Chapter 8: The kings meeting

It was morning and the royal family was in the dinning room talking and eating breakfast. Charades hurried to the castle and down the hall to the dinning room. The two soldiers at the doors stopped him.
"You can not enter," one of them said.
"This is very important. I must speak with King Stardust," Charades replied breathing heavily from his long run.
"I'm sorry but orders are orders."
"Then tell him an army is heading here," Charades replied. The soldiers looked at him surprisingly. They looked at each other and allowed Charades to enter the room interrupting the royal Family's breakfast.
Charades could tell Stardust wasn't one bit happy about it.
"This has better be of an extreme importance," Stardust sternly told him.
Charades nodded his head, "It is, King Stardust. There's an army heading here to the castle."
Stardust smiled, "They're finally here. Take the Kings to the meeting room and I want refreshments there the minute they sit down. I also want the school sketches and floor plan in that room when I get there."
"Yes, King Stardust," Charades replied, he smiled at Luna and then left. Luna smiled at him. It had been awhile since she had seen him.
"Royal Heart, "You'll have to take Luna to the throne room today and teach her there, I'll be busy with the Kings till dinner time. Blizzard you're to stay with me and don't intrupt or talk unless they say something to you," Stardust ordered him.
"What about me?" Star Cluster asked, "I have to talk to them."
"You can wait in the hall till we're done talking about the school. I want Ameryllis there as well so they can meet the new school teacher," Stardust told him.
"How...many Kings?" Amaryllis nervously asked.
"Five Kings," Stardust answered.
"Five...Kings?" Amaryllis surprisingly asked, "I'll be facing five Kings? I'll actually meet that many at once? I'm mean, they're supposed to be royalty and....stuff. I don't know nothing about that I..."
Stardust smiled, "Don't worry. You'll be fine. When I introduce you, just nod your head and smile. Don't interrupt or speak till they speak to you."
"I hope I can remember that," Amaryllis muttered, "What about Peaches?"
Stardust looked at Skyview and smiled, "Skyview can watch her for awhile. Little ponies seems to love him."
"Gee thank," Skyview replied, then he looked at Amaryllis, "I can take her to our old play room. She'll have fun there."
Amaryllis smiled, "Thank you."
"You still have your play room?" Luna asked surprisingly.
"It's always been a play room. Princes and Princess has played in it for centuries. Even you were once in it but you were to young to play with any of the toys there," Stardust replied.
Royal Heart laughed, "I think she did more sleeping in that room than her own bed."
Stardust laughed, then the other brothers.
Luna blushed which made them laugh even more.

After breakfast, Luna and her mother went to the throne room while, Skyview took Peaches up stairs. Stardust took Blizzard and Amaryllis to the meeting room, where five Kings sat on the couches eating and drinking. Amaryllis stood next to Stardust nervously staring at their golden crowns and clean shinny coats. The kings emeditly stood up. Stardust nodded his head allowing the Kings to sit back down. Then he looked at Amaryllis, "Go ahead and sit down."
Amaryllis nervously sat in a chair next to the couch as the Kings looked at her curiously.
"Who is she?" King Wispy asked.
"She is part of the reason your all here. Her name is Amaryllis, she is the new school teacher," Stardust answered.
"Just what is school?" King Fiddler asked.
"It's where little ponies will go to learn together. Amaryllis will teach them math, spelling, reading and other things that their mothers normally teaches them. This school will give their mothers a brake and a chance for the little ponies to be together, make friends and learn," Stardust paused and looked at Blizzard, "Get the blue prints and hold it up."
Blizzard walked to a small table and took the blue prints. He unwrapped it and held it up for the kings to see.
"This will be the basic floor plans for the school. The platform is where the teacher's desk will be and in front of her is all the little pony's desks," Stardust explained.
"Will this school work?" another king asked.
"It should. I have seen something like this work before," Stardust answered.
"How long will the little ponies be at school?" antoher king asked.
"All morning long. They will return home at noon," Stardust answered, "Ameryllis has written a scedual and all the information and what the little ponies will be learning. Blizzard would you pass out the papers?"
Blizzard put the blue print down and picked up the papers, then he passed it out to each king. They took the papers and read it carefully.
"It's not a bad idea, Stardust," King Sunrise asked.
"I'd like to have a school build for each kingdom," Stardust told them.
"I would love to have one in my kingdoms but first I must know if this school will work. I want proof and what the parents thinks about it," King Wispy told him.
"I will have that done for all of you then," Stardust replied.
"Amaryllis," King Fiddler began so say, "Have you taught little ponies before besides your own?"
"Yes I have," Amaryllis answered.
"So you had some experience then?" another king asked.
"Yes, I had lots of experiences with teaching little ponies. I'm rather excited about teaching again," Amaryllis told them.
"Stardust, What about teachers for our kingdoms?" King Sunrise asked.
"Amaryllis will have to teach them to be teachers," Stardust answered, he looked at Blizzard, "Get the sketches."
Blizzard went to the table and picked up the sketches, then he held them for them to see.
"I had sketches made as well. What the outside will look like and the inside too," Stardust explained.
The kings sat and stared at the sketches as Blizzard flipped through them.
"The school looks nice," another king commented.
"I can't wait to hear what the parents thinks of it," another king said.

Amaryllis smiled, she was thrilled to find out the kings liked the idea of having a school. She sat and thought about teaching little ponies, even unicorns and pegasus and how great it'll be.
"Stardust," King fiddler began to say, "I've recently heard a rumor that Star Cluster is alive and has returned to Ponyland. Tell me that isn't true."
"Star Cluster is alive and he is living here at Dream Castle," Stardust answered.
The kings all rose looking surprised at first and then looking angry at Stardust.
"How could you allow him back here?!" another king asked angrily.
"After what he's done to us and you," another exclaimed.
"You better have a very good reason for this," King Sunrise told him.
Stardust looked at them angrily and them stomped his hoof down, shaking the ground which seemed to have calmed them a bit, at least towards him. Amaryllis was shocked that he could make the ground shake. Stardust took a deep breath to calm down, "I can understand your anger. He had taken my kingdom for thirteen years and has taken away our memories turning us against our friends. Of all the ponies who was ruled under him, I should be most angry at him but...He had changed. I saw his anger and jealousy disappear. He regrets doing what he did and because he is my baby brother, I forgave him. He is here trying to gain the trust he had lost."
"it's going to take a lot to get my trust in him," King Wispy said.
Stardust pointed to Amaryllis, "She is not only the new school teacher but she is also his fiancee."
"What?" the kings exclaimed shockingly.
"Star Cluster loves someone?" King Fiddler asked.
Amaryllis looked at them angrily. Stardust could see her holding back her tears, "Calm down, Amaryllis."
"I love him and I will merry him. He's lived with me for a year and I know what he is like now. I admit I do don't know what he was like before I meet him but of all the stories I've heard about him I can promise you he's not like that anymore," Amaryllis suddenly exclaimed.
"Star Cluster's fiancee teaching the little ponies?" King Sunrise asked, "I wonder what the parents will think of that."
"I do not believe it," another king remarked, "Star Cluster caring for someone. That pony is not to be trusted."
Amaryllis felt a few tears fall, "He's changed!" Then she looked at Stardust, "I'm sorry but I will not stay in here and hear this anymore." Then she turned and hurried out the door ignoring Star Cluster at the door. Star Cluster walked inside looking upset, "What happened to her?"
"Just as I feared would happened," Stardust answered, "They know she's your fiancee."
"So, that shouldn't upset her," Star Cluster told him. He looked at the angry kings staring at him, "Oh, I see," Star Cluster faced them, "I wanted to talk to you all. I know what I've done hurt you."
"Hurt us?" King Fiddler asked angrily interrupting him.
"You took our little ones," another king exclaimed.
"You took our wives and our family," King Wispy exclaimed.
"You blackmailed us!" another King exclaimed.
"I'm sorry, I regret doing what I've done," Star Cluster replied.
"Don't expect us to forgive you," another king replied.
"I'm not here to ask for your forgiveness. I don't expect you to ever forgive me. I just want another chance and hopefully your trust," Star Cluster replied.
"I'm sorry but I doubt we'll ever trust you or give you another chance. I find it hard to believe you've changed. You must have another reason for being here and marrying Amaryllis," King fiddler told him.
"I only want to have a family of my own," Star Cluster paused, "I see none of you will ever give me another chance. I'm sorry I wasted my time talking to you." Then he turned and left the room.
"I'm sorry Stardust but we simply do not trust him or want anything to do with him," King Sunrise explained.
Stardust stood quietly not sure what to tell them. He knew it's going to take a lot to get them to change their minds and he simply couldn't do it.
The kings stood silently trying to calm down after seeming Star Cluster.

King Sunrise looked at Blizzard and smiled, "I heard your going to merry Princess Luna. I'd like to congratulate you on your engagement."
Blizzard smiled, "Thank you."
"I'm surprised Stardust agreed to have you marry his daughter," King Fiddler commented.
"Well, Luna loves him," Stardust explained, "And she refused to love anyone else other than him. She can be a bit stubborn at times."
King Wispy laughed, "She's just like you. Too stubborn to change her mind."
"Yes well, sometimes I wish she wasn't so stubborn," Stardust smiled.
"Umm," Blizzard began to say, "May I ask you something?"
"Sure," King Sunrise answered.
Blizzard took a deep breath, it was the one question he was dying to ask them, "Have you ever heard of ponies being killed in a tent fire?"
"A tent fire?" the kings asked surprisingly.
"No, not recently," King Sunrise answered.
"None of us has," another king answered.
"Why do you want to know?" King Fiddler asked curiously.
"My parents were killed in a tent fire," Blizzard answered, "I was hoping one of you would know something about it."
"I'm sorry to hear about your parents but if we had heard something about that, we'd never forget it," King wispy answered.
"Especially something as tragic as that. I'm sorry to about your parents though," King Sunrise replied.
Blizzard sighed sadly, "Thank you." He had hope they'd know something, anything would help but non of them know anything.
"Stardust I have to be going but I do want a report on the school and what ponies thinks about Amaryllis when they find out who she is marrying," King Sunrise told him.
"I'm hoping no one knows about it," Stardust replied.
"I don't think you can keep news like that a secret. Ponies will find out. They'll want to know more about the teacher. Who is she and where she came from...and who she's going to merry," King Fiddler replied.
"You're all welcome to stay for the night," Stardust quickly said.
"I have to be going. It has nothing to do with Star Cluster. My son's birthday is coming soon and I got to get back home," King Sunrise replied, "His last years birthday wish was to have a family only birthday. I just hope he doesn't make the same wish this year."
"Well if your all leaving now I can at least walk you to the door," Stardust replied.
The Kings smiled and followed Stardust out of the room.

As they walked, they could hear Star Cluster talking to Amaryllis in the large hallway, she was still upset.
Star Cluster nuzzled her neck, "Calm down, Amaryllis."
"I can't stand to hear how you used to be and not how you are now," Amaryllis sob. She hugged Star Cluster burying her face in his colorful mane.
"You didn't know me. You don't really know how I used to be. hear it and experiencing it is different," Star Cluster told her.
"Everyone in the castle can see how much you changed, even the maids are starting to talk to you. Why can everyone else be like that?" Amaryllis asked. She looked up at him, wiping her tears away, "I hear so much about you and yet I find it hard to believe that was you."
"I know. I find it hard to believe too," Star Cluster replied, running his hoof through her mane.
" ever...umm...killed anyone?" Amaryllis nervous asked.
"I don't know. I doubt it. I do know I imprisoned ponies and tortured them but if I have killed some I would surly have heard about it," Star Cluster replied.
"You still can't remember?" Amaryllis asked.
"No and please don't make me remember. I'm happy not ever remembering those thirteen years," Star Cluster replied.
Amaryllis hugged him, "What am I going to do when the little ponies finds out about us?" Amaryllis asked, "They'll be just like those five Kings."
Star Cluster pulled her back and looked at her seriously, "Be strong and have patience. Don't let them and their words about me upset you. You're there only to teach them but if you ever have any trouble just let me know."
"What about Peaches? What would happen if they find out her father is going to be you? She has made so many friends," Amaryllis said worriedly.
"She shuld be fine but watch her and her friends just in case. Now lets forget about all this and go for a walk. No one knows about it now. Worry about it when they do find out," Star Cluster told her smiling.
"I'll try," Amaryllis answered.
Star Cluster stood up and kissed her, "I hear the garden is beautiful."
Amaryllis smiled and followed him to the garden not knowing the kings were in the shadows watching and listening.

The kings came out of their hiding spots looking surprised.
"I really hear and saw that...didn't I?" King Wispy asked surprisingly.
"I still don't believe it," another king muttered.
"I told you he's changed," Stardust reminded them.
"He really loves her," King Fiddler muttered.
"He was...different...he was nice and understanding too," King Sunrise added.
"What did he mean he doesn't remember what he's done?" another king asked.
"After me and my brothers thought he was dead. Star Cluster was found by Amaryllis and discovered he had lost his memories. It took him a year to get them back but...he still doesn't remember those thirteen years and he refuses to even try to remember," Stardust explained.
"He doesn't sound like the same Star Cluster," another king remarked.
"I feel bad for getting angry in front of Amaryllis. I feel even worse when I think about what other ponies are going to say to her," King Sunrise muttered.
"We shouldn't have yelled at her. She didn't do anything and yet we were all angry with her," another king said sadly.
"Stardust, tell Amaryllis we're sorry for how we acted in front of her," King Fiddler told him, "Perhaps next time we visit we'll be a little nicer to her."
Stardust smiled, "Of Course I'll tell her."
"After seeing how Star Cluster acts alone with her, Perhaps I'm willing to give him another chance," another king remarked.
"Me too. I can see in his eyes that he cares for someone but Stardust...if he ever becomes that cold heartless pony he once was, he will either be throne out of our kingdoms or....we'll be forced to kill him," King Sunrise told him.
"You have my word, he will never be that pony again," Stardust replied.
"Ok, I'm willing to give him one last chance," another king replied. Soon all five kings were willing to give Star Cluster another chance to prove he's changed and can be trusted.

Stardust was great full and showed them to the doors. Then he stood watching the armies leave the castle grounds.
"Was Star Cluster really that bad?" Blizzard asked surprisingly.
Stardust closed the door and turned to walk down the hall, "Yes, he was pretty bad. You'd be surprised to know how much he's changed. You see Blizzard, he was a very lonely pony when he was little. The triplets were all everyone could talk about and wanted to see. Sure Star Cluster was pretty and unusual but the male triplets was what ponies wanted to see and hear. Our parents were to busy to notice how lonely and angry Star Cluster was getting. They didn't know he wanted their love, attention and to be a family," Stardust stopped and looked through a glass door watching Star Cluster playing with Amaryllis like little ponies, "Blizzard, no mater how many little ponies you have, don't ever forget them. Your family is more important than the Kingdom."
Blizzard smiled, "I'll never forget."