Lunarstar has returned from Drakon Island and lives with her adopted parents. Life pretty much returns to normal as she goes back and forth between the two worlds while trying to forget the lost of her uncle. Blizzard arrives in the tales world to kill Princess Luna. While Blizzard Mingles with ponies from school he learns to feel emotions and what it's like to be a little pony. Having friends is a new experience to him, falling in love is completly foreign but will he be able to kill Lunarstar once he finds out she is the Princess he is suppose to kill?


 Chapter 1
A new pony in school
 Chapter 2
Curious ponies.
 Chapter 3
The Ghost Stories
 Chapter 4
Midnight Stroll
 Chapter 5
Rainy day
 Chapter 6
Curious about Soccor
 Chapter 7
Begging Blizzard 
 Chapter 8
Strange winter wind
 Chapter 9
Home for the day
 Chapter 10
Visiting at the Gate
 Chapter 11
Starfire visit to town
 Chapter 12
Two to follow Starfire
 Chapter 13
Fun with Starfire
 Chapter 14
Rollerskating together
 Chapter 15
New par of rollerskate
 Chapter 16
Blueberry's birthday
 Chapter 17
Running into familar feets
 Chapter 18
Night time fight with Blizzard
 Chapter 19
The Stranger last night
 Chapter 20
Visit to Dream Valley
 Chapter 21
Volcano of Gloom
 Chapter 22
The mystrious pony and Gate
 Chapter 23
Boyfriend hunt
 Chapter 24
Blizzard's neckless
 Chapter 25
Getting even
 Chapter 26
A visit to the waterfall.
 Chapter 27
Escorting Luna home.
 Chapter 28
Grandparent's visit
 Chapter 29
Spent the night together.
 Chapter 30
Going to town
 Chapter 31
Blizzard Waits
 Chapter 32
Frozen little ponies
 Chapter 33
A price on his head
 Chapter 34
Little Flitter here to stay
 Chapter 35
To cold in my room
 Chapter 36
No longer safe at home.
 Chapter 37
Little Flitter sneeks on board
 Chapter 38
The Queen's new baby
 Chapter 39
Going back to Ponyland
 Chapter 40
A surprise visiter
 Chapter 41
Curious Skyview
 Chapter 42
Lost in the outside world
 Chapter 43
The Ice Dome
 Chapter 44
Raspberry's pet
 Chapter 45
Luna's worries
 Chapter 46
Raspberry's real self.
 Chapter 47
Lost Locket
 Chapter 48
Seing him for the first time
 Chapter 49
Searching for a present
 Chapter 50
A Special Photo
 Chapter 51
Surprise for Stardust
 Chapter 52
Guards at the Gate
 Chapter 53
Friends decictions
 Chapter 54
Two boys in The Petals Gardens
 Chapter 55
Searching for Secrets
 Chapter 56
A day together gone wrong
 Chapter 57
Sapphire on the loose
 Chapter 58
The theif returns
 Chapter 59
Face to face with Blizzard
 Chapter 60
Curious Blizzard and the baby
 Chapter 61
Choosing a partner
 Chapter 62
Dance Partners
 Chapter 63
Getting even
 Chapter 64
The day with Blizzard
 Chapter 65
A visit to the castle
 Chapter 66
Night time planning.
 Chapter 67
A visit at Paradise Estate
 Chapter 68
15th birthday
 Chapter 69
What boys thinks of me.
 Chapter 70
Stormy night with my parents
 Chapter 71
Teriney's anger
 Chapter 72
Returning with Starfire
 Chapter 73
A Fair is Coming
 Chapter 74
Two alone at the fair
 Chapter 75
Trailing Lunarstar
 Chapter 76
Feeling confused
 Chapter 77
Picnic with friends
 Chapter 78
Just an old dream
 Chapter 79
Blueberry worries
 Chapter 80
Blueberry Vs. Blizzard
 Chapter 81
Caught in a fight
 Chapter 82
The Thoughts of two boys
 Chapter 83
What it means to hurt a pony
 Chapter 84
Raspberry's change of heart
 Chapter 85
Raspberry and Blueberry
 Chapter 86
Blizzard's source of fear
 Chapter 87
A creature in the night
 Chapter 88
His first snow fall
 Chapter 89
Ice skating on the lake
 Chapter 90
Dangerous cold
 Chapter 91
Patches great news
 Chapter 92
Making friends
 Chapter 93
A Queen wanting to talk
 Chapter 94
Blizzard and the circus
 Chapter 95
Knocked out at the circus.
 Chapter 96
Blizzard's embarassment
 Chapter 97
Unknown love
 Chapter 98
An answer to love
 Chapter 99
Night time thoughts
 Chapter 100
Catching Blizzard
 Chapter 101
Love hurts, deep
 Chapter 102
Choosing between love
 Chapter 103
Mad Blueberry
 Chapter 104
Blueberry finally wakes up
 Chapter 105
The shocking truth about Lunarstar
 Chapter 106
The day with the Princess.
 Chapter 107
Blizzard crying for help
 Chapter 108
Visitors welome
 Chapter 109
Curious little pony
 Chapter 110
Discovering books
 Chapter 111
Blizzard's playfulness
 Chapter 112
Being with the boys
 Chapter 113
Alone with Blizzard
 Chapter 114
Out of books to read
 Chapter 115
Dreaming of fire
 Chapter 116
The beach fun
 Chapter 117
The Key
 Chapter 118 
What to do with Blizzard
 Chapter 119
Retuning to Volcano of Gloom
 Chapter 120
Sad departing
 Chapter 121
Meet Teriney
 Chapter 122
Teriney's rage
 Chapter 123
Sea pony trouble
 Chapter 124
Knowing the Kingdoms
 Chapter 125
Princess Practice
 Chapter 126
The Crowning Ceremony
 Chapter 127
A surprise at Paradise Estate


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