Lunarstar soon learns she is from another world through a door way called the Gate. She is the only Royal family member left from Ponyland which has been taken over by a pony name Star Cluster. He has sent 3 black ponies to capture her, only it's going to take everything they have to catch her. Can Buster and Charades protect her from them? Will Lunarstar get her Kingdom back from Star Cluster and find her real parents?


I have been told like a broken record about my spelling and grammer in series 1. Just so you know...I already know all about it and I'm doing my best to fix it. Please do not ask to help, those who try to help don't get past the first 5 chapters before they decide to quit. Remember there's only one of me and over 500 chapters to go through.

Chapter 1-4 has been fixed of spelling errors and grammer.



 Chapter 1 A New Friend in Town
 Chapter 2 The Ghost
 Chapter 3 The Switch - Part 1
 Chapter 4 The Switch - Part 2
 Chapter 5 Strangers in town
 Chapter 6 The Trail
 Chapter 7 Surprise Party
 Chapter 8 Starfire is his name
 Chapter 9 New hat and scarf
 Chapter 10 Rumors
 Chapter 11 Decorating
 Chapter 12 Incounter with the Ghost
 Chapter 13 Melody's Music
 Chapter 14 The Concert - Part 1
 Chapter 15 The Concert - Part 2
 Chapter 16 Buster's Suspicions!
 Chapter 17 Race to the gate
 Chapter 18 Rebel Leader
 Chapter 19 The Past
 Chapter 20 Return home
 Chapter 21 To tired to do anything
 Chapter 22 Bright Eye Cousin
 Chapter 23 The Book
 Chapter 24 Pearl begans her 2 day Vacation
 Chapter 25 Rescue Pearl
 Chapter 26 Ace's new Ball
 Chapter 27 Loosing the new ball
 Chapter 28 Blueberry's secret
 Chapter 29 Raspberry makes trouble for Blueberry.
 Chapter 30 Searching the forest.
 Chapter 31 Stormy Day
 Chapter 32 The Case of the missing Apple Pies
 Chapter 33 Memories - Part 1
 Chapter 34 Memories - Part 2
 Chapter 35 Memories - Part 3
 Chapter 36 Meet Sweetheart's Uncle
 Chapter 37 The Discovery
 Chapter 38 Knowing to much will get you in trouble
 Chapter 39 Watching and Searching
 Chapter 40 Mistaken Identity
 Chapter 41 Night Time meeting
 Chapter 42 Sick at home
 Chapter 43 Feeling worse
 Chapter 44 Finding a place to sleep
 Chapter 45 Worry to much
 Chapter 46 Learning to Roller Skate
 Chapter 47 Princess visit
 Chapter 48 Royalty is missing
 Chapter 49 The Grand opening
 Chapter 50 A race with Stardust
 Chapter 51 Familar Friend
 Chapter 52 An old friend?
 Chapter 53 When we first meet
 Chapter 54 Going to the games
 Chapter 55 Time to talk
 Chapter 56 The Race
 Chapter 57 Staying at the house
 Chapter 58 Prism's test of Friendship
 Chapter 59 Saying Good-bye
 Chapter 60 Nearly cought
 Chapter 61 Desperate Search for Lunarstar
 Chapter 62 The Mine Shaft
 Chapter 63 Finding the exit
 Chapter 64 Headaches
 Chapter 65 A visit to the docks
 Chapter 66 Unable to sleep
 Chapter 67 A short trip
 Chapter 68 Trapped
 Chapter 69 Cover Blown
 Chapter 70 Leaving Dream Castle
 Chapter 71 A visit to Lunarstar's house
 Chapter 72 A new arrival
 Chapter 73 First change
 Chapter 74 Stardust Anger
 Chapter 75 Trouble with brothers
 Chapter 76 The little spy
 Chapter 77 The hunt for Raspberry
 Chapter 78 Saving Raspberry
 Chapter 79 Battle for the Gate part 1
 Chapter 80 Battle for the Gate part 2
 Chapter 81 The Big Surprise
 Chapter 82 The Big sleep over
 Chapter 83 Captured
 Chapter 84 Too scared to leave
 Chapter 85 Swimming Party
 Chapter 86 The unforeseen truth
 Chapter 87 Feeling Confused
 Chapter 88 Follow the leader
 Chapter 89 Out of School
 Chapter 90 Stardust Problems
 Chapter 91 Start Planning
 Chapter 92  Setting the Trap
 Chapter 93 Kidnapping
 Chapter 94 Thinking the worst
 Chapter 95 Heading home
 Chapter 96 Hunting for her Friends
 Chapter 97 The loss
 Chapter 98 Heading Home
 Chapter 99 Sudden Change
 Chapter 100 Brother's bad news
 Chapter 101 Early Sun Rise
 Chapter 102 Feeling Hungery and thirsty
 Chapter 103 Getting to know her
 Chapter 104 Captured by the Apetons
 Chapter 105 Grand Escape
 Chapter 106 Feeling Alone
 Chapter 107 Soldiers on the hunt
 Chapter 108 The Feeling of Being Watched
 Chapter 109 Prisoners at Alfeo Castle
 Chapter 110 Rampaging through the Castle
 Chapter 111 Tucker and the King
 Chapter 112 Deciding what to do
 Chapter 113 Farm in Greanland
 Chapter 114 The Dangers of Geysers
 Chapter 115 Stardust Is Missing
 Chapter 116 Questions unanswered
 Chapter 117 Past Unnoticed
 Chapter 118 Return to Moonlight Castle
 Chapter 119 Stardust the Prisoner
 Chapter 120 Banner returns
 Chapter 121 Free at last
 Chapter 122 The Queen's Garden
 Chapter 123 Not sleeping well
 Chapter 124 Kitchen Thief
 Chapter 125 The Rope Toss
 Chapter 126 Daydreaming
 Chapter 127 The Traders
 Chapter 128 Escape from Moonlight Castle
 Chapter 129 The Wrong Pony
 Chapter 130 Running Scared
 Chapter 131 The Real Traders
 Chapter 132 Searching for Clues
 Chapter 133 Lost and alone
 Chapter 134 The Fearsome Storm
 Chapter 135 Friends in Flutter Valley
 Chapter 136 Trouble in Woodlock
 Chapter 137 Safly at the Castle
 Chapter 138 Having Second Thoughts
 Chapter 139 A Stranger in Pink 
 Chapter 140 Troubled by thoughts
 Chapter 141 Unknown Voice
 Chapter 142 His Forgotten Memories
 Chapter 143 Flash Backs
 Chapter 144 Getting to know Stardust
 Chapter 145 Star Cluster's anger
 Chapter 146 Plans interrupted
 Chapter 147 To afraid of them
 Chapter 148 Becoming good friends
 Chapter 149 Dreaming Dreams
 Chapter 150 Wanting to go Home
 Chapter 151 Visiting Adopted Parents
 Chapter 152 Stardust acting strange
 Chapter 153 Stardust's big secret
 Chapter 154 Lunarstar's suspisions
 Chapter 155 The inviable Paradise Estate
 Chapter 156 Painting tells it all
 Chapter 157 Lunarstar learns his big secret
 Chapter 158 The new baby Princess
 Chapter 159 Remembering Mother
 Chapter 160 Sending Letters
 Chapter 161 To tired to dream bad dreams
 Chapter 162 Who is Star Cluster?
 Chapter 163 Feeling ill
 Chapter 164 Is there a cure for her?
 Chapter 165 Finding the cure
 Chapter 166 Playing Pranks
 Chapter 167 First Arrivel
 Chapter 168 Banner's older brother
 Chapter 169 The forgotten booshwoolie
 Chapter 170 Where's Lunarstar?
 Chapter 171 Parents hears the truth
 Chapter 172 An old friend of the ponies
 Chapter 173 The begining of a long Journy
 Chapter 174 The Tinny ponies
 Chapter 175 The First capture
 Chapter 176 Visit the Mushrump
 Chapter 177 Finding the answers
 Chapter 178 Leaving with friends
 Chapter 179 Second Arrivel
 Chapter 180 Third Arrivel
 Chapter 181 Tucker returns
 Chapter 182 Midnight Snack
 Chapter 183 Under a spell
 Chapter 184 Star Cluster Prepares for battle
 Chapter 185 Four little Brothers
 Chapter 186 Off to find the answers
 Chapter 187 Missing old book
 Chapter 188 The Secrets of the staff
 Chapter 189 Battle Plans
 Chapter 190 Long Good byes
 Chapter 191 Battle at Moonlight Castle
 Chapter 192 Secret note for Dream Valley
 Chapter 193 Battle begins
 Chapter 194 Stardust Vs. Star Cluster
 Chapter 195 Star Cluster's Great Secret
 Chapter 196 The Great Beast
 Chapter 197 Luna's Finale Change
 Chapter 198 Thinking of Family
Chapter 199 A King's Gift
Chapter 200 Friends surprise


Chapter Christmas Special A Mother's wish
Chapter Holiday Special A Halloween Night


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