Chapter 9: School foundation

Skyview, Starfire, Amaryllis and Blizzard left the castle soon after their breakfast. They stopped at the gates and waited for the soldiers to line up behind them. When the gate opened, Skyview and Starfire led them out of the gates.
"My very own school. I'll get to see it built," Amaryllis muttered.
Skyview smiled at her, "We're just going to see where it's going to be built and watch them put the foundation down."
"I know but the first school for," Amaryllis replied remembering that not every pony knows about the Gates.
Skyview and Starfire smiled.
"I don't see the point in me going along," Blizzard suddenly said.
"Stardust just wants you to get out of the castle once in a while and meet the ponies," Skyview replied.

They walked in the morning sunlight listening to the birds chirping and the wind blowing. Amaryllis could see the ponies in town starting to arrive. As soon as Skyview and Starfire approached the town ponies stopped and quickly moved out of the way. The soldiers walked down several streets past the last building. Ahead were many trees and a playground. Skyview didn't stop, he continued walking till they came close to a village near the forest. In the meadow were several ponies working on wooden beams on the ground. They were in a long triangle box shape. One of the ponies, a bright white male pony with rainbow hair stood with a blue print on a wooden table. He was to interested in the blue prints that he didn't even notice Skyview approaching him. It wasn't till he noticed the workers not working.
"I didn't hear the lunch bell yet so get back to work!," the pony yelled, then he was about to continue looking at the blue prints when he noticed who was standing in front of him, "Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't see you coming. I was busy going over the floor plans again."
"So this is the spot for the school?" Skyview asked.
"Yes, this is the place King Stardust ordered to have the school built. Not to far from the village and not to far from town, just somewhere in between," The pony answered.
"This is perfect," Amaryllis muttered.
"This spot is ok for you?" Skyview asked.
"Oh yes it is. There's trees for shade and a meadow for the little ponies to play in and a nice view to see when I'm sitting at the desk," Amaryllis replied smiling.
"Excuse me Prince Skyview if I may ask. who is she?" The pony asked curiously.
"She is the new school teacher for the school. Her name is Amaryllis," Skyview answered.
"Well, it's nice to meet you," the pony replied smiling.
Amaryllis didn't know what to say only that she was glad he hadn't heard about her engagement to Star Cluster.
They stood and watched as the cement was put on the ground from wheel barrows. Ponies gathered around the cement and began flattening it with a long mettle tool.
Amaryllis sat under a tree to cool off from the sun beating on her coat. Skyview and Starfire quickly followed, then Blizzard and the soldiers.

As they sat in the cool shade and soft grass be neither their feet, curiously watching the ponies work, a light cyan pony ran a bell. The workers stopped and hurried to the other tree where a bench sat with a few ponies ready to spoon them soup. Amaryllis just now noticed Skyview holding his ears with his hoof like he was in some sort of pain.
"Skyview," Starfire called to him but Skyview didn't answer.
Amaryllis touched him to get his attention.
"Just a minute, my ears are ringing," Skyview replied.
The workers at the benches also noticed as they ate.
A few minutes later, Skyview let go of his ears.
"Are you ok?" Amaryllis asked.
"What happened to you?" Starfire asked worriedly.
"That bell temporarily hurt my ears, Starfire," Skyview answered.
"Your ears are that sensitive?" Amaryllis asked.
"Yes. I can deal with loud noises but bells, whistles and other noise makers I can't deal with. That's the chance I take going outside," Skyview explained.
"Oh so screaming little ponies would hurt too?" Amaryllis asked.
"Then you don't want to be around little ponies at school when the ponies are on brake. They like to play and scream," Amaryllis told him.
"Thanks, I'll remember that," Skyview replied.
"Star Cluster told me once when he blew a whistle and it hurt your ears so bad that you couldn't hear for a few hours," Amaryllis suddenly remembered.
Skyview sighed sadly at the thought, "So he was the one that blew the whistle. Well it hurt, a lot worse than it did a minute ago and I don't ever want to hear another whistle blown again. I... laid in bed for about three hours. My parents thought I wasn't feeling well and left me alone which was what I wanted."
"It must be terrible to have such an ability like that," Amaryllis muttered.
"At times it is and at times it isn't," Skyview replied.

Skyview, Starfire and Amaryllis was so busy talking that non of them noticed Blizzard had fallen fast asleep. He dreamt of the tent fire with him in it, crying. Blizzard, moved in his sleep which got Skyview, Starfire and Amaryllis attention.
"He must have been very tired," Starfire commented.
"Aww, he's dreaming. I wonder what he's dreaming about," Amaryllis commented.
Skyview could tell by the was Blizzard moaned and moved his feet that it wasn't a good dream. As they watched, ice began to appear under Blizzard a slowly crept along the grass towards Amaryllis and the soldiers. Skyview and Starfire quickly got to their feet.
"Amaryllis, quickly move away. Don't touch the ice," Skyview exclaimed.
Amaryllis stood and moved back even the soldiers moved.
Blizzard suddenly jumped awake looking scared at first and breathing heavily.
"Blizzard are you alright?" Amaryllis asked, still surprised about the ice suddenly appearing in the warm air.
Blizzard looked around and gasped, he had once again caused the ice to appear in his sleep. He quickly stood up, "I...was dreaming. I'm sorry I didn't mean to cause the ice."
"Was it that same nightmare?" Starfire asked curiously.
"Yes. I've been having it more often now," Blizzard answered.
"How did you do that?" Amaryllis asked, "The ice appeared. That's not even possible."
"I can freeze anything, even ponies and other living creatures just by blowing on them. I can even cause blizzards if I wanted to which I'm guessing is why I'm called Blizzard. I can not freeze something just by touching it."
"But you froze the ground," Amaryllis pointed.
"I know and I don't know how I do it. The only time I freeze something when I touch it is when I'm having a nightmare," Blizzard explained.
"Can't you learn how to do it?" Amaryllis asked.
"How can I learn when I don't have a clue how I did it in the first place?" Blizzard asked.
"You done it and you can do it again," Amaryllis told him.
Blizzard thought about what she said. Could he really do it again if he wanted to?
"I think Amaryllis is right," Skyview remarked, "You've done it in your sleep. I'm sure you can do it if you really wanted to."
Blizzard picked up a nearby stick and stared at it but nothing happened, "Well it's not working."
"You can practice later, lets head back to the castle. I got to report to Stardust," Skyview told him. They left the tree and walked back to the castle. Blizzard continued to think about his dream. What was it that made him turn things to ice? Blizzard knew there was something in his dream that made him do it but what was it?