Chapter 96: Baby surprsie

It was morning and Blizzard had kissed Luna and left, leaving Whisper with Luna. Whisper sat on the bed and smiled at Luna who just laid still.
"Want me to read to you?" Whisper asked.
"No, not to day."
"Well about card games?" Whisper asked.
"I'm sorry I don't feel like it today," Luna answered.
Luna didn't feel like doing anything, she just wanted to lay still. She felt uncomfortable with everything and found herself getting fussy about everything.
"What do you want to do then?" Whisper asked.
"Nothing," Luna answered.
"We got all day Luna. You got to do something..I know do you still have you're baby pictures?" Whisper asked.
"Yes, it's in my dresser drawer," Luna answered.
Whisper walked to the dresser and opened the drawers till she found the photo album. She took it out and sat on the bed next to Luna. Then she opened it and began looking at her baby pictures.
"You looked so cute as a baby," Whisper exclaimed.
Luna looked at a few pictures but even that didn't help. She felt anxious but didn't know why. It was starting to bug her. Maybe she just needed rest without noises.
"I'm sorry Whisper, I don't feel like looking at pictures either," Luna told her.
Whisper closed th album and looked at her with concern, "Are you feeling alright today?"
"I don't know. Maybe I just need to rest," Luna replied.
"Alright. I'll sit at the table and look at the pictures," Whisper replied smiling at her.
"Thank you," Luna replied.
Whisper stood up from the bed and walked to the table by the window. She sat down and began looking at the pictures while Luna tried to rest.
Luna closed her eyes trying to relax and sleep but no mater how hard she tried nothing worked. She felt like passing the room but she didn't feel like getting up. Morning had past and Luna still couldn't sleep. Whisper was still staring at her baby pictures.
"Whisper," Luna called to her.
Whisper stood up from the table and approached the bed, "You're still up? is something wrong?"
"No, I...I don't know. Sorry to bother you," Luna answered. She didn't know why she called Whisper, maybe it was for comfort? Whisper returned to the table and continued looking at the album. Luna laid in bed feeling more anxious than this morning. Then suddenly it happened, her stomach muscles ached all over.
"Whisper," Luna moaned in pain.
Whisper jumped from the table and rushed to the bed, "Luna!"
"Blizzard...please," Luna cried painfully.
Whisper winked out and appeared in the throne room where Blizzard sat talking to a pony.
"Whisper why..."
"Luna is in pain. She wants you now," Whisper interrupted him.
"Get the doctor quickly," Blizzard told her. Then he looked at the pony standing before him, "I'm very sorry. Come tomorrow and we can continue this discussion." Blizzard stood up and rushed towards the door in front of him. He ran through the doors and hurried down the hall and then ran up the stairs to his room.
Luna was laying in bed still hurting. Blizzard hurried to her bedside and nuzzled her, "Luna, I'm here."
Luna smiled but the smile quickly faded. Then Whisper appeared in the room, "he's coming now. He wants two maids in the room to be ready when he gets here."
"Ok I'll take care of that. I want you to go get Luna's parents and uncles," Blizzard told her. He took off his crown and sat it on the red pillow with his golden collar then he took off his key and gave it to Whisper, "Hurry."
Whisper nodded and winked out.
"Luna hold on. I'll be right back," Blizzard told her. Then he ran out of the room and called to the first to maids he saw.
"You two. Drop what you're doing and go to my room. The doctor will need you two," Blizzard told them. The two maids sat their dusters on the bench and followed Blizzard to his room. The two maids stood by the bed watching the Queen in pain till the doctor arrived.
"Good, I got here just in time," The doctor said entering the room and feeling tied from running up the stairs.

Whisper had gotten Luna's parents and her uncles and was making their way into Winterfall castle.
"What going on?" a soldier asked as Whisper was making her way to the stairs with her guests.
"Luna's having her baby," Whisper answered.
The soldiers and maids who heard her began whispering among themselves. Whisper hurried up stairs with Stardust right behind her. Royal Heart, Skyview, Starfire and Star Cluster walked slowly up the stairs.
Whisper walked down the hall and cracked the door opened, "Blizzard."
"Whisper, please wait in the hall with them," Blizzard told her.
Whisper closed the door and stood by the door.
"Well you can't blame him. He wants to be with his wife alone at this time," Stardust explained.
"I know but...I just want to watch," Whisper replied.
Stardust smiled, "Someday that will be you on the bed."
"That won't be for sometime. At the moment I'm going to enjoy every minute of my time while I still can," Whisper told him.
Then Royal Heart approached them holding Silverstar in her arms. Skyview, Starfire and Star Cluster were right behind her.
"Has the baby came yet?" Starfire asked tiredly.
"No not yet. It won't be for awhile now," Stardust answered.
Starfire sat down catching his breath. Star Cluster and Skyview joined him.
They waited in the hall listening to Luna moaning and crying. It all brought back memories for Stardust when Royal Heart was giving birth to Luna and Silverstar. Skyview remembered when Birdie was giving birth to his little boy. Starfire thought about when he was with Raindrop when she was giving birth to his little girl. They all sat quietly thinking and remembering happy memories.
"What do you think it'll be?" Starfire asked after awhile.
"Considering that Luna is a winged unicorn, it could be a unicorn, pegasus or earth pony. It could be any of those three," Skyview answered.
"Yours was a male pegasus and mine was a pegasus as well," Starfire pointed out.
"I know, the second male pegasus," Skyview muttered, "Luna's could be a unicorn because Blizzard's mother was a unicorn and so is Whisper."
"Please you two. No one has any idea what it will be," Star Cluster told them, "I want to be surprised. That's the great part about waiting."

They all sat quietly still listening to Luna's moaning. The afternoon had gone by and the evning was almost here. The sun was setting fast and everyone in the hall was laying down, even Silverstar who had fallen asleep in his mother's arms. It was qiet, nothing could be heard not even from the room. Whisper quickly stood up, "everyone. Listen!"
Stardust stood up, then Royal Heart, Skyview, Starfire and Star Cluster. They listened and nothing could be heard from the room not even Luna's constant moaning.
"Oh Stardust is she...alright?" Royal Heart whisper worriedly.
Just then they heard a baby crying from the room. Royal Heart smiled greatly, tears fill her eyes and leaked down her cheek, "my little girl had her baby." She turned and hugged Stardust.

Blizzard stroked Luna's head, she was hot and breathing heavily from pushing the baby out. Blizzard blew cold air on her face cooling her off quickly. Luna smiled at him, she was feeling much better.
"Thank you," Luna muttered.
"Your Majesty," the docter called to him. Blizzard approched the docter and smiled greatly at the baby in his arms. The docter hand Blizzard the baby and smiled, "Congradulations. We'll clean up and leave the room."
Blizzard nodded and looked down at his baby boy. He was white like Luna with a white mane. There was a strip of ice blue in his mane. His tail was white and ice blue like Blizzard's tail. On his head was a solf tinny horn and his back was a set of fluffy tinny wings. His eyes were ice blue. Blizzard smiled greatly and nuzzled the crying baby. Then he turned and laid the baby next to Luna. She smiled happily and began crying.
The docter and the maids left the room and didn't say a word to the royal family in the hall.
"Oh Blizzard, He's so beautiful. Our little baby boy," Luna muttered.
"He's so much like you Luna," Blizzard told her.
"But he's got your hair and eyes. I can't get over how wonderful he is," Luna replied.
"We need to name him," Blizzard told her
"I can't think of one," Luna replied, she leaned her head down and nuzzled his forhead, she felt the tip of his tinny nose to his tinny horn and small round ears, "He's all ours, Blizzard." the baby eventully stopped crying and looked up at his mother, studying her worm face and kind eyes.
"Iccicle," Blizzard muttered.
"What?" Luna asked looking up at him.
"For a name," Blizzard replied.
"No, not for him," Luna replied.
"icy, Snow..."
"Not snow. There's to many names with snow in it. He's special and needs a specaial name," Luna told him.
"He looks like ice," Luna muttered, "Something with ice in it."
"Icy,," Blizzard muttered.
Luna looked up at him and smiled greatly, "Prince Iceberg. That's a wonderful name. Diffrent and one of a kind. Oh Blizzard thank you."
"It does seem to suit him," Blizzard replied smiling.
Luna nuzzled her baby, "My little Iceberg."
"If it's alright I'll let your parents in," Blizzard said.
"Yes please," Luna replied cuddling her new born baby.
Blizzard opened the door and smiled, "Come in. the baby is on the bed."
Everyone walked inside and smled greatly at the new baby boy.
"This is Iceberg," Blizzard told them.
"Well I never thought it would be a winged unciorn," Starfire muttered.
"That's what you two get for trying to guess," Star Cluster told them.
Luna giggled, "Isn't he wonderful?
"He sure is Luna," Stardust replied smiling, "May I hold him?"
"Sure," Luna replied.
Stardust carfully picked up Iceberg and held him in his arms. Iceberg looked up at him and began to cry. Royal hear laughed, "What is it with you Stardust. Babies cry the minute they see you."
"I don't know," Stardust replied smiling.
Whhisper looked closely at Iceberg and smiled, "He's so cute."
Iceberg looked up to see if it was his mother when he didn't reconize the pony he was about to cry. Then something in her eyes made him want to stare at them. It made everyone laugh.
"Why is he staring at me like that?" Whisper asked curiously.
"Whisper, it's your eyes," Royal Heart answered, "He's never seen a twinkled eyed pony before."
Whisper smiled, "Oh."
Luna giggled, "Just like Blizzard."
Everyone laughed and agreed. Silverstar woke up from all the nose and noticed a baby pony in his father's arms.
"Looks like someone spotted the new member of the famliy," Royal Heart smiled. She held Silverstar up to Iceberg and watched as the two stared at each other.
everyone laughed at their curious faces.
"That's cute," Royal Heart muttered.
Silverstar smiled which made Iceberg smile.
"Well I think they're going to be good friends," Stardust obsereved.
Blizzard took Iceberg and held him gently, nuzzling him. Iceberg smiled.
"Blizzard," Luna called to him. Blizzard laid Iceberg next to her. She gently nuzzled Iceberg smiling greatly.
"He's such a special little boy," Royal Heart muttered.
While everyone stood and talked, Luna and the baby slowly fell asleep.
"Maybe we should leave," Star Cluster proposed, "Luna's asleep with the baby."
Aww," Royal Heart muttered quietly.
"Yes, we should go," Stardust agreed. He approached Luna and nuzzled her, "Congratulations Luna. We'll see you soon."
Everyone said goodnight and left the room.
"I'll be leaving tomorrow," Whisper told him," Goodnight."
"Goodnight," Blizzard replied smiling. When Whisper closed the door, Blizzard approached the bed and gently picked up Iceberg. He carried him to the crib by the end of the bed and carefully laid him down. Blizzard stood and stared at his new baby boy. He couldn't believe he was a father, it seemed like yesterday he was running from Teriney out of the house. So much has changed so fast.
"You'll have more bothers and sisters soon," Blizzard whispered. He loved his son greatly and decided he had to have more children. He knew Luna would agree. Neither one of them wanted to see Iceberg grow up alone. It was best to have some brothers and sisters to grow up with.