This is a story about a special pony named Lunarstar, born as a winged unicorn, the first of her kind. At a very young age, she lived with her adopted parents in a world where unicorns, pegasus and other magical creatures don’t exists. She has made friends and is living what seemed like a normal life descise as an earth pony till the day she was found by two ponies, her life has never been the same since.
Her life is about to get more complacated as she discoveres who she is and how important she is.

She’ll soon discover secrets that she had long forgotten, secrects that will change everyone she meets.


The artwork and stories on this page is not to be taken or used without my permission.

The following belongs to Hasbro: Patch, Starlight, Clover, Sweetheart, Melody, BonBon, Bright Eyes,
Teddy, Ace, Lancer, Ponyland, Dream Valley, Dream Castle and Paradise estate. The rest I made up.