one you take me back home? I was in the middle of a meeting," Star Cluster remarked. The staff disappeared in flames returning to his necklace.
"I will," Starfire replied, "I want to try the gate."
"Oh Stardust, I almost forgot. Royal Heart said she loves you and is still waiting for you," Skyview replied.
Stardust smiled greatly, "We'll all go home once I have crowned Blizzard prince of the Secret Valley."